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Top 10 Gorgeous Green Eyes

Green eyes are caused by a loss of pigmentation rather than a lack of pigmentation.

Melanin, a pigment found in the iris’s outer layer, determines the color of the eye. Melanin levels in green eyes are lower than in brown or hazel eyes.

Ultimately, eyes with less melanin appear green or blue. More melanin-rich eyes seem hazel. Brown people have the most melanin.

Genetics determines the color of one’s eyes. People used to assume that eye color was determined by a single gene.

Recent genetic study indicates that color is controlled by 16 genes. Because of these genetic variances, parents may have offspring with various eye hues.

If your infant is born with blue eyes, their eyes may eventually change color. Your baby’s eyes may become green, hazel, or brown over the first few months or years as they generate more pigment.

1. Green Eyes Elegant Woman

Top 10 Gorgeous Green Eyes

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