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Spurtle Qvc

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Wooden Cooking Utensils,Acacia Wooden Spurtle Kitchen Sets,Spurtles Kitchen Tools Slotted Spurtle Spatula Sets for Stirring Mixing Serving (10)

$32.99  in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • MATERIAL : Premium high-quality acacia wood.
  • 10 Pcs in one utensils set: include wooden tongs ,wooden spaghetti server,large wooden spurtle,wood slotted spurtle,mid wood spurtle,slim spurtle ,min spurtle,wooden ladle,wooden serving spoon,wood oil brush.
  • You'll find these incredible wood utensils are fantastic for cooking, baking and serving and you'll find yourself reaching for them even more often than your favorite spoons and spatulas. There's a reason why the spurtle is the trendiest kitchen utensil on the market.
  • SCRATCH FREE COOKWARE: You can always bake your favorite cookies, make special soups, or cook other dishes without scratching high quality pots or other expensive cookware. These personalized wood kitchen tools are designed for longevity and to avoid damage on your valuable cookware.
  • EASY TO TAKE CARE Wash the wooden kitchen utensils with warm water and soft sponge to preserve their qualities. We recommend you dry them by hanging. If there is something sticking to our wooden cooking spoons, just put them in the water for 5 minutes before washing. Please store them in dry place when not used. When teak products are exposed to oil and heat, their color normally becomes darker, but they are still perfectly useable. Oil them occasionally when feel dry to prevent crack.

Wooden Spurtle Set, 4 Pcs Natural Acacia Wood Kitchen Utensils for Nonstick Cookware, Spurtles Kitchen Tools as Seen on TV, Wood Spatula for Cooking,Stirring,Mixing

$22.99  in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • 【Safe to Use】The spatula set made of natural acacia wood with thick and strong handle, perfectly sanded, smooth, lightweight, strong. They are coated with natural paint(from lacquer tree), no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. Harmless to the human body.
  • 【Heat-Resistant & Scratch-Proof】Wooden utensil set have excellent heat resistance and will not melt like silicon or rubber while stirring in a hot pot or soup.They are very smoothly with good touch feeling,can avoid scratching cookware.
  • 【Easy to clean and hanging hole design】Simply wash these wood cooking utensils with flow water and mild detergent. Humane design for easy storage, wooden spoon with holes, you can hang them on the wall when not in use. Helping you organize the kitchen well and keep tidy all the time!
  • 【Value Kitchen Utensils】The spurtle set includes 4 different types that can meet almost all your cooking needs: 10.6-Inch Slotted Spurtle, 13-Inch Spurtle, 8.8-Inch Medium Spurtle, 8.7-Inch Mini Spurtle.
  • 【RISK FREE】We know you’ll love our wood spurtles, but if there's problems with your spurtle set, contact us and we will take care of it.

As Seen on TV, Mad Hungry Spurtle 4pc Set, Acacia Premium Wood Finish, Cooking Utensils for Non Stick Cookware, Baking, Whisking, Smashing, Scooping, Spreading, Serving and More.

$19.99  in stock
3 new from $19.99
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as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • AS SEEN ON TV – With over 7 million sets sold, this best-selling As-Seen-On-TV acacia wood spurtle set features four spurtle designs to meet all your cooking needs, allowing you to stir, scoop, smash, scrape, serve, and more!
  • 4 DESIGNS TO DO IT ALL – This 4-piece set includes an original spurtle (for stirring, scooping, smashing, scraping and serving), medium slotted spurtle (for sifting and draining), a skinny spurtle (for getting in tight, narrow jars and containers), and mini spurtle (for spreading).
  • SMART ERGONOMIC DESIGN – These spurtles get in every last nook and cranny of your pots and pans, as their special curved designs easily access edges and hard-to-reach areas.
  • ONE OF A KIND – No two spurtles are alike! Made of sustainable acacia wood, each piece is one of a kind, with every spurtle marked by nature’s unique thumbprint. Acacia wood is gentle on cookware and won’t scratch or damage your pots and pans.
  • CLASSIC ELEGANCE MEETS MODERN CONVENIENCE – Originating in 15th-century Europe, these hard-working cooking tools combine classic craftsmanship with modern technique for effortless cooking, baking and meal prep.

