9 Best Worm Drive Saws 2021 Reviews

Worm Drive Saws. If you are looking for a regular circular saw for your project, you might wonder what to purchase. Is it a standard circular saw or a worm drive saw model? What makes a worm drive saw not similar to a regular circular saw, and which saw is the most suitable for your projects?

If you are in this dilemma, you might find all the appropriate answers you require. You can understand the distinction and assist in selecting the right worm drive saw for you.

We are trying to provide accurate information to worm drive saw users about the dos and don’ts to worm drive saw you have chosen. You must choose the best worm drive saws to get the job done.

In this article, we have carefully research information about worm drive saws. We have come up with this buying guide for worm drive saw users looking for the top worm drive saw. Check out our best worm drive saw comparison and review, so you can make the purchasing decision as soon as possible

Our Quick Overview

  1. Best Lightweight Worm Drive Saw: Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw SPT77WML-01
  2. Best Cordless Worm Drive Saw: SKILSAW Cordless Worm Drive Saw SPTH77M-11
  3. Best Worm Drive Saw for Hard Materials: DeWalt Worm Drive Saw (DWS535B)
  4. Best Worm Drive Saw for Professional Users: Bosch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41
  5. Best Heavy Duty Worm Drive Saw: Milwaukee Worm Drive Circular Saw 6477-20
  6. Best Worm Drive Saw for Framing: Hitachi Worm Drive Circular Saw C7WDM
  7. Best Jobsite Worm Circular Saw: Big Foot Tools SC-1025SU BF-UG
  8. Best Worm Drive Saw for Ripping Beams: SKILSAW SPT70V-11 SUPER SAWSQUATCH
  9. Best Compact Worm Drive Saw: Ridgid THRUCOOL Worm Drive Circular Saw

Our Top Picks

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Model  HousingMotorWarrantyRatings 
Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw SPT77WML-01Magnesium15 amp dual field1 year9.0
SKILSAW Cordless Worm Drive Saw SPTH77M-11 TruehvlMagnesium48 volts brushless motor1 year8.2
DeWalt Worm Drive Saw (DWS535B)Magnesium and aluminum15 amp3 year8.8
Bosch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41Magnesium15 amp1 year9.2
Milwaukee Worm Drive Circular Saw 6477-20Magnesium15 amp1 year8.8
Hitachi Worm Drive Circular Saw C7WDMSteel15 amp5 year7.4
Big Foot Tools SC-1025SU BF-UG Worm Drive Magnesium Circular SawMagnesium15 amp1 year7.0
SKILSAW SPT70V-11 SUPER SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Circular SawAluminum15 amp1 year8.,4
Ridgid THRUCOOL Worm Drive Circular SawAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)15 ampLifetime service agreement7.9

What are worm drive saws?

A worm drive saw is the same as a circular saw, but the motor’s location is at the rear. Because the motor is at the rear, the power is driven through two gears, providing more torque.

This setting means that the engine creates less RPM of about 4,500 compared to the regular circular saw.

Benefits of worm drive saws

1. 60-degree angle

A worm drive circular saw can cut at a 60-degree angle. It can cut with that angle because its shoe or plate is put at more of an angle.

This practice is possible due to the motor does not interfere with the plate shoe as much. This feature separates from a regular circular saw that prohibits the plate from going to 60-degrees.

2. The sound

The worm drive saw is much more pleasant to use than the circular saw that has a shrill sound to it. A worm drive saw does not produce a shrieky sound which is somewhat annoying.

The sound of the wood cutting is much louder than the sound of the motor while cutting.

3. Framing

A worm drive circular saw is better for heavy framing or thicker plywood. If you are cutting a 2×4 wood, the power tool will provide support due to having the weight out in front.

You can produce your 90-degrees cut in a downward motion.

4. Durability

Commonly, worm drive circular saws are made from durable materials that will not bend or wear off. The weight will also determine its reliability since some lightweight circular saws have issues with stability and precision.

5. The shape and power

Worm drive saws were developed in the mid-1920s. The design was the motor sat behind the blade.

The shape of the power tool becomes relatively narrow and long. A worm drive saw still has the same form as today.

Its motor’s centerline is attached in-line with the handles. It is parallel to the plane of the saw blade.

The longer distance between the blade and the handle helps jobs such as framing a roof.

In the motor, there is a spiral gear or the worm gear that turns a gear oriented at 90-degrees. Once the worm gear turns, that forces the engine to turn the blade.

