10 Best Wool Mattress Topper 2021 (Reviews)

Wool Mattress Topper. If you are looking for adding extra cushioning to your bedding, a mattress topper is an individual layer used on top of mattresses to achieve that. It can also help fine-tune the firmness level of your mattresses!

A wool mattress topper or mattress pad or mattress cover is an excellent option for you who discover that your mattress is too soft or too firm. If you would like to boost your bedding thickness, you can use mattress toppers to achieve it!

Much different material is used to produce mattress toppers, including wool, cotton, Polyester blends, Memory foam, Latex, and Feathers. There are also different sizes of wool mattress toppers available in the market.

A wool mattress topper is popular because of its qualities, durability, and sustainability. The material is very soft, differs from other materials like latex or foam.

Wool features very high breathability that can regulate temperature naturally. It enables airflow through it to wick away the sweat and moisture from your mattress and your body.

Definition of mattress topper

A high-quality mattress topper has the purpose of raising the comfort level of your mattress. You can remove a topper as cushioned layer of bedding placed on the top of the mattress. If you have a hard surface mattress, it should eliminate the limitations of the mattress.

Some mattress toppers are held in place by using a few straps. That will keep the topper in its location, and not sliding. If you have an old mattress that does not provide comfort anymore, mattress toppers can prolong the lifespan.

You do not need to buy a new expensive mattress. A high-quality mattress topper product could add support to a soft mattress.

Definition of wool mattress topper

Wool toppers are designed to be durable, provide softness, and comfortable. It can provide coolness during hot summer months, and provide warmness during cool winter months. A wool mattress topper does not hold body heat.

A wool mattress topper will not prohibit any movement in bed. The wool is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic for many people.

Benefits of using wool mattress topper or wool mattress pad

You will feel the most relaxing time when you are asleep. If by any chance, your sleep has been disturbed, you will be exhausted.

One of the best ways to achieve a restful sleep is to comfort your body and put your conscious mind to rest. Adding a wool mattress topper or wool mattress pad to your old mattress can provide you short benefits and long-term benefits.

1. Promote deeper and restful sleep

You can feel rejuvenated in the morning when you sleep well all night. If you sleep on a mattress without support, your mind could be clouded, and your body feels achy.

One way to get a restful sleep is to invest your money on a wool mattress pad. By purchasing a wool mattress topper, you will get one comfortable space to get restful and uninterrupted sleep for the best amount of hours.

The comfort of a wool mattress pad will do the work to induce the dreaming state and to comfort your body.

2. Softer mattress

A wool mattress topper can upgrade the softness of a mattress, especially a mattress topper made from wool. They are even softer than those made from cotton. The wool mattress pad can aid release pressure points and relieve chronic pain while you sleep.

3. Hypoallergenic

Wool mattress toppers are bug-resistant, mildew-resistant, and fire-resistant. Wool mattress toppers do not consists of any bleach or chemicals added to them like other mattress toppers. Mattress topper made from Merino wool is hypoallergenic and does not cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin or common allergies.

4. Regulate temperature

When in the middle of the night, you wake up feeling hot, sweaty, having an annoying condition, you might consider changing your mattress. Adding a wool mattress topper to your mattress can help insulate the colder winter months and regulate the temperature.

A wool mattress topper will maintain the comfort level and coolness throughout the night. The moisture and sweat will not soak in and make a damp puddle.

The wool material wicks the moisture up and out of the breathable materials. The wool helps keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter.

5. Easy to clean and durable

If you think that cleaning wool is difficult, you might be wrong. The truth is cleaning a wool mattress topper is very simple.

The wool material wicks away moisture so that you can wipe off a spill of sweat easily. Wool is durable and lasts longer compared to other types of material.

6. Sustainable

Since wool mattress toppers are 100% natural, wool materials are also 100% biodegradable. A biodegradable material is a piece of excellent news for the planet and you!

Wool production and its history

Wool has been an essential fiber for humans for a long time ago. Sheep and wool were such an important economic factor during the 15th and 18th centuries. America was the 5th biggest wool-producing country in the world during the 1940s.

Today, Australia, China, and New Zealand are the biggest wool producer in the world. People have refined wool through selective sheep breeding. There are many types of wool with a wide variety of purposes. The properties of wool never change and that what makes it so special.