Spurtles Kitchen Tools As Seen On Tv - Spurtle Wooden Cooking Utensils - Wooden Spurtle For Nonstick Cookware - Spurtles Kitchen Tools Wooden Set 5 - Spurtle Spoons Whisk, Stir, Sift, Scrape, Spread

 in stock
5 new from $19.99
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • ✅ Heavy Duty Quality - Our As Seen On Tv Amazon Spurtle Kitchen Wooden Utensils Set Is Made From Premium Teak Wood Sought After For Its Incredible Durability & Water Resistance As It Naturally Contains A Protective Oil - Our Cooking Utensils Are Sturdy Enough To Mix Even The Thickest Ingredients Yet Gentle Enough To Avoid Scratches In Your Nonstick Cookware - These Spurtles Kitchen Tools Are The Perfect Heat Resistant Spatulas For Nonstick Cookware
  • ✅ No More Flimsy Or Splintered Wooden Utensils - Our Customers Satisfaction And Spurtle Reviews Of Our Spurtle Spatula Says It All - The Spurdle Sets Are Made From Top Of The Line Strong And Durable Teak Wood That Have A Well-balanced Ergonomic Rounded Handles That Feels Comfortable In Your Hands And Provides Great Control. This Wooden Spurtle Set Is Ready To Work For You
  • ✅ 100 % Natural And Food Safe – Our Spurtles Kitchen Tools Wooden Spoon Are 100% Natural For Healthy Cooking - You Can Be Confident That The Spurtle Kitchen Tool You Get Is Free From Any Foul Odor - Sticky Varnish Or Flaky Lacquer Finishing  -  The Best Spurtles Kitchen Tools For All Your Cooking And Baking Needs
  • ✅ Declutter Your Space - You’ll soon find that these versatile heat resistant wooden spatulas spurtle as seen on tv will become your favorite cooking tool set replacing other spoons and spatulas & the wood spurtle is easy to clean with just detergent & warm water
  • ✅ Beautiful Design - Each Golden hued Wood Spurtle Set Has Its Own Unique Wood Pattern & Paired With The Scottish Spurtle Simple Design Complements Any Décor - The Spurtle Kitchen Utensils Have Multiple Display Options; Holes For Conveniently Hanging Next To Your Cooking Area Or Simply Display Them In A Beautiful Utensil Crock - Our Spurtles As Seen On Tv Comes In A Beautiful Designed Packaging That Makes For An Excellent Gift

SpurtlePro Premium Acacia Wood Spurtles | Wooden Spoons for Cooking | Wooden Spatula | Wooden Spoons

$19.99  in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • [ GORGEOUS ACACIA WOOD PATTERN ] - Beautiful acacia wood grain and texture make every spurtle a piece of art. We promise - you will fall in love with our spurtles at first sight!
  • [ SOLID WOOD ] - Unlike other brands, our spurtles are carved from a solid piece of wood without any glue or industrial adhesives. Sustainably sourced, solid acacia wood is known for its hardness and durability.
  • [ EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP ] – Rigorous quality control, years of experience and our love of spurtles are the reasons why we can offer you the best quality spurtles - hands down!!!
  • [ NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN ] - Elongated and ergonomically fit handle is what makes our spurtles so easy and comfortable to use
  • [ GREAT MULTI-PURPOSE KITCHEN TOOL ] - Explore all the different uses of spurtles! You will use it for stir-frying, mixing, scooping, whisking, mashing, folding, icing, serving and so much more! This set comes with four spurtles - one long spurtle (13in.) and one slotted spurtle (10.5in.), one narrow spurtle (8.5in.) designed for reaching into small jars and narrow containers, and one mini-spurtle (9in.)