This feature increases the torque of the saw blade. It is more potent than the regular circular saw.

Factors to consider when purchasing worm drive saws

1. Warranty

You would never hope to experience trouble with your worm drive saw, but things unexpected can happen. The best way to protect yourself from having a bad experience is to check the warranty that the manufacturers provide.

You may expect between one to five years of full or limited warranty depending on the model and brand.

2. Blade changing

After repeated use, the saw blade dull. It is time to sharpen the blade. But if sharpening can not make the cut any easier, you may want to replace with new replacement saw blade.

You may choose from many brands and materials. You might want to also keep in mind that you must replace the blade without hassle.

A quick and easy change of the blade is what you want as a lifesaver. Purchase a worm drive saw that has a quick-changing blade system.

3. The power

You need to choose a warm drive saw that comes with a powerful motor so you will not have issues down the line. Worm drive saws motors are usually 15 amps and between 4,000 to 5,000 RPM. Do not purchase the power tool that has an underpowered motor or under 4,000 RPM.

4.The bevel cut capacity

The higher the bevel capacity the more versatility your worm drive can provide. You should also want to have a worm drive saw that comes with the bevel stops to do the cutting easier. If you know the rip capacity, you will also dominate the type of cuts you plan to achieve.

5. Depth of cut

Make sure that the worm drive saw provides 45-degrees and 90-degrees cut depth. You can cut particular materials and you may be limited to the type of materials to cut if you decide to choose under 45-degree cut depth.

6. Magnesium housing material

If the saw housing is made of plastic, it may be lighter than the magnesium material saw housing. The problem is, plastic saw housing can be vulnerable. Magnesium saw housing is a heavier but very strong material.

7. The weight

A worm drive saw maybe heavy, but during its cutting operation, it is smooth, less vibration, and less noise compared to the regular circular saw. The weight is between thirteen to fifteen pounds compared to a regular circular saw which is between eight to eleven pounds.

Best Worm Drive Saws Reviews

We researched online to put together the top worm drive saws available on the market today. Combining mostly on consumer reviews and product information, we recommend our favorite products.

Best Lightweight Worm Drive Saw

Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw SPT77WML-01

Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw
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Average ratings: 9.0

  • Portability: 9.4
  • Easy to use: 9.3
  • Lightweight: 8.4

Our tips

  • The first company to invent the worm drive saw is Skilsaw. They started the production back in the 1920s.
  • If you do not want to have intense pressure on your hand and lesser fatigue, this Skilsaw worm drive saw is the right choice. It is lightweight with magnesium housing. That is why we rate this worm drive saw as the best lightweight worm drive saw.
  • The weight can match those lighter circular saw marginally, which is eleven and a half pounds. This worm drive saw is durable with one dual copper windings motor to increase the copper surface area by 40% that stays cooler for years of repeated and heavy use.
  • It comes with a twist-lock plug and a 180-day of money-back guarantee.


  • Lightweight magnesium construction
  • Dual-field 15 amps motor
  • Durable die-cast magnesium foot
  • 53-degree bevel of cuts
  • 180-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year limited warranty

Why we like it

  • Recommended by experts
  • The ergonomic is better than a sidewinder
  • It can deliver a great torque that can vut through heavy and wet lumber
  • The handle location can help with the accuracy as you are pushing forward
  • The long length handle makes corrections easy and for better and accurate cut
  • Great maneuverability

Why we do not like it

  • Can not cut a beam
  • A rather medium design
GTIN or UPC696550266944
Voltage120 volts
Weight11.5 pounds
Dimension20.5 x 7.75 x 8.75 inches
Warranty 1 year

Best Cordless Worm Drive Saw

SKILSAW Cordless Worm Drive Saw SPTH77M-11 Truehvl

SKILSAW Cordless Worm Drive Saw SPTH77M-11 Truehvl
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Average ratings: 8.2

  • Portability: 9.0
  • Easy to use: 9.0
  • Lightweight: 6.7

Our tips

  • The Skilsaw cordless worm drive saw can help you cut anywhere you want. It comes with a Truehvl battery and brushless motor. The motor can run up to 5,800 RPM.
  • The motor can boost power and torque. Its weight is only 11.69 pounds due to the tough, and lightweight magnesium saw housing.
  • The 48 volts Truehvl battery can maximize heat dissipation, so it stays cool that wraps each cell in a temperature-controlling material. There is also intelligent power management that optimizes and monitors each battery cell.
  • These breakthrough innovations provide excellent performance and can deliver 425 cuts per charge. When the battery is empty, you can fully charge it in one hour.
  • This power tool can provide 1-15/16-inches of maximum cut depth.