The wool properties

1. Stain resistant

The wool fiber has a protective layer that can absorb stains and it is anti-static.

2. Stronger than steel

This wool fiber will last a lifetime. Wool does not tear as easy as other types of fiber. You do not have to worry about the price, because it is well worth the investment.

3. Natural deodorant

Since wool is a natural antimicrobial, it is resistant to retaining odor. If you have a tendency to sweat easily, the odor will be eliminated!

4. Adaptive

Wool can be thin or thick. There are ballgown, swimsuit, dress, and structured suit made of wool. The wool fabric be made into various weights.

Its properties can keep you warm and cool. You can wear wool fiber during winter, fall, spring, or summer.

5. Flame resistant

You can set a wool fabric on fire. What will happen is that it will quickly extinguish itself. The wool fiber contains water content and naturally high nitrogen. Wool is popular to use in military, fireman uniforms, carpets and upholstery.

The wool term

  • Staple Length — the length of the lock of wool
  • Crimp — the waves in the wool
  • Fleece vs Pelt— shearing wool off a sheep will not harm the sheep. It is considered only as a haircut. When you cut the hair of a sheep, you get the fleece. A pelt is when the animal is harvested, skinned, and tanned
  • Raw/grease Wool — wool straight off the sheep
  • Skirted — this is when the bad pieces or covered in manure are sorted out of wool

Types of wool

1. Longwool

Longwool fibers are silky, have drapes, drama, strong, and hard-wearing. The fiber diameter and length of the fibers make the Longwood easy to hand spin. Longwool breeds: Coopworth, Cotswold, Border Leicester, Leicester Longwool, Lincoln, Romney, Teeswater, Wensleydale.

Longwools commonly used for furnishing and woven such as bags, upholstery, and rugs. They are also used for knitting wool for blankets, mittens, outerwear, sweaters, hats, and throws.

2. Medium

The wool is soft and fine. A few breed are Merino, Cormo, and Corriedale.

3. Down

This wool (from breeds like the Southdown) offer a down wool that provide more elasticity than other types of wool. It produces a great stretch to make hosiery or socks.

4. Lambswool

Lambswool is wool from lambs. It provides fine and soft wool. This wool used for producing clothing and home items. The wool is generally softer and does not cause skin irritation. Lambswool is popular among knitters and spinners.

5. Mohair wool

Mohair is a fabric from Angora goat. The fabric is durable, resilient, high luster and sheen. Mostly used in fiber blends to qualities to a textile.

6. Cashmere wool

Cashmere comes from mostly Mongolia , Tibet, Northern India, Iran, Afghanistan and Southwest China goats. This is a luxury wool fiber with a finer, softer and lighter than wool from sheep, and more insulating. The wool is close weave and has been manufactured in Kashmir, Nepal, and Mongolia for decades.

7. Alpaca wool

It is a marvelous, unique, and luxurious molecular composition leading to distinct advantages in outdoor performance and comfort. The benefits of Alpaca wool are derived from their breeding in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains. This cold and low atmosphere environment could handle drastic shifts from sub-zero temperatures at night to high solar radiation during the day.

Top 10 wool mattress topper comparison chart

1. Organic Comfort Market 100% Natural Wool Mattress Topper300 Thread Count$$$5
2. SnugFleece Elite Wool Mattress270 Thread Count$$$4.5
3. Perfect Fit Plush Wool Mattress Topper Pad270 Thread Count$$4.4
4. Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper300 Thread Count$$$4.3
5. Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Toppers300 Thread Count$$$4.3
6. Holy Lamb Organics Quilted Ultimate Wool Mattress Topper300 Thread Count$$$4.3
7. Sleep & Beyond Washable Wool Mattress Topper270 Thread Count$$$4.3
8. Organic Textiles All Season Wool Mattress Topper270 Thread Count$$$4.1
9. SnugFleece Woolens SnugSoft Elite Wool Mattress Topper270 Thread Count$$$4.1
10. SnugFleece SnugSoft Deluxe Wool Mattress Topper270 Thread Count$$$3.8

Factors to consider when purchasing a mattress topper

1. Thickness

The most common thickness of a mattress topper should be about two to three inches. If you discover that you need a thicker mattress topper to be comfortable, then you should replace your mattress.

