8 Best Macerating Toilets

Macerating toilets. Whether you are trying to upgrade or renovate your bathroom or your ground floor or to install a new toilet, you need to consider installing a new macerating toilet. Macerating toilets or upflush toilets are slightly different from the standard toilet.

Macerating toilets have macerating pump toilet to crush or breaks down solid waste. The mixture of small materials with the flushing water will form a sludge. These sludge will be pumped to the main drain line or sewage mains.

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What is a macerator toilet?

A macerator toilet is easy to operate, install, and maintain. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

A regular toilet has a drain line below its waste level. To pull out and down the waste, the toilet utilized gravity.

A macerator toilet keeps the flow of waste to a large container located behind the wall. High-powered blades transform the waste into liquid form before it is pumped out of the unit.

The liquid waste will go through a directly tied pipe to the main drain line.

Benefits of macerating toilets

1. Easy to move

You can move macerating toilets from one location to another room or living space without damaging or renovating the space. A standard toilet requires planning and renovating and may ruin the areas.

You may choose where you want to install the toilet, including RV, attic, loft, upper room, ground room, garage, basement or a limited space bedroom. If you do not have many choices for installing a new toilet, you can have a better option for households to have renovations.

You can install them in a short period and can choose anywhere you like to move.

2. Environmentally friendly

Macerating toilets are environmentally friendly. That is what we all want.

Each time the toilet flush, it only uses minimal water. It is reducing the amount of water consumed by the household.

The macerating pump toilet helps decompose the sludge that dries fast and quickly broken-down to manure. Due to its minimal accessories, it would be easier and cheaper to dispose of it during renovations.

3. Minimal space

These macerating toilets need little space. A homeowner does not require to move house to make space for the toilet.

If you live in an apartment, you can identify the best space to set it up. It only requires two pipes and minimal installation components, so you will save money on installation costs.

4. Quick installation

This toilet system has an easy installation process which you can finish in a few hours. You do not even need planning ahead of time.

All you have to do is to start the installation without any pre-determined space. If you plan to make more space in the future, the macerator toilet is the right choice.

If you have only one bathroom with three rooms, you can decide to install two additional toilets in your house.

Why use macerating toilets?

If your living space does not have a drain line for your plumbing, you can install a macerating toilet without needing a plumbing system installation.

You can install macerating toilets in homestead off the grid or outdoor, outdoor cabins, basement, workshops. The macerator toilet pump power depends on the range of pipe needed to reach the drain line.

The macerating toilet has to be about five to fifteen feet of vertical lift and about 100 to 150 feet of horizontal run. To work well, check if the toilet pump can power within the range.

Main components of macerating toilets

1. Macerator pump toilet

A macerator pump toilet is a tool to soften toilet waste. The macerating toilet pump works by grinding or crushing waste into smaller particles or even liquid form.

After the transformation, the waste pumps up and out of the macerating pump. These macerator pump toilet systems can be installed in walls, basements, and closets.

When a user activates the flush, the water is flowing into the macerating pump that triggers a switch in the pressure chamber to start the motor. The motor runs, and a standard spindle drives the impeller and the blades.

The mix of waste and water flow into the chamber. The blades crush or reduce the size of waste inside the chamber into smaller particles.

During the grinding or crushing of waste, the macerator blades rotate at about 3,600 RPM. The centrifugal force causes the waste to be pumped into the container through a grill.

The impeller pump picks up the liquid waste. At this stage, the impeller pump operates at 10 PSI.

The power of the pump will push the waste upward to 15 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally. After discharging the water and the water level is low, the switch starts to deactivate the macerating pump until a new flush activation is triggered again.

This grinding and pumping operation will take about fifteen to twenty seconds making the power consumption is minimal.

2. The toilet tank

The toilet tank is the upper part of the toilet unit that contains the flushing mechanism in a water reservoir. The macerating pump will activate when the chain pulls or push, to start the grinding.

3. Toilet bowl

You sit on the toilet bowl to urinate when you are a woman. This part is the round part of the toilet that holds water and urine or waste.