  • Dust extraction system
  • TRUEHVL battery
  • Jobsite durability and performance
  • Magnesium saw housing construction
  • 48 volts brushless motor
  • Electric brake
  • The cordless worm drive saw
  • Can make 425 cuts in one hour fully charged battery
  • Maximum cut depth: 1-15/16-inches
  • 53-degree of bevel capacity

Why we like it

  • Impressive battery
  • Battery charging in 60 minutes
  • Good balance and power
  • Great performance overall
  • 2019 Winner Pro Tool Innovation Award: excellent value, and advanced features

Why we do not like it

  • Heavy
GTIN or UPC039725997913
Voltage48 volts
Weight12.5 pounds
Dimension18.23 x 7.52 x 8.66 inches
Warranty 1 year

Best Worm Drive Saw for Hard Materials

DeWalt Worm Drive Saw (DWS535B)

DeWalt Worm Drive Saw
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Average ratings: 8.8

  • Portability: 9.4
  • Easy to use: 9.2
  • Lightweight: 7.8

Our tips

  • This DeWalt tool comes with a magnesium footplate and a combination of magnesium and aluminum construction. These materials provide durability, lightweight, and quality features. That is why we rate this product the best for hard materials.
  • The weight is only 13.8 pounds, with an electric brake to stops the blade immediately. Its no-load speed is 4,800 RPM, which is enough to finish hard plywood cutting and other hard materials.
  • It comes with an extra-wide saw hook that accepts material up to 2½-inches wide. For versatility, the maximum bevel capacity is 53-degrees.


  • 15 amps motor
  • 7-1/4-inches circular saw
  • 7-1/12-inches carbide-tipped blade
  • 4,800 RPM
  • Extra wide saw hook
  • 53-degree bevel capacity
  • Bevel detents at 22.5-degrees and 45-degrees
  • Cord jerk protection
  • 12-inches dual port rip guides

Why we like it

  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 95% purchasers gave positive feedbacks
  • Can break down sheet goods without struggle
  • Has enough power to make terrific cuts
  • Can produce straight edge on rough hardwood lumber

Why we do not like it

  • Heavy
GTIN or UPC885911528641
Voltage48 volts
Weight13.8 pounds
Dimension18.23 x 7.52 x 8.66 inches
MaterialMagnesium; Aluminum;
Warranty 1 year

Best Worm Drive Saw for Professional Users

Bosch 15-Amp Worm Drive Corded Circular Saw CSW41

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Average ratings: 9.2

  • Portability: 9.4
  • Easy to use: 9.4
  • Lightweight: 8.8

Our tips

  • This product has a big gearing ratio in a small size. The power tool can support tremendous power with sturdy magnesium saw housing but still lightweight (13.2 pounds).
  • Its footplate is made of die-cast magnesium for reliability and strength for lifetime use. You can hold the saw with its soft grip handle for accuracy, control, and comfort use while you are cutting.
  • There is a built-in saw hook, blade diamond knockout, a spindle lock, and brushes. Its saw blade is located on the left side to provide clarity of the cut line.
  • It comes with a 15 amp motor, 5,300 (no-load) RPM motor. No doubt that it can deliver enough torque for a variety of applications, similar to worm drive gearing.
  • You can expect a smooth cutting operation due to the anti-snag lower guard for small cut-off pieces.


  • Lightweight magnesium motor housing
  • Magnesium foot plate construction
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • Premium hook and lock backing
  • Accurate depth of the cut system
  • Left side blade
  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • Soft-grip handles
  • 53-degrees bevel capacity
  • Positive detent stop at 45-degrees
  • Large adjustment levers
  • Spindle lock
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor
  • 5,300 RPM

Why we like it

  • The tool is well built
  • It is a heavy-duty tool 
  • Blade placement ensure straight cuts and see the cut
  • Best tool for professional users
  • FEasy and comfortable to handle
  • Can deliver smooth cuts with its tremendous power

Why we do not like it

  • You need to purchase lubricant
  • Heavy
GTIN or UPC000346392418
Motor15 amp
Weight13.2 pounds
Dimension20.75 x 7.75 x 8.88 inches
Warranty 1 year

Best Heavy Duty Worm Drive Saw

Milwaukee Worm Drive Circular Saw 6477-20

Milwaukee Worm Drive Circular Saw 6477-20
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Average ratings: 8.8

  • Portability: 9.1
  • Easy to use: 9.0
  • Lightweight: 8.4

Our tips

  • This Milwaukee worm drive saw comes with a 4,400 RPM, 15 amp motor to make any cutting jobs more manageable. Its worm gearing is made of hardened steel to deliver optimum torque.
  • The saw is durable and lightweight with robust magnesium construction. You can check the oil level of the saw with its oil site glass.
  • The electric brake can support an immediate stop in an emergency. Its maximum bevel capacity is 51.5-degrees.