2. Comfort and body support

It is essential to think about your goals for purchasing a mattress topper. If you seek additional support for your body while sleeping, you should consider purchasing a new mattress, as a mattress topper will not provide additional structure.

3. Durability

The wool mattress topper is highly breathable, circulating the air through the topper. It wicks away the sweat and moisture from the topper and the body.

Your body will remain cool and dry with a temperature-regulated sleep environment.

4. The price

Purchasing a wool mattress topper is considered an investment. Wool is the most expensive selection for mattress toppers. It is because of natural fiber sustainably and ethically.

Many wool toppers are handmade. It is also hand-tufted details.

When a wool mattress topper has been organically certified, the feature increases a topper’s overall price. Synthetic materials are cheaper; they may not last as long as a wool mattress topper.

Wool mattress toppers are long-lasting, durable, and sustainable. The natural material and high-quality construction make wool mattress covers a valuable investment for you who want a mattress topper that will last.

Top 5 Best Wool Mattress Toppers Reviews

1. Sleep & Beyond 72 by 84-Inch Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper

Mattress Topper

The mattress topper by Sleep and Beyond can absorb the moisture well, and it is highly breathable. The feature will wick away moisture and sweat.

The mattress topper will help keep the body cool and dry. When the body is dry, the lifespan increase and will be free of dust mites and allergens.

Without allergens and dust mites, the mattress topper will have no odor or lower quality over time. The thread count is 300, and the certified organic cotton is highly durable and breathable.

The has been constructed and crafted to last long, and to deliver a restful sleep, deep sleep, and comfort seasons long. The mattress topper is the perfect solution for people with fibromyalgia, arthritis, or rheumatism who want to have a comfortable sleep.

The merino wool mattress topper offers toxin-free and chemical-free bedding for a restful, worry-free, and deep sleep all night long. It provides cushioning to you and adds the bedding height by about 1.5 inches.

The merino product can help slow down the heart rate, help lower the blood pressure, and make you very relaxed while lying down on it. The mattress’s constituents’ chemical-free nature ensures that there are no carcinogenic materials utilized in its making.

  • 100% Organic Cotton Jacquard
  • 270 thread count
  • Ideal for comfort, relaxation, health, and peaceful sleep.
  • Provide full night rejuvenating sleep
  • Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Encased in certified organic cotton sateen fabric
  • Organic merino wool product
  • Free of harmful chemicals, toxins and synthetics

2. Sleep & Beyond Washable Wool Mattress Topper Shropshire Wool

Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Pad

The Sleep And Beyond mattress topper delivers a high durability degree with natural and very high-quality material and without synthetic material. These materials are wool and cotton that have a very long life.

The mattress topper comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. It has been crafted with 100% Shropshire wool that is machine washable.

The wool can provide a cozy and luxurious comfort with the plush surface. The cotton is 100% natural, with a percale weave thread of 270 that makes it feel cool and crisp.

With 270 thread count of percale weave, they just shrank a little bit, they are strong, and they easily fit mattresses up to 17 inches thick. It can fit even after being dried and washed five times.

The great thing about the mattress topper is that it is constructed to keep you feel cool during summer and feel the winter’s warm. If you take care of the mattress topper properly, it can last for a very long time.

It is very easy to maintain by washing the 1.5 inches thick mattress topper in a washing machine. It delivers out a delightful aroma of wool, which signifies that it contains pure wool and without the presence of chemicals or toxins or synthetic inside the wool.

The aroma can help relax your nerves so you can go to sleep faster and more profoundly. On the very plush mattress topper, you would feel cradled to make sure a very sound sleep very fast.

The coolness it can provide comes from the high level of breathability of booty the cotton and wool material. The mattress topper relieves pressure on many sensitive areas and much pressure on your body!

It is an excellent combination to deliver a perfectly rejuvenating sleep.

  • 100% Natural Cotton Percale
  • 100% Shropshire Wool
  • Create a plush surface
  • 1.5-inches thick
  • Machine washable
  • Filled with 100% washable wool
  • 270 thread count
  • Eco-friendly and reusable packaging
  • 5-year warranty.

3. Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Toppers

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Pad

The Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Topper can provide a very long life because it is made from certified organic cotton and high-quality organic wool. You will get a durable mattress topper that features hypoallergenic nature and irritants that makes it odor-free, sanitary, and clean.

