10 Best PS5 Wall Mount

PS5 Wall Mount. The PS5, like the previous three generations of Sony consoles, can be positioned in either a flat horizontal or vertical standing position. However, unlike similar consoles, this one does not require a separate stand attachment. You need a high quality PS5 wall mount to positioned the console.

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Our list of the best PS5 wall mount

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How to choose the best PS5 wall mount

What is PS5 wall mount

It enables you to mount the brand-new PlayStation system to a wall or other firm vertical surface. PS5 mounts necessitate the installation of these metal brackets on the wall.

The console is then secured to the bracket fixture with screws or grommets. Console wall mounts are not new, and they have been around for a long time.

Benefits of PS5 wall mount

Wall mounting your game system eliminates the need for another object to collect dust on top of your living room’s TV box. Furthermore, wall hanging your PS5 keeps it safe and out of reach of anyone who might drop or spill something on it.

Factors to consider before buying PS5 wall mount

The location

The location of the wall-mounted PS5 should be carefully considered. Do you want it to be a focal point? What’s that above the fireplace?

Or should it be placed in a different area that makes it the focal point of the room? If you do decide to install it over the fireplace, you will need to acquire a cooling fan for the PS5 to ensure that it does not overheat when there is a fire going.

It is also important to consider the sort of material you are mounting it to while installing it. It is, for example, easier to mount it to a regular wall rather than a brick wall.

If you’re installing it yourself, you’ll need a stud finder to figure out where to put it on the wall. It is possible to put a television on a brick wall, but you may require a more specialist wall mount.

Choose between a stationary mount and a swing arm mount.

Do you want the ability to move the PS5 about the room so that you can see it from different angles? If you have a “great room” that flows into the kitchen with no separation, this could be a possibility.

This allows the person working in the kitchen to draw the swing arm out and orient it towards where they are cooking dinner. This is less important in a smaller area, such as a bedroom, since you will only be viewing it from one vantage point, such as the bed.

You don’t have to move it at all this way, and a stationary mount is better.

Ensure that the cables are hidden.

This is most likely the most important décor solution that people are concerned about. It is generally advisable to have it professionally installed if you want the cords to be hidden. Many of the big-box electronic stores that sell the mounts and PS5 have installation personnel who will come to your home.

This service is sometimes offered if you purchase a high-priced PS5. If it is a smaller flat screen, you may have to pay more.

The location of your cable PS5 may have an effect on where the PS5 will travel. If you want it in a different location where the cable is not currently running, you may need to contact your cable company to have their technicians come out and install new lines in your home. This is normally included free of charge as part of their service to you.

Choose this one for the ultimate mount.

An articulating mount provides the most flexibility and movement. If necessary, this mount can tilt, swivel, swing, and lay flat against the wall.

It does everything! This style of attachment is, of course, more expensive than a standard swing arm or flat mount. It is, however, worthwhile if you enjoy moving it to various view positions.

Keep in mind that the majority of flat-screen PS5s do not come with a wall mount, so consider the cost of a wall mount when purchasing a PS5. Most of them cost between $100 and $250, depending on the type of mount and the size of your PS5.