  • 15.0 Amp, 4,400 RPM motor
  • An electric brake
  • Hardened steel worm gearing
  • Heavy-duty composite shoe
  • A guide to rnsure straight cuts
  • 12-feet cord
  • Maximum bevel capacity 51.5-degrees
  • 7-1/4-inches carbide-tipped blade

Why we like it

  • Excellent performance and cutting power
  • Can see clear of the blade
  • Can do great tracking
  • Provide accuracy at 45º and 90º
  • Almost no (very low) shoe friction
  • Awesome guard action
  • Deep line of 18 volts tools
  • Good for heavy duty jobs

Why we do not like it

  • The lower guard can jams up on longer runs
  • Heavy
GTIN or UPC045242050086
Voltage120 volts
Weight14.3 pounds
Dimension20 x 7 x 7 inches
Warranty 5 year

Best Worm Drive Saw for Framing

Hitachi Worm Drive Circular Saw C7WDM

Hitachi Worm Drive Circular Saw C7WDM
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Average ratings: 7.4

  • Portability: 6.8
  • Easy to use: 8.0
  • Lightweight: 7.4

Our tips

  • The Hitachi worm drive saw is designed for lifetime use and provides power. It is equipped with a 15 Amp, 5,000 RPM motor that is powerful enough to produce the most demanding cutting jobs.
  • You will not get vibration while holding the saw with the soft-grip handle and feel the comfort. This worm drive saw is a perfect choice for professional users for heavy-duty construction.
  • The power tools also feature steel levers, a rafter hook, and two durable 7-1/4-inches (24T premium VPR Framing) blades. Its cutting capacity is 45-degrees of 1.75 inches and 2.38-inches at 90-degrees.
  • For convenience and better control of the saw, there is a steel bevel and depth adjustment levers.


  • 15 Amp motor, 5,000 RPM (no-load speed), 120 volts
  • Durable worm drive gears
  • Steel bevel
  • Depth adjustment levers
  • Cut capacity: 1-3/4-inches at 45-degrees
  • 2-3/8-inches at 90-degrees
  • Rafter hook
  • Bevel capacity up to 53-degrees

Why we like it

  • The tool cuts fast and smoothly  
  • The motor can provide extreme power
  • You can adjust easily
  • Absorbs vibrations with great balance

Why we do not like it

  • Heavy
  • It can stuck sometimes
GTIN or UPC717709020405
Voltage120 volts
Weight14.7 pounds
Dimension20 x 7 x 8 inches
Warranty 5 year

Best Jobsite Worm Circular Saw

Big Foot Tools SC-1025SU BF-UG

Big Foot Tools SC-1025SU BF-UG Worm Drive Magnesium Circular Saw
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Average ratings 7.0

  • Portability: 7.8
  • Easy to use: 7.0
  • Lightweight: 6.4

Our tips

  • The Big Foot Worm Drive Saw was designed to be lightweight at 15.9 pounds. Its weight would matters when you are cutting all day long. But it is not as light as the Skilsaw tool and may cause fatigue.
  • It is a well-balanced power tool to create a high-performance beam-cutting saw to provide convenient work in long projects. The Big Foot was designed to handle the most demanding job sites.
  • You can cut a 4×4 lumber in one pass, making it suitable to handle a tight deadline. It can do the job without fail.
  • This Big Foot Worm Drive Saw will cut your headers, sandwich headers, exposed beams, porches, fence posts, and 1/2inch plywood with one pass. Its included blade is designed with a good balance of ruggedness and strength.
  • It is equipped with a 15 amp, 5,300 RPM motor, powerful enough to finish cutting jobs.


