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Neurocritical Care Board Review Questions And Answers Pdf

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Cards Against Humanity

Hasbro Gaming Simon Handheld Electronic Memory Game With Lights and Sounds for Kids Ages 8 and Up

 in stock
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • REPEAT THE PATTERNS: It's the exciting electronic game of lights and sounds. Players repeat random sequences of flashing lights by pressing the colored pads in the correct order
  • SUSPENSE BUILDS: It starts off at a nice steady pace, but the light sequences get more and more complicated as the game continues
  • CLASSIC SIMON GAMEPLAY: Watch, remember, and repeat. The electronic handheld Simon game presents an exciting challenge to repeat the patterns and advance to higher levels
  • PLAY SOLO: Play the Simon game with friends or play solo. Try to hit a new high score by completing the longest sequence possible without messing up
  • FUN GIFT FOR KIDS: The Simon game can make a fun birthday or holiday gift for boys and girls, ages 8 and up. It's fast-paced, challenging, and so fun play

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier - Ergonomic, convertible, face-in and face-out front and back carry for newborns and older babies 8-32 lbs

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as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • Design: 4-in-1 convertible carrier with adjustable ergonomic seat with adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt to shift weight to the wearers hips for a more comfortable fit
  • Wearing positions: Convertible facing-in and facing-out design for newborns and older babies, weighing between 8-32 pounds
  • Benefits and use: Experience hands-free convenience with opportunities for bonding and developmental benefits, whether it’s running errands or exploring parks, there’s no place like close
  • Adjustability: Adjustable 2-position seat, padded shoulder straps and supportive waist belt, designed to fit a wide range of body types and lifestyles
  • Infantino, smartly designed products for happy parenting: We design smartly, we have fun and we're overjoyed when an idea evolves full circle into a product loved and used daily by parents everywhere

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook - Dot-Grid Eco-Friendly Notebook with 1 Pilot Frixion Pen & 1 Microfiber Cloth Included - Infinity Black Cover, Letter Size (8.5" x 11") (EVR-L-K-A)

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as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • No more wasting paper - this environmentally-friendly 32 page dotted grid notebook can be used endlessly by wiping clean with a damp cloth
  • Blast your handwritten notes to popular cloud services like Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email and more using the free Rocketbook application for iOS and Android. Easy sharing when working remotely from home, distance learning, home school and a home office
  • Allow 15 seconds for ink from any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter to dry in order for it to bond to our specialized pages
  • Sophisticated AI technology allows you to use Rocketbook’s smart titles, smart search, and email transcription for easier naming and searching of your notes
  • Includes 1 Rocketbook Core (formerly known as Everlast) Letter Size (8.5" x 11") Notebook, 1 Pilot Frixion Pen, and 1 Microfiber Cloth. Note package may reflect "Everlast”

Cards Against Humanity

$25.00  in stock
4 new from $25.00
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • A party game for horrible people.
  • Comes with 500 white cards and 100 black cards for eternal replayability.
  • Includes a booklet of sensible game rules and preposterous alternate rules.
  • This is the main game. Buy this first.
  • America’s #1 gerbil coffin.

Actually Curious: Culture Edition! Icebreaker, Family Game Night, Date Night, Ladies Night, Conversation Starter & Stocking Stuffer

$24.99  in stock
1 used from $21.15
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • CULTURE EDITION: Tired of meaningless small talk? Our third deck of questions helps you have a great conversation with literally anyone. With the Actually Curious Culture Edition your game night will illuminate commonalities and find middle-ground regardless of age, gender, background of political affiliation. Additional details available at actuallycurious dot com.
  • ☮️ A MOVEMENT TO SPREAD EMPATHY: Play a game that uses the science and psychology of emotional connection to help bring people closer together.
  • FEATURED: R29, Hypebae, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, NBC Today as a trendsetting icebreaker game that teaches emotional intelligence.
  • MORNING BREW: “For a more intimate, get-to-know-you game, crack open an Actually Curious card deck. The questions resemble The NYT’s 36 Questions That Lead to Love, but they tap into broader topics like human rights and culture.”
  • HYPEBAE: "The third edition digs deep into your lived experiences through the lens of the culture you love.”

Do You Really Know Your Family? A Fun Family Game Filled with Conversation Starters and Challenges - Great for Kids, Teens and Adults

$24.99  in stock
1 used from $23.74
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • Get ready for the best family game night as you laugh and learn new things about each other with this fun card game.
  • See who really knows the family best as you answer fun questions about each other while sparking interesting conversations.
  • Create hilarious family memories as you compete and perform silly challenges together.
  • Super easy to learn and play - a perfect game for families with kids 8 and up, teens and adults.