4. Shut-off valve

When you want to stop or open the water supply to your toilet tank, a shut-off valve can do the job. The shape of the valve is like a football, connected to a hose or pipe mounted to the toilet’s bottom, located behind your toilet.

The other side of the shut-off valve should go into the wall. This shut-off valve comes in handy when you need to fix your toilet tank or replace worn parts by shutting off the water supply.

5. The supply tube

The supply tube connects the shut-off valve. This tube allows and carries water from the refill tube’s water supply.

Factors to consider when purchasing macerating toilets

1. Single flush or dual flash

Single flush toilets use all of the water inside the toilet tank. Most maceration toilets are single flush models.

It takes a lower amount of water to push out liquid waste. A dual flush toilet allows you to choose the proper flush.

The amount of water for liquid waste is around 0.8 GPF for liquid waste and 1.6 GPF for solid waste. This choice makes the dual flush toilets are better for the environment, which helps conserve water resources.

2. The materials

There are macerating toilets made of plastic, porcelain, Chinaware, and ceramic. The best appearance for the macerating toilet is the ones that are similar to a standard toilet.

Since standard toilets are made of porcelain and Chinaware, they are the ones you should go for. These materials are more robust than the plastic ones, keep stains and cracks at bay.

There are no other materials that can beat the popularity of porcelain toilets. It is reliable, durable, inexpensive to make.

Different macerating toilet brands use different types of finishing. Some brands use fusion material or material that adds smoothness and a nice glaze.

When liquid or solid waste goes through the inside of the toilet bowl, the best achievement is to avoid streaks and the need for extra flushes. An excellent finish keeps-off oils and harmful chemicals so that the inside of the macerating toilet stays cleaner longer.

3. Secondary toilet

It would be best if you treated the macerating toilets or upflush toilet as your secondary toilet in your outdoor premises or house. These toilets should be the additional fixtures to complement the main toilet or bathroom.

An upflush toilet is suitable for one or two people maximum that use the toilet or just occasional use. When there are more than three people inside the premises or house, the upflush toilet is not suitable.

4. The area

If you want to install the macerating toilet in your basement, you may need an extended pipe and have to push the waste upwards. You will have to buy new pipes and additional work. To push the waste properly to a higher location, the macerating pump’s power should meet the requirement.

Since the basement is located underground, the odor may surface when you use the macerating toilet. It would be best if you remember to keep the air fresh and have good ventilation.

Best macerating toilet reviews

1. Hocanflo 600-Watt Upflush Macerating Toilet

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This Hocanflo upflush macerating toilet comes with a dual flush system. The full flush uses 1 GPF (Gallon Per Flush), while the eco flush uses 0.75 GPF.

Once you press the switch on the left side of the toilet bowl, the toilet does not need a toilet tank as the macerating pump toilet and the flushing action is automatic. The macerating pump toilet can pump vertically up to twenty feet and up to 160 feet horizontally.

The outlet diameter is between 32-mm or 40-mm. Macerating toilet size is similar to standard toilets. You can install this upflush toilet in the basement, ground floor, garage, loft, attic, upper floor, under the stairway, or an additional half bathroom in a bedroom.

  • Size: 540-mm x 380-mm x 460-mm
  • Vertical pump to up to 20-feet
  • Horizontal pump to up to 160-feet
  • Outlet Diameter: 32mm or 40mm
  • Eco flush 0.75 GPF
  • Full flush 1 GPF
  • Weight: 58.8 pounds

2. Liberty Macerating Toilet ASCENTII-ESW

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The Liberty macerating toilet Ascent II is a single flush toilet system (upflush toilet) that features a 1.28 GPF. You can remodel your bathroom with this upflush toilet that can pump up to 25-feet vertically and 150-feet horizontally through a 1-inch discharge pipe.

It is equipped with advanced RazorCutTM technology to enhance the maceration of waste. There is a removable service panel that supports fast access to the cutter area.

You can enjoy other features such as LED lights with a touchpad for manual override and alarm silence, ISTTM solid-state switching, and a built-in alarm. The Liberty macerating toilet has enhanced flush performance. The toilet tank is insulated to prevent sweating.