The organic cotton can keep the high breathability with its thread count of 300, for a long-lasting and robust mattress topper. The Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Topper has been crafted with breathable organic wool.

The construction process of this mattress topper is utilizing eco-wool to get superior quality and provide smoothness and comfort to you. The eco-wool batting tufted in between two layers of organic cotton fabric with certification.

The certified organic cotton layers come in ivory color with cushioning on top of the mattress. There will be no dust mites that may enter the mattress topper to make the sleep environment comfortable.

The cotton and wool wick away any moisture or sweat that may provide discomforting factors, leaving you a serene and very relaxed sleep environment throughout the night.

  • Premium Eco-Wool batting
  • Not Washable
  • 100% Organic Cotton Fabric
  • 300 thread count

4. Holy Lamb Organics Quilted Ultimate Wool Mattress Topper

Wool Mattress Covers

The Holy Lamb Organics Ultimate Wool Mattress Topper is made from a ball of organic wool. The natural sleep surface can create an ideal topper for providing restful, comfortable, and deep rest to your body and relax the mind.

It includes premium eco-wool batting that is tufted between two layers of cotton fabric. The design allows the mattress topper to lay relatively flat on the mattress top, and you do not have to worry about being shifted.

The product consists of a certified organic sateen cotton fabric cover to protect the eco-wool inside, delivering a smooth and soft surface for you. The product comes with a plush pillow top.

It has got 50% higher wool than other mattress toppers. It can wick away moisture and has an antibacterial and hypoallergenic feature. You do not have to worry about allergens and microorganisms make sleep easier.

  • Premium pure eco-wool filling
  • Certified organic sateen cotton fabric cover
  • Hand made
  • A soft and supportive sleeping surface
  • Will never harbor dust mites!
  • Approximate Loft: 3″

5. Organic Comfort Market 100% Natural Wool Mattress Topper

Organic Comfort

The Organic Comfort mattress topper is made from highly durable cotton and wool that are long-lasting materials. These materials can wick away moisture to keep them dry and clean.

Allergens and dust mites can not thrive due to the circulating airflow to ensure a hypoallergenic nature and antibacterial. The lifespan of the mattress topper increase a lousy odor, moisture, and allergens are not present.

The mattress topper will not degrade because it has not been treated with flame-retardant and harsh chemicals.

The product offers a cozy feel to you for a restful night. It is suitable for softening the firm feel of a mattress or covering mattress to restore its plushness. The coolness will be provided to the body and as a solution to overheating at night.

Overheating causes discomfort in sleep and can boost heart rate and blood pressure. It has been tested and certified by a quality assurance by OEKO TEX and WOOLMARK. The certification makes sure and confirms that the materials are free of any harsh chemicals.

It is one of the best wool mattress toppers!

  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • 100% Wool
  • No Synthetic Content
  • Can soften a firm mattress
  • Tested and certified by independent international quality assurance organizations OEKO TEX and WOOLMARK
  • Help regulate body temperature and allow the skin to breathe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No bad odor – no chemical, no barnyard smell
  • Does not harbor dust mites
  • It is antistatic
  • The wool is fire proof

Wool mattress topper maintenance

1. Expose to the sun and air

One of the best ways to clean a wool mattress topper is to expose it to the sun. Sunlight will bleach, deodorize, and disinfect wool. You can the wool mattress topper flat on a clean surface in the sun about once every two months, which will make it stay fresh and clean.

2. Blot the stain

You can not eliminate liquid stain with airing. You need to blot the liquid stain using a soft piece of towel.

Press against the spot with a damped cloth. Make sure to use cold water.

Mix the cold water with salt and baking soda, and spread it over the stained area. Brush the powder gently after it has dried out. The last thing to do is to let it dry in the air for removing any odor.

3. Flip

By the time you unmake the bed, flip the mattress topper every month. This flipping will let the excess moisture out. By moving it from the bed or mattress will prevent any growth of mildew or mold.

4. Promote breathing

Making your bed every morning is an effective method to let the wool mattress topper breathe. The wool mattress topper product wicks away all the moisture from your skin to maintain a suitable temperature while you sleep. By pulling the blankets, wool mattress toppers, and sheets, down for three hours, will release that moisture and aid the freshness of the material sustain longer.