CREATE THE LOVE Cards: Dating and Relationship Conversation Starters. This Couples Card Game Improves Date Night, Deepens Intimacy and Strengthens Communication. Conversation Cards for Couples Gifts

$24.95  in stock
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • I’M MARK GROVES - Human Connection Specialist and founder of Create The Love. These cards were created to facilitate healthier conversations, better dates and stronger relationships. This intimacy deck offers a way for partners to ask important conversation starters for couples without any awkwardness. Feeling shy? Not to worry, I’ll support you with “Mark’s Remarks” that offer expert guidance and insights on every card. You didn’t think I’d let you have all the fun without me did you?
  • CONNECT DEEPER, LOVE BETTER - Relationships require clear and open communication to thrive, but it’s not always easy to go deep on the topics that matter most. Create The Love Cards contain the most important dating and relationship questions you and your partner should be asking in a visually stunning card deck. Consider this date night box your couple gift that just keeps on giving. Whether you’re one date or many years in, these cards will help you connect deeper and love better.
  • DISCONNECT FROM TECH - If the thought of being without your phone gives you anxiety, don’t worry, the cards are the same size as a standard smartphone so your hands won’t feel like they’re going through withdrawal! The Create The Love Cards box is also designed to store your phones out of sight (and out of mind) while you play, so you can disconnect from technology and connect more deeply with the human(s) next to you - remember those?! #phonecoffin #blessed
  • GO AT YOUR OWN PACE - You can control the intensity of your couples games. Consider it a choose your own adventure with 4 sections: Foreplay, Building Chemistry, Diving Deeper, and (if you dare) Too Much Information. So decide how deep you go with these date night cards and remember that choosing wisely is overrated. Our advice? Get brave and go for it!
  • HAVE FUN & IMPROVE YOUR DATING GAME – Dating can be daunting, tiring and downright scary at times! And between your Mom, your friends and your weekly horoscope you’ve probably had enough bad dating advice to last you a lifetime. Take the guesswork and stress out of dating. Find true compatibility with one of the best games for couples around. Whip your deck out on a first date, a speed date, or even on blind zoom date (hey it’s strange times) to get the conversation flowing.

Building Blocks : Team Building Card Game for Work - Conversation Starters & Ice Breakers to Get to Know Your Coworkers - Office Activities & Training Tool

$24.95  in stock
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • BUILD TRUST, BUILD A TEAM: 101 questions to help form closer relationships, better communication and remove personal barriers in teamwork. Pick a card. Take turns answering. Get to know each other. Play on ZOOM calls and keep the team close!
  • 6 WAYS TO CONNECT & SPARK DISCUSSION: Our deck of cards is divided in 6 categories to make sure every aspect of life is approached: Personal, Team, Education, Hobby, Future and Scenarios. You can either focus on one category you wish to deepen with the people around you, or mix them all.
  • FUN & EFFECTIVE TOOL FOR TEAM ENGAGEMENT: Whether you’re management, HR, or just want to get a stronger relationship with coworkers, friends & family, our card game will help you take things to the next level. Ideal for managers, program directors, facilitators, project directors, team leaders, teachers, instructors, etc.
  • TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS: With a practical format, you can play anytime, anywhere. Great for meetings, workshops, retreats and get-togethers; there’s never a bad time to strengthen bonds between coworkers, friends, and family.

Danger The Game - Whack A Moley: Party Card Game of Bizarre Dangers and Rescues | Standalone Expansion

$21.99  in stock
2 new from $21.99
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • A standalone expansion for the game designed to prepare you for every dangerous situation imaginable and unimaginable!
  • Use your skills, tools, and imagination to devise a foolproof plan to save the day. Compete to convince the Victim your rescue plan is best.
  • Worried someone will steal your thunder? Play a Plot Twist and trip them up!
  • 162 cards divided into Danger, Skill, Tool, and Plot Twists.
  • Family-friendly, party game for 3+ players.

I Wish I Didn't Know! Family Edition - The Gross & Funny Trivia Game You'll Never Forget - by What Do You Meme? Family

$19.99  in stock
2 new from $19.99
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • Say What?: This is the game of funny trivia your family might wish they could forget!
  • Round Up The Fam: This game is appropriate for ages 12 and up and is perfect for family game night!
  • How To Play: Players rotate drawing a trivia card while the rest of the group competes to guess which answer is correct. Once everyone has guessed, the judge reveals the correct answer and awards one point to those who chose correctly.
  • What's Inside: Includes 500 trivia cards plus instructions.
  • Brought to you by What Do You Meme? Family: We make lots of other games that bring fun for the whole family, and adult party games, too! Check out our store for more good stuff.