  • 2-3/4-inches trap
  • Quick flip discharge
  • Vent connectors
  • The cord management system
  • 25-feet vertical pump
  • 150-feet horizontal pump
  • HET (High-Efficiency Toilet) 1.28 GPF (4.85 LPF)
  • 180-day money-back guarantee
  • Weight: 34.25 pounds
  • Material: ceramic

3. Five Oceans TMC Marine Electric Toilet Small Bowl Macerator Toilet

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If you just bought an RV recently, you can choose this Five Oceans Macerator Toilet. The material of the toilet is Vitreous China Bowl, so it is easy to clean.

The macerating pump toilet is 12 Volts DC, 18 amps and with a 12-volt electric impeller. Enough power to macerate waste and pump the waste to the tank.

You can easily install the toilet because it comes with the accessories required.

  • Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Amperage: 18 Amps
  • Fuse Size: 30 Amps
  • 1-inch inlet
  • 1-inch outlet
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Material: Vitreous China Bowl
  • 12 Volt electric impeller
  • Compact design for extra space
  • Size: 14-inches x 17-9/16-inches x 13-15/16-inches

4. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Macerating Toilets

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You can install this Saniflo 023 SaniCompact macerating toilet up to 9-feet below the sewer line. Or you can also install the toilet up to 120-feet away from a soil stack.

This macerator toilet is a self-contained system that can operate like a standard toilet and sink for residential applications. The Saniflo toilet product material is a vitreous China toilet bowl.

The macerator pump is built-in into a compact unit. You can save precious water resource using this toilet because it uses a minimum amount of water (1 GPF).

The macerating pump cycle turns on automatically by pushing a push-button on top of the bowl. It can pump vertically up to 9-feet and 100-feet horizontally.

When the motor starts, it sucks the waste, and other materials into the tank, macerate them and pump them away. After about ten to fifteen seconds, the motor will stop, and the timer programs the refill of the bowl with new freshwater. The eco flush mode uses 1.28 GPF and the full flush mode 1 GPF.

  • Vertical pumping to 9-feet
  • Horizontal pumping to 100-feet
  • Dual flush 1.28 GPF and 1.0 GPF
  • Allows the connection of a sink
  • Material: porcelain
  • 180-days money back guarantee
  • Weight: 67 pounds
  • Elongated toilet

5. Intelflo 600 Watt One Piece Macerating Toilet

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You can install this Intelflo-WC56 in a lot of location, including the garage, basement, upper floor, ground floor, attic, and loft. This macerating toilet has a dual flush system.

The full flush use 1 GPF and the eco flush use 0.75 GPF. It will work automatically after you push the push-button switch located on the left of the toilet bowl.

You can easily install the toilet unit under the stairway or in a bedroom for additional fixture or garage conversion. The power grind pump is inside of the toilet, making it take less space.

The vertical pump is up to 20-feet, and the horizontal pump is up to 160-feet.

  • Size: 540 mm x 380 mm x 460 mm
  • Weight: 58.8 pounds
  • Dual flush system
  • 1 GPF full flush
  • 0.75 GPF eco flush
  • 20-feet vertical pump
  • 160-feet horizontal pump
  • Vitreous china polypropylene, stainless steel and neoprene construction
  • Elongated toilet

6. Thetford Macerating Toilets Bathroom Anywhere Single Flush Elongated Toilet

The Thetford Macerating Toilet Bathroom Anywhere material is porcelain. There is a macerating pump toilet located behind the toilet bowl.

It is a single flush system toilet that uses only 1.28 GPF. One package includes a toilet bowl with a lid and a toilet tank.

The Bathroom Anywhere is CSA Certified and NSF Listed.

  • Material: porcelain
  • Power assisted flushing technology
  • Single flush system uses only 1.28 GPF
  • Elongated toilet
  • 3-year limited warranty

7. Hocanflo FLO700 Upflush Macerating Toilets

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The Hocalflo FLO700 is a fully automatic macerating pump toilet that features four inlets ports for connecting up to four sanitary devices. You can finish a complete bathroom with this upflush toilet due to its capability connecting to your laundry machine, hand sink and shower.