  • Maximum cut depth 3-7/8-inches at 90-degrees
  • At a 45-degree depth of cut is 2-3/4-inches
  • Lightweight Magnesium Parts Saw
  • Weight: 16.59 pounds with the blade
  • 15 amp, 5,300 RPM motor

Why we like it

  • A great tool
  • Easy to adjust the depth and angle
  • Well balanced tool
  • Good tool for jobsite

Why we do not like it

  • Weak upper blade guard design
  • Weak cast metal
  • Heavy tool
  • Harder to maneuver
GTIN or UPC818225394015
Voltage120 volts
Weight15.93 pounds
Dimension23.2 x 12.5 x 9 inches
MaterialAluminum, Magnesium, Steel
Warranty 1 year

Best Worm Drive Saw for Ripping Beams


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Average ratings: 8.4

  • Portability: 9.2
  • Easy to use: 9.0
  • Lightweight: 7.0

Our tips

  • The Skilsaw Worm Drive Saw Sawsquatch is constructed with magnesium housing and a footplate. This material makes it durable.
  • Its weight is well balanced and easy to handle due to the evenly distributed weight. With one pass, you can rip cut through 6.25-inch thick lumber.
  • The motor is a 15 amp, 120 volts dual-field motor that runs cool temperature. This coolness provides increased power, durable, and can run a lifetime.


  • 15 Amp dual-field motor, 4,700 RPM, 120 volts
  • Magnesium construction
  • Aluminum motor housing
  • 10-1/4-inches diablo blade
  • Blade wrench

Why we like it

  • Can cut through beams with its power
  • Well balance considering its weight
  • 94% positive reviews
  • The back and front set screws can be adjusted to zero easily
  • The cord cable is long enough

Why we do not like it

  • No place to roll the cord
  • Can not use rip fence
  • May need stepdown transformer in 240 volts environment
  • Expensive
GTIN or UPC039725040640
Voltage120 volts
Weight23.3 pounds
Dimension23.2 x 12.5 x 9 inches
Warranty 1 year

Best Compact Worm Drive Saw

Rigid R32104 Thrucool

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Average ratings: 7.9

  • Portability: 8.2
  • Easy to use: 8.0
  • Lightweight: 7.7

Our tips

  • This Ridgid worm drive saw comes with a 15 Amp, 5,000 RPM THRUCOOL motor to optimize performance. It allows air to flow through the center of the motor for more efficient cooling.
  • This saw is lightweight and compact with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) construction. It comes with Lifetime Service Agreement, free parts, and free service.
  • The product features depth adjustment, electric brake, keyed blade change, lock-on switch, and spindle lock.


  • 15 Amp, 5,000 RPM motor
  • Compact size
  • Visible oil sight
  • 0 to 56 bevel detent system
  • Sky-hook integrated rafter hook
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Protected cord relief

Why we like it

  • You can see how much oil is needed
  • Maneuverability is very good
  • A light tool
  • Very powerful motor

Why we do not like it

  • Durability issue
GTIN or UPC648846064208
Weight15.75 pounds
Dimension18.7 x 8.8 x 8.1 inches
MaterialCast aluminum, metal
Warranty Lifetime service agreement

How to use worm drive saws

On a construction site, worm drive saws are one of the most versatile and useful power tools. There are many other uses for a worm drive saw in fine woodworking.

It can be used to cut sheet goods like soft and hard plywood just as precise and convenient as a table saw. A worm drive saw can be utilized to cut grooves for cleaning out a half lap joint—other uses like making crosscuts, or angled cuts similar to the miter saw.

In some way, using a worm drive saw takes some practice to be accurate and safe. Worm drive saws use a set of gears to connect the saw blade arbor to its motor.

Longer shape

The worm drive saw is much longer, and the saw blade is on the left side, which provides right-handed users a much more detailed view of the saw blade as it cuts.

The trigger handle is behind the motor and much lower, meaning that the saw should be located more out in front of the user than from above. The trigger handle’s location creates easier cutting of sheet goods, as the natural motion is to move forward with the cut hand.

You are practicing making cuts with the saw before attempting to make any accurate cuts is recommended. If you are left-handed, cutting will be challenging because the trigger handle’s rearward position is not suitable for leaning over the worm drive saw to see the saw blade operating the cut line.

Prevent kickback

A worm drive circular saw frequently use for framing. It is much easier to handle if the user lets the saw do half the work.

The saw’s weight will help push the blade through the cut. Having this position will prevent kickback. The saw’s weight is running downhill. That is the reason it prevents from coming back in the user’s direction.

Its elongated body of the saw makes it possible to use both hands to control the saw while making plunge cuts and intricate bevel cuts. The user’s rear hand controls the trigger and the speed of the cut.