Mad Hungry, As Seen On TV, WKA 51218, 4-Piece Premium Acacia Wood Spurtle Set - Natural

$19.99  in stock
2 new from $19.99
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as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • A TOOL FOR EVERY TASK — Declutter your kitchen, use these four multifunctional kitchen utensils to accomplish more with less. The scraper spurtle allows you to scrape, chop, and cut. The super spurtle stirs, smashes, and scoops. The medium slotted spurtle sifts, whisks, and strains. The spreader spurtle spreads.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED — The craftsmanship of each spurtle is singular, unlike wooden spoons that are rounded at the end, spurtles are able to reach where the side of the pan meets the bottom, leaving no food behind.
  • ERGONOMIC — The hardest working tools in your kitchen. They are made for comfort and grip during daily use.
  • MADE OF ACACIA WOOD — Made of premium acacia wood which is naturally light weight and will not scratch cookware.
  • SIMPLE CLEANUP — Clean by hand with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly and restore their finish between uses with food grade mineral oil.

Wooden Spurtle Kitchen Utensils, Acacia Wooden Spoons For Cooking, 5Pcs Cooking Utensils Set, Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware, Slotted Spurtle Spatula Sets for Stirring, Mixing, Serving

$18.99  in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • 【100% Natural & Premium Acacia Wood】:Made of Premium Acacia Wood, Sturdy and Lightweight. The Raw Material Without Harmful Coating, These Cooking Utensils Will Not Harm Your Family’s Health.
  • 【Practical Cookware Set】:This wooden spurtles set is smooth, easy to grasp, non-slip, comfortable, don't worry about scratching the non-stick pan. Ensure absolute nutrition and health at the same time. No need to worry about the scratching anymore! The pure natural wooden spatula will ensure the safety of your precious pot during the cooking.
  • 【Easy to clean】:Nonstick and smooth enough, simply wash these wood cooking utensils with flow water and mild detergent. Helping you organize the kitchen well and save your time! Oil them occasionally when feel dry to prevent crack.
  • 【Practical Gifts 】:The wooden cooking spatula set is an ideal cooking utensil for kitchen. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, weddings, family blessings, birthdays. Do you have friends or family cooking? Good, don't hesitate to give him this spurtle set.
  • 【Quality Guarantee】:If the product you received is defective or unsatisfactory. We sincerely apologize and will send you the new ones in no time. We appreciate all your reviews and comments. If it's good to use, please introduce it to your family or friends. Thanks.

Wood Spurtles Kitchen Set, Acacia Wooden Spoons For Cooking,Wood Cooking Utensil, 100% Healthy Hard And Durable Wood Kitchen Utensils For Salad Stir, Cake Make And Pan-Fried Steak (5)

$18.99  in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • MADE OF PREMIUM ACACIA WOOD : Naturally lightweight, sturdy.CURVED WOOD prevents Spurtles from scratching pots or other dishes while using, making them perfect for stirring your recipes and scraping food from the edges into serving dishes.
  • SO MANY USES : Uniquely designed to stir, flip, scrape, spread, and so much more! Spurtle replaces all your wooden cooking utensils that take up a ton of room, giving you versatile utensils for everyday use.Leave no food behind! Angled tip fits perfectly with pan corners & edges.ELONGATED DESIGN,Ideal for stirring in deeper pots, tossing salads, mixing heavy ingredients and more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : Simply hand wash the spurtle with warm, soapy water and dry.If there is something sticking to our spoons, just put the spurtle in the water for 5 minutes before washing. Please store the spurtle in dry place when not used. When the wood spurtles are exposed to oil and heat, their color normally becomes darker, but they are still perfectly useable. Oil them occasionally when feel dry to prevent crack.
  • It's A Spatula, It's A Spoon, It's A Spurtle! This solid wood spurtle is like a super spatula, paddle and spoon all in one. The spurtle is a traditional Scottish kitchen utensil.Our Spurtle Spatula has a slight curve in it to make getting up underneath, scooping and flipping even easier.
  • SATISFACTORY SERVICE : If the product you received is defective or unsatisfactory. We sincerely apologize and will definitely send you the new ones in no time. We appreciate all your remarks and comments. They are the key tools to develop and improve our handmade and heartcrafted products.