Its stainless steel impeller blades are built-in and non-clog. This means that the work is short and can dispose of waste quickly.

There will not be wastewater backflow due to its non-return valve design. To achieve fine waste cutting, it uses stainless steel blades to ensure the crushing of solid waste and easy disposal.

  • Fully automatic operation system
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 4 inlets
  • Stainless steel motor casing
  • 3,000 RPM 700 watt motor
  • Vertical pump up to 29.5-feet
  • Horizontal pump up to 328-feet
  • Silent operation: 25-db – 35-db

8. Sanimove 500W Macerator Pump Toilet

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This elongated toilet by Sanimove macerating toilet can offer a comfortable toilet seat due to its comprehensive seat feature. It disposes of the waste through two 2-inch inlets.

It comes with a non-return valve located on the discharge elbow to deter backflow to the unit. You can install and maintain the macerator toilet with ease due to its design.

This is a macerator toilet that maintains good hygiene because of how powerful the flush. For optimal performance, the high-speed macerating pump toilet functions at 3,600 RPM.

  • Pressure chamber to start and stop the motor 
  • Stainless steel macerator blades and the pump
  • Automatic flush that activates a microswitch in the pressure chamber 
  • The motor is tight-sealed in oil filled enclosure
  • The macerator blades rotate at 3,600 RPM 
  • 10 PSI pump
  • Vertical pump to up to 12-feet
  • Horizontal pump to up to 150-feet

Model  MaterialFull flushWarrantyPrice
Hocanflo 600-Watt Upflush Macerating ToiletPorcelain1 GPF1 yearCheck Price
Liberty Macerating Toilet ASCENTII-ESWCeramic1.28 GPF1 yearCheck Price
Five Oceans TMC Marine Electric Toilet Small Bowl Macerator ToiletVitreous China Bowl1 GPF1 yearCheck Price
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Macerating ToiletsPorcelain1 GPF1 yearCheck Price
Intelflo 600 Watt One Piece Macerating ToiletVitreous china polypropylene1 GPF1 yearCheck Price
Thetford Macerating Toilets Bathroom Anywhere Single Flush Elongated ToiletPorcelain1.28 GPF3 yearCheck Price
Hocanflo FLO700 Upflush Macerating ToiletsPorcelain1.28 GPF1 yearCheck Price
Sanimove 500W Macerator Pump ToiletPorcelain1 GPF1 yearCheck Price

FAQ macerating toilets

How to clean your upflush toilet

Cleaning your upflush toilet routinely and properly ensures the macerator toilet remains in good condition, optimum performance and working order without compromising health.

1. Switch to off

You need to turn off the power before cleaning the upflush toilet’s macerator pump. The macerator’s power is generally shut off by turning off a switch on the box located directly behind the toilet.

2. Use non-acidic cleaner

Start pouring three to four cups of non-acidic toilet bowl cleaner to go down the toilet. Have this process sits for at least three to four hours.

As time goes by, the non-acidic toilet bowl cleaner breaks up any deposits, dirt and grime found inside the macerator.

3. Switch to on

After about four hours, turn on the switch of the macerator. The unwanted dirt or deposits and the toilet bowl cleaner then drain through the plumbing system. The cleaner cleans the inside of the plumbing, too.

Macerating toilets problems

1. It does not switch off

If the macerator pump keeps flushing, again and again, this could mean there is a blockage in the system. It could be anywhere, and you can not determine where.

You could find the blockage in the macerator or the macerator pump. You need to take them apart and clean the blockage to solve the problem.

2. Vibration

Vibrations in the macerating pump are caused by an unwanted object caught in the macerator blade. Please switch off the power, take it apart, find the object, and remove them. You need to wear your goggles, face mask and gloves.

3. Activation

If the macerator pump activates on its day and night, it is probably the microswitch problem. The switch might think that there the tank is full and needs flushing.

This is the cause of a blockage, and all you have to do is to clear the tank.

First, dispose of the waste around the microswitch and restart the pump. Other cause might be the damage to the rubber membrane. In this case, you need to replace the rubber membrane and the microswitch.