Black Owned | Adult Party Drinking Black People Trivia Card Game | African American 80s & 90s Movie / TV Trivia Game | Get Your Hood Card Revoked Not Knowing Your Culture Shows | 1st Edition |

$19.99  in stock
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • Black Owned | The Fun Black Movie And Tv Trivia Drinking Game For Adults. Playing This Game Will Show That You Know The Shows And Movies That Helped Shape African American / Black Film And Tv Or Let Everyone Know That Your Hood Card Or Passport Need To Be Revoked.
  • Instant Party Classic | This Black Adult Party Card Game Features Questions From 4 Of Black Tv And Film Best. In The Pack, You'll Find Fresh Trivia Questions From The Homies Pam, Gina, Tommy, Cole And His Friend Martin, A Prince That Moved To Bel-air, The Dude That Got Fired On A Friday, And A Prince Coming From Africa To Find A Wife In America.
  • How To Play | Shuffle The Cards Well. Starting Clockwise, Take Turns Drawing A Card From The Top Of The Deck. When It’s Your Turn, Read The Card Out Loud, And Either You, Someone Else, Or A Group Of People Will Drink If The Trivia Questions Aren't Answered Correctly. You'll Find Cards That You Can Be Petty With And Give Someone An Extra Drink Or Help Someone Out. It’s Most Fun With 3 To 20 Players.
  • What’s Inside | 100 Cards, Printed On Premium Playing Cards; Shrink-wrapped In A Custom Box.
  • Designed For 21+ | Play With Beer, Shots, Wine, Water, Or Whatever But Always Drink Responsibly!

Loaded Questions - The Family/Friends Version of the Classic Game of 'Who Said What' - from All Things Equal, Inc. , Blue

 in stock
23 new from $12.93
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • UPDATED FEBRUARY 2019 with new design and gameplay features
  • If you never owned this classic game of 'who wrote what' or need to update your older copy, this NEW edition is the one to get.
  • Features 880 new and classic Loaded Questions, all new design, and added game play features for a lifetime of memorable game nights.
  • Questions include: What is something you only need one of? / What word would people never use to describe you? / What is your most useless talent?
  • This core Loaded Questions game is perfect for families and adults. Other Loaded Questions games include Party, Adult, Junior and On the Go.

H&P Notebook - Medical History and Physical Notebook, 100 Medical templates with Perforations

 in stock
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • 100 complete H&P templates - Designed for medical students, by medical students. Each notebook comes with 1 reference sheet for medicine. Optimized to have all the fields that you need and nothing else.
  • 2 Page View - Each template includes 2 pages that are oriented side by side for a convenient 2 page view. (See product images for an example)
  • Quality Materials - Durable plastic cover, perforated pages and premium non-spiral wire bound
  • Compact - Notebook measures 8.5” x 5.5” and will conveniently fit in the pockets of any white coat or scrubs
  • SAVE when you Buy in Bulk - Need more than one? Save money when you buy the 2 or 3 pack.

If You Don't Want A Sarcastic Answer Don't Ask T-Shirt

$16.99  in stock
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • Funny, sarcastic, sarcasm t-shirt, funny gift shirt, novelty and more
  • If You Don't Want A Sarcastic Answer Don't Ask A Stupid Question T-Shirt
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

You Laugh You Drink - The Drinking Game for People Who Can't Keep a Straight Face [A Party Game]

 in stock
4 new from $14.99
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • 150 cards with hilarious prompts that will make you laugh then make you tipsy
  • On your turn, do what the card says and don’t hold back
  • For everyone else, can you keep a straight face if someone yells at your crotch or does a PSA on why sex is bad? Keep a straight face or bottoms up
  • By the creators of the best-selling party game Drunk Stoned or Stupid
  • For 3+ players ages 21+

University Games Mystery, Mind & Logic - 20 Questions, 1407

$8.99  in stock
22 new from $4.90
Free shipping
as of May 10, 2022 6:02 am


  • Guess the mystery person, place, or thing within 20 questions
  • Players call out a number, and the reader gives them a corresponding clue
  • Who will be the first to guess the answer correctly?
  • Perfect for portable fun!
  • For 2 or more players, ages 8 and up

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