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GrillBlazer Su-VGun Basic Grill & Culinary Torch - Charcoal Starter - Professional Cooking, Grilling and BBQ Tool - Handheld Blowtorch For Chefs, Men and Women Who Want the Best Tool for the Job

$179.99  in stock
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as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • SEARS YOUR STEAK TO PERFECTION: Our high power propane torch gun is designed to finish your meat faster than any other searing torch available and delivers a mouthwatering flame-broiled flavor every time
  • FIRES UP YOUR GRILL IN SECONDS: Not only is our sleek Su-VGun fun to use, but it’s an ultra powerful handheld blowtorch that is designed to light your charcoal grill quickly - no more waiting around for that juicy burger!
  • GREAT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL CHEF: A favorite of culinary enthusiasts everywhere, our easy-to-use Su-VGun sears meat cooked sous vide, finishes off your creme brulee, or can start your smaller charcoal grill in seconds
  • WORKS WITH PROPANE, BUTANE, AND MAPP: The Su-VGun uses either 1 pound propane bottles or can connect to a 20 pound propane tank with a hose (sold separately)
  • Turn up the heat, visit our brand store, and get your own Su-VGun today!

Sun Joe 24V-BBQ-LTE 24-Volt iON+ Cordless Electric Fire Starter Kit | w/ 2.0-Ah Battery and Charger | 1292-Degrees in 60-Seconds | for Charcoal BBQ Grills

$128.74  in stock
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • Questions, Text 563563 to chat directly with a Sun Joe expert
  • iON+ 24-Volt System: Includes 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery + charger
  • EXCLUSIVE: EcoSharp technology for no-fade power + performance
  • QUICKLY: efficiently ignites charcoal, paper, or wood with super-heated air for a cleaner burn without any toxic starter fluids
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: at 2.8 lbs

BIG GREEN EGG EGGniter Electric Fire Starter - Starts Your Lump Charcoal in 2 Minutes!! NEW Product - The Looflighter on Steroids! 1 Year Manufactures Warranty

$99.86  in stock
3 new from $99.86
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • Quick, easy, convenient
  • Custom design with heavy-duty aluminum heat shield
  • 120V/1500W with three power settings (Off/Fan/Hot)
  • Superior Performance with six foot power cord
  • Switch automatically resets to OFF

Propane Torch Weed Burner,Blow Torch,Charcoal Lighter,Campfire Starter,Flamethrower With Push Button Igniter and 9.8 FT Hose,hose with gas tank converter,for Roof,Asphalt,meltin snow,Road Marking

$59.99  in stock
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Free shipping
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • Torch is safe and convenient; the Propane Torch head is made of refractory steel,Can be easily heated to over 2000° F. ,and the flamethrower can withstand high-temperature flames,Piezo electric ignition to ensure safety.
  • There are two connection methods; You simply screw the Grill Torch head into a standard 14oz,You can use.Small Propane canister which is very convenient to carry at any time. You can also use 9.8 feet of hose the to connect to the 20 lb or larger propane tank, so you don't have to worry about running out of fuel so quickly.
  • Multiple applicability; the hose interface is made of solid brass to provide a safe connection. The fuel tank connection has excellent safety connection and durability. The durable rubber hose is 9.8 feet long. The hose is ok for Propane Torch,lantern, buddy heater, camp stove, portable grill, tabletop grill, and more.
  • Standard Acme nut (QCC1/Type1) connector: 1"-20 male disposable cylindrical thread (CGA600 propane tank, 1lb connection). Easily connect Propane Torch and small appliances to the propane tank, Type-1 connection.
  • Burners are widely used: This Propane Torch is very suitable for industrial, agricultural, terrace, lawn and garden operations. Used for weeding, tree stumps, melting snow, burning meat or fish, making fire, welding, burning wood grain, softening asphalt, and removing paint from non-flammable surfaces.

Propane Torch Weed Burner,Blow Torch,Heavy Duty,High Output 700,000 BTU,Flamethrower with Turbo Trigger Push Button Igniter and 9.8 FT Hose for Roof Asphalt,Ice Snow,Road Marking,Charcoal