Spurtles Kitchen Tools As Seen On TV - 5 Pcs Wooden Spatula Set - for Cooking, Stirring, Mixing - With Stand and Cleaning Towel

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2 used from $13.70
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as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • Beautiful, Smooth and Sturdy - the wooden spatula set is well-made, with a smooth surface and a comfortable hand feeling. Very suitable for non-stick pans. Your original kitchenware will not be damaged during use
  • Versatile - Contains all basic kitchen cooking tools, including slotted Spurtle, Spurtle, Medium Spurtle, Mini Spurtle, Slim Spurtle. Meet all your kitchen needs from mixing to cooking. Spurtle is equipped with a box that you use to store when cooking. Spurtle replaces all the cooking utensils that take up a lot of space and provides you with a multi-function cooking utensil for daily use
  • Safe and Durable - the wooden spatula set are made of natural teak wood, and each kitchen utensil does not contain harmful substances such as BPA, toluene, dimethyl sulfuric acid, lead and so on
  • Free Stand and Cleaning Cloth - the wooden spatula setjust scrub with warm water and dry with the towel we donated, and then hang it on the stand we donated. Save space for you and keep the kitchen tidy
  • Great Gift - well-made look. It looks simple and sophisticated! This wooden cookware is the perfect gift for new homeowners or newlyweds, parents, lovers, etc.

Spurtles kitchen tools As Seen On TV, Nice-Nook spurtle set of 5 - Wooden spurtle set utensils 100% healthy hard made with natural teak wood -Heat Resistant For Stirring, Mixing, Serving. Great gift

$16.99  in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • 【100% Natural Teak】The spoon and spatula set are made of 100% high-quality pure natural teak without any coating. No chemical substances, no peculiar smell for safe use. These cookware will not harm your family's health ,and make cooking easier and happier!
  • 【MULTI PURPOSE USAGE】 Pack of 5 different kinds of wooden spatulas. These spurtles kitchen tools spatula set make it easier than ever for flipping ,smashing, scooping, spreading, serving, and much more.
  • 【SMOOTH & SCRATCH PROOF】Teak is considered a noble wood due to its high durability, natural color, smoothness, resistance, and scratch proof quality. Unlike Silicone, enjoy the nature's alternative. Stop scratching your expensive nonstick cookware set with metal tools, and use wooden spoon for cooking utensil.
  • 【EASY TO USE, CLEAN AND MAINTAIN】 Our spurtles pack of 5 is easy to use, clean and maintain because of hanging holes on each spurtle to hang them on the wall when not in use or for decorative purposes. We recommend washing the spurtle set with warm water, and a soft sponge to maintain their quality. These tool are not dishwasher safe.
  • 【BEST COOKING UTENSILS GIFT BOX】 Our lovely natural kitchen cooking utensils pack come with durable box and is one of the best kitchen products as a gift for you and your loved ones who enjoy cooking! These kitchen accessories, and measuring spoons are the cutest gift!

Wooden Spurtle Set, Teak Spurtles Kitchen Tools, Wooden Spatula for Cooking, Wood Utensils Set of 4, Non Stick Cookware for Serving, Stirring, Mixing, Scraping, Scooping, Healthy and Heat Resistant.

 in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • ✔HARDEST WORKING TOOL IN YOUR KITCHEN: These are 10 tools in 1. Are you ready to scrape, scoop, smash, stir, serve, spread, whisk, strain, sift and separate your eggs? The Spurtle is specially designed to get in the pots leaving no food behind because of its angled edges. Get into those narrow jars!
  • ✔LIFELONG QUALITY: Premium Natural Teak Wood & Responsible sourced. Woodenhouse kitchen utensils will last a lifetime. These spatulas are beautiful, solid, sturdy, smooth, well designed and have a superb finish. This Utensil set will definitely not crack, melt or smell.
  • ✔HEALTHY & SCRATCH FREE COOKWARE SET: Enjoy the Eco-friendly alternative, they are coated and well polished with a clear Food Grade Non-Toxic lacquer which is great for retaining its beautiful gloss. Stop scratching your expensive non-stick pots and pans, use wood cooking utensils. Utensils may vary in shade because of its natural material.
  • ✔SO EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: Our Wooden cooking utensils will only take a few minutes to wash. Do so by hand washing in warm soapy water then rinse clean and store dry. After several uses, wood needs to be taken care of by applying mineral oil to the surface to maintain the natural wooden beauty.
  • ✔BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING AND WOODENHOUSE SATISFACTION: Show your appreciation with this unique and beautiful gift. We include a reusable linen bag! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied please contact us for a prompt replacement or reimbursement.