4. Trips the electric

When the water pump is damaged, and it will trip the electrics. The motor could be full of water, and there is a fault.

The fault causes a thermal cut. There is nothing you can do about this but to call a technician certified in macerating toilet repairs.

5. Producing bad odor

When you smell a bad odour of sewage coming from the upflush toilet system, the cause would be the usage. After years of services, the unit needs a thorough clean.

There are waste deposits, and this causes odour. Please follow the instructions manual on how to clean and descaling.

6. It is not pumping out

There’s a high possibility of frozen pipes during the winter months. The waste may overflow.

You need to switch off the system. Clean up the waste.

Place hot towels along the waste pipe. This practice could loosen the frozen blockage. The other solution is to install winter-proofing pipes.

Toilet types

1. Portable toilet

These are portable toilets that can be easily moved from one location to another. They are ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

You can easily transport your small portable toilet and contribute to keeping the environment clean and safe.

2. Upflush toilet

Upflush toilets eliminate the need to drill holes in your bathroom floor or install complicated plumbing systems. They are virtually mobile and can be placed anywhere on your property.

Saniflo toilets, for example, are typically used as macerators. But they can also be used in the kitchen.

It is recommended that you seek professional advice on placement and installation from a Saniflo plumber.

The discharge system is the primary distinction between upflush toilets and standard fixtures. A macerator toilet unit and a small pipe make up the mechanism.

The macerator breaks down solid materials such as human waste and toilet paper. The resulting mixture of material and flush water flows into the sewage via an upward pipe.

Many structural problems are solved by the discharge pipe, which is as small as 3/4′′ across. A pump moves the fine slurry through the sewage system, septic tank, or holding tank.

Professional Saniflo upflush toilet installation engineers can provide you with additional information on whether these units are appropriate for your home, how they operate, and which model is best for converting your unused space into a functional one.

3. Dry toilet

This toilet flushes without using any water. Composting toilets are, by definition, waterless toilets.

They are ideal for places with inadequate infrastructure, environmental concerns, or water scarcity. Although waterless toilets are not widely utilized in houses.

They are routinely used in workplaces, outdoor event locations, and camping settings.

4. Composting toilets

Composting is a biological process that treats human waste, which is how this sort of toilet acquired its name. After each use, the majority of these toilets utilize bulking materials such as sawdust, wood chip, coconut coir, or peat moss.

When human feces is composted properly, the resulting material is safe to handle, has no disagreeable odor, and all liquids are evaporated. Compost is effective on plants, lowering the demand for commercial fertilizers and improving the quality of local water.

Composting toilets, when used and maintained properly, may be an elegant addition to any modern bathroom.

5. Gravity-flush toilet

Gravity-flush toilets are widely utilized in home settings worldwide. The toilet tank stores water that is flushed into the bowl when the flush button is pressed.

After that, the water forces all of the garbage via the trap way. Gravity-flush toilets are quiet, contain fewer parts, and require little maintenance over time.

It’s unsurprising that they’re such a hit on the market. With one of these, you practically never have to deal with a clogged toilet.

6. Pressure assisted toilets

A pressure-assist toilet’s primary advantage is its forceful flush. The mechanism forces water into the toilet tank using pressured air.

This virtually eliminates double flushes. Pressure assisted toilets are ideal for households with a large number of members and regular toilet use.

However, there is one disadvantage to consider — they are quite noisy.

7. Double cyclone flush toilet

Toilets with dual cyclone flushing are the newest option on the market. They utilize less water per flush while providing the same level of flushing force.

Although single-flush toilets use less water than dual-flush toilets. They are nevertheless considered environmentally beneficial.

Purchasing one will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on your monthly water expenditures.

8. Dual-flush toilets

They offer two flush button possibilities, as the name implies – a half flush and a complete flush. We utilize the half flush for liquid trash and the full flush for solid waste.

One of the most significant advantages of a dual-flush toilet is its water efficiency. While they are more expensive, they are better for the environment and your wallet.

Numerous countries have adapted this style of toilet to address water scarcity.

RV macerator toilet

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