While the front hand adds stability to the cut, a user can use just one hand to cut sheet goods to control it. The left-side blade allows the operator to stand behind the power tool.


1. Calibrate the bevel scale and check for square

With the worm drive saw unplugged, you should hold your square against the baseplate. Use this to check the blade angle.

If the saw blade is not square to the base plate, but the bevel gauge reads square, you should adjust the saw blade to a square. After that, identify a new 0-degree location on the scale with a pencil or marker.

Utilize the opposing force of your fingers and thumb to release the bevel lock.

2. The depth of the blade adjustment

After releasing the depth adjustment lever lock, you need to lower the blade just enough that the saw blade clears the underside of the plywood or material. Reducing the blade more increases the opportunity of kickback.

This practice will create excess heat that can waste the work. That will also leave a large portion of the blade without a guard.

3. Tilting

It would be best if you held the stud with your hand a safe distance from the worm drive saw. Tilt the stud away from your body.

This method promotes a steady and smooth progression of the cut and allowing the saw to run downhill. While going downhill, this motion eases stress and fatigue on your arm.

4. Effortless cutting from the ground

To save effort and time, you need to cut directly off the stack of lumber. You can also cut from the ground without wasting time lifting lumber to a set of boards or sawhorses.

With the cutting work braced against your ankle, use your free hand to hold the stud at an angle. Allow the saw to run downhill, and let the gravity help with most of the work.

5. The cut alignment

The indents mark on the saw’s baseplate displays where the blade will cut. To achieve an accurate cut, account for the blade’s thickness and cut to the line’s waste side.

To make sure that you are square to the board, inspect that the base plate’s front edge is parallel to the edge of the plywood or workpiece.

6. Bevel and plunge cut

Before you start your cut, brace the entire length of the base plate’s front edge against the surface of the workpiece. Retract the blade guard, pull the trigger, and lower the blade to make the plunge cut with even pressure.

If you want to make bevel cuts, use both of your hands. Your trigger hand is the primary control. Your front hand has two jobs.

It retracts the blade guard for steady and smooth cuts and guides the front of the saw.

How to maintain worm drive saws

1. Oil change

Worm drive saws have an oil-bath gearbox for cooling and lubrication to the gears that provide power to the saw blade. After repeated use, the oil will be contaminated.

According to instruction manuals, you should change the oil after the first ten hours of cuttings. Ten hours is a prolonged use since most cuts take seconds to finish. The following oil change should be done every 50 hours.

Prepare a container for the used oil. Run the saw for about five minutes to change the oil.

After that, the oil will be warm. Then remove the spindle lock or oil-filler plug with a 1⁄2-inch wrench.

Roll over the saw on its side and start pouring out the oil into the container. Prepare a funnel with a 1⁄4-inch spout.

Prepare the oil and refill it to the crankcase to the particular level. Worm drive saws models that come with a sight glass will make the checking level and refilling easier. Some gearbox models should be filled to the bottom of the threads.

2. Cleaning

The power tool may be cleaned thoroughly with compressed dry air. If you are using compressed air, make sure to wear your safety goggles when cleaning the device.

Switch levers and ventilation openings need to be cleaned, and make sure they are free of dust or debris, or other materials. Do not clean the saw by inserting pointed objects through openings.

3. Bearings replacement

To avoid motor failure or overheating, damaged bearings should be replaced. They may become noisy due to repeated and heavy cutting or very abrasive material cutting.

4. Carbon brushes replacement

To maintain peak performance and efficiency of the worm drive saw motor, it would be best to inspect the carbon brushes every two to six months.

The brushes should be free from debris, dirt, and dust. Carbon brushes must be replaced when they get worn down to 3/16-inch length.

These brushes must slide freely in and out of their holders. You can inspect the brushes by disconnecting the plug from the power source.

After that, unscrew the brush caps on the saw housing and remove the brushes. Set the saw to its minimum depth of cut to replace the blade side brush.

Clean the brush holder openings with a clean cloth and replace the caps and brushes. Use only genuine manufacturer replacement brushes specially designed for your tool should be used.

5. Taking care of the blade

Blades become dull after repeated cutting lumber. If you feel that you force the saw forward to cut, the blade is dull or coated with debris.

You need to clean the blade from gum and wood pitch. First, unplug the saw and remove the blade. Wipe the blade with kerosene or other solvents to remove the pitch or gum. You may also sharpen a dull blade.