$54.99  in stock
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • ★【Ultrahigh Strength Refractory Steel】Compared to other burner, AUSAIL weed torch head adopt refractory steel materials for durability.The dual adjustment system of flow valve and turbo-blast trigger allows you to control the flame with one hand for easy operation.
  • ★【Powerful Propane Weed Burner Torch】Piezo electric ignition to ensure safety, heats-up to over 3400° F with ease, 700,000 BTU of maximum heat output.Equipped with an ergonomic luxury handle to increase comfort during use.
  • ★【cCSAus Certified】This weed torch comes with a valve seal ring manufactured in Germany and a 9.8 FT hose (UL LISTED.) WORKING PSI: 350 lbs. Fitted with a 7/8"-14 TPI, left hand male propane bottle connection with a steel tip diameter of 2 3/8”. Undergoes strict quality control before delivery to guarantee safety during use.
  • ★【Multipurpose】Burn weeds and stumps, melt snow/ice, sear meat or fish, light fires, solder, do wood grain burning, soften asphalt, remove paint from non-flammable surfaces and more with this propane torch,it's ideal for home, garden, farm, industrial and construction use.
  • ★【2-Year Quality Warranty】We provide the 24-month warranty for the weed torch, replace a new set directly once it has any quality problems.If you encounter any product after-sales problems, you can contact AUSAIL support team at any time,Professional team is always on line.

HomeRight Electro-Torch C900085 Fire Starter, Charcoal Starter and Lighter, BBQ Smoker, Grill Starter, Chemical Free Heated Air with Built-in Blower

$49.00  in stock
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3 used from $39.61
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as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • HOT AIR FIRE STARTER: The Electro-Torch fire starter allows you to easily light your charcoal barbecue, wood burning fireplace, campfire or fire pit without using matches or starter fluids
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR GRILLERS AND CAMPERS: Looking for the perfect gifts for him or her? The Electro-Torch fire starter is a hot present that any BBQ enthusiast will appreciate for holidays or birthdays!
  • DUAL IGNITION SWITCH: Ignites your charcoal grill or wood fire pit in less than a minute! Apply more heat to have a roaring fire in as little as 2-3 minutes. The first position generates super-heated air to ignite the fire. The second position produces high-velocity air flow to fan the flames
  • CHEMICAL-FREE ALTERNATIVE: Uses nothing but 1500 degree temperature hot air to ignite your wood or charcoal. You'll never have to worry about tasting chemicals on your food or running out of starter fluid again
  • U.S. BASED CUSTOMER SERVICE AND 2 YEAR WARRANTY: If you have any questions about your charcoal starter, please call our U.S based customer service team for quick and efficient assistance. We’re proud of our products, which is why the Electro-Torch is backed by a 2 year warranty

MIGI WOLF Electric Charcoal Fire Starter, Igniter Grill Starter Super Quick BBQ Lighting Indoor or Outdoor Update for 60 Second Charcoal Lighter Blower Fireplace Campfire (Silver)

$47.99  in stock
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as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • 【 Fastest Firestarter】 It update design which is fastest charcoal starter in the world, producing a 1,100°F airstream that easily ignites briquettes and hardwood charcoal, wood and kindling for BBQs, grills, smokers, wood burning burning egg fireplaces lighter, and fire pits
  • 【Advanced Safety Protection】Red start trigger has a built-in safety feature, must stay depressed to hold temperature, good barbecue charcoal grill blower fire starter tool
  • 【Easy To Use 】Pull the button, the product starts working. Release the button and the button automatically bounces back.
  • 【COOL GIFT FOR BBQ PROS】 Ideal lighter for ceramic grills, charcoal barbecues, and smokers that’s sure to promote envy among grilling enthusiasts;
  • 【GET 100% SATISFACTION 】Get 100% Satisfaction or get a refund/replace! 90 days no questions asked return policy and a TWO-YEAR WARRANTY – your purchase is totally RISK-FREE!

GGC Electric Fire Starter Made of Mica Core Material, High Temperature Resistant to Start Charcoal for BBQ Smoker Grill, Fire Pits and Fireplace

$45.99  in stock
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • Material: GGC electric charcoal starter made of mica core material (mica core material is different from meramic core material)
  • Flexible to use: the length of wire is 6-feet, can be moved in a wide range
  • Easy to use: it only takes a few seconds to quickly ignite charcoal, wood, briquettes, etc., for use in fireplaces, fire pits, campfires, barbecues, grills, etc., saving ignition time
  • Use Skill: pull the trigger, put the coal or kindling together and put the air outlet close to the edge of combustion, if sparks appear or coals start to glow, pull the electric fire starter back slightly a few inches, giving it space will help the heat to spread out, continue to point (60 seconds) to allow airstream to complete heating process
  • A lighter that can be used all year round: for camping and barbecue in summer; for fire pits and fireplaces in winter, every family deserves one

GasSaf Electric Charcoal Fire Starter Quick Lighting Charcoal, Wood for Big Green Egg, Fireplace, Fire Pits, Campfires and Others, with Built-in Blower(Mica Core)

$45.99  in stock
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • With built-in blower mica core, high temperature resistant material. Uses nothing but high temperature hot air to ignite your wood or charcoal. Physical combustion keeps your food free from chemical contamination
  • Quickly ignite charcoal, wood, briquettes and others for fireplace, fire pits, campfires, BBQs, grills, smokers and