Mad Hungry 3-PC Pakka Wood Spurtle Set Model K48585-NEW

 in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • Why Spurtles? Not quite a spoon, not quite a spatula - it's a bit of both! It's called a spurtle, and it's our must-have cooking utensil. Perfect for stirring or scraping pots without scratching them, you'll find yourself reaching for them every day.
  • 3 Universal Pieces - Includes a 13" solid spurtle, 12" spatula, & 10.5" slotted spurtle. Spurtles are the do-it-all kitchen utensils that belong in everyone's crock doubling as spreaders, mixers, & scoopers. The slotted spurtle offers all the utility of a regular spurtle but with added whisking, straining, and sifting functions. The spatula is perfect for sautéing, flipping meat, and serving brownies
  • Protect Your Pots & Pans - Unlike some metal or plastic utensils, our pakkawood spurtle spatulas are non-scratch and non-stick. They won't damage your cookware, and are safe for all material types.
  • 1-Year Warranty - We're so confident in the durability & toughness of our spurtles that we offer a no-questions-asked warranty for one year on all sets purchased.
  • Quick and Easy to Wash - for best results, simply hand wash with warm soapy water and dry right away with a soft towel

Healthy NO VARNISH Hand Made Wooden Spurtle set, Spurtles kitchen tools As Seen On TV, BluKonoi Premium Acacia Spurtle Wooden Cooking Utensils, Wood Kitchen Utensil Set for Cooking

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as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • ✅ NO VARNISH or LACQUER - We use a food safe oil that forms a protective coating when it dries. This helps protect our Spurtle Set without using a varnish or lacquer. All wooden utensils for cooking would be safer if they used this approach.
  • ✅ NON STICK COOKWARE SAFE - These are the perfect kitchen tools for nonstick cookware. These spurtle wooden utensils will not scratch and have excellent heat resistance.
  • ✅ DESIGNED TO BE EASY TO USE - This wooden kitchen utensil set is specifically designed to be easy to use. Not too long, not too wide and easy to hold in your hand.
  • ❤️ GREAT GIFT – Spurtles are a unique variation of a cooking spoon and spatula combination that creates a great set of wooden utensils for cooking. They also make the perfect Mothers Day Gift, Fathers Day Gift or a unique present for that special cook in your life.
  • ♻️ MADE OF PREMIUM ACACIA WOOD - Why Acacia Wood? It’s a hardwood like Teak but it's more Environmentally Friendly than Teak. It grows quickly enough to replenish well, sturdy enough to cook with but relatively light.

4 PCS Wooden Spurtle Spoons/Utensils Set For Cooking, Natural Acacia Wood Wok Spatula Kitchen Tools Set with 4 Hooks for Stirring Mixing When Cooking Steak Salad Butter

 in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • 【Natural Acacia Wood & Food Safe】The Wooden spurtles Set is made of food grade natural acacia wood. The wood grain on these utensils is beautiful and natural. This wood have beautiful and unique textures, hard and sturdy, odor-free which is best and safe for making high-end kitchen cooking utensils.
  • 【Less damage & More heat resistance】The Wooden spatula set bring very less damage to cookware than steel utensils when cooking with Non-Sick Pan, Woks and Stir-Fry Pans, and more safe with high heat than plastic or rubber utensils. This kitchen utensils set are very suitable for cooking in the kitchen.
  • 【Larger Size & Longer Handle】These cooking utensil set have larger size with wider blade and longer handle than other cooking spoons. That means using it can help people to save much effort while cooking. They are more suitable for long time cooking.
  • 【Easy to Clean and Maintain】The spurtles kitchen tools as seen on tv which is made by natural acacia wood, hard, sturdy, not easy to be scratch, every easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse them with water and light soap with a soft sponge. After washing, just keep it dry is fine.
  • 【Simple and high-end package Box】The set has 4 PCS cooking utensils. 【Bonus】4 hooks to hang the cooking utensils. 【Nice gift】Can be a good gift choice as housewarming gift and gift to family members and cook lovers.

AONE Spurtles Kitchen Tools As Seen on TV 5 Psc - Acacia Wooden Spurtle Set, Durable Non Stick Eco Friendly Slotted Spatula for Stirring Mixing, Heat Resistant Light Weight Non Stick Wood Cookware

$9.89  in stock
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • DURABLE WOODEN SPURTLE SET : Made of Acacia Natural Wood. Perfect for stripping your recipes, separate egg whites, use it to sift dry ingredients while you mix, for high heat sauteing, strain cooked pasta, and more.
  • SCRATCH PROOF & HEAT RESISTANT : These cooking Spurtles are friendly with every surface. As they are scratch-free, they will protect your kitchen equipment such as pans, cast iron pots, ceramics, and more.
  • NON-STICK COOKWARE : The Spurtles Kitchen Tools As Seen on TV are firm enough and are designed to be used with various types of Cookware including but not limited to Non-Stick Cookware. A slight curve in Spurtles makes scooping and flipping much easier.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : Our wooden Spurtles set is easy to clean. Just wash them with mild soap and warm water. And store in a dry place when not in use.
  • BEST CHOICE FOR GIFTS : The wooden Spurtles set is a perfect cooking utensil for the kitchen, outdoor, camping, and picnic. It is one of the ideal kitchen products as a gift for your loved one.

OurWarm Wood Spurtles Kitchen Set, 5 Piece Acacia Wooden Spoons For Cooking, Spurtles Kitchen Tools as Seen on TV, Wood Kitchen Utensils with Hanging Hole For Salad Stir, Cake Make And Pan-Fried Steak

 in stock
2 used from $9.40
Free shipping
as of May 31, 2022 10:14 am


  • MULTIFUNCTION KITCHEN UTENSILS SET - Comes with 5 different size spatulas that can meet almost all your cooking needs: 13.8-Inch Slotted Spurtle, 13.8-Inch Spurtle, 11.4-Inch Medium Spurtle, 9.5-Inch Mini Spurtle, 10.1-Inch Slim Spurtle. These kitchen utensils can be used for stir-frying, stir, flip, scrape, crushing. Spurtle replaces all your cooking utensils that take up a ton of room, giving you versatile utensils for everyday use
  • EASY TO CLEAN & STORAGE - The spurtles kitchen tools are smooth enough non-stick pan with running water and neutral detergent. To simply wash the color bars by hand with warm soapy water and then dry them. If something sticks to our spoon, just soak the shovel in water for 5 minutes before washing. Oil them occasionally when feel dry to prevent crack. Has a hanging hole at the end on each wooden cooking utensil to save your space and keep your kitchen tidy
  • HIGH-QUALITY ACACIA WOOD MATERIAL - Stronger than plastic or bamboo, Premium Acacia wood has higher density, will not crack, is naturally lightweight, strong and heat-resistant, will not scratch or damage your favorite non-stick cooking utensils, and there will be no noise when cooking. Without harmful coating to ensure you and your families safe use. The smooth surface finished with natural oil that protects the wood and your cookware. They will be good partners in your kitchen
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENCE DESIGN - The spatula set is naturally lightweight, and the handle is designed to be comfortable to hold. They can be stirred, flipped, scraped, spread; compatible with pots, pans, baking pans, and ceramic tableware. The angular edges can also be easily scraped to the corners of pots and plates without causing food waste. Perfect for pancakes, eggs, bacon, fish, spreading with butter, cheese and more
  • ONE OF THE BEST GIFT - Well made and exquisite packaging, these wooden cooking tools will be a decent gift for your friend or family who love cooking on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, May Day, and so on. Mothers and all women will like to cook with these wooden utensils. Bring you an unforgettable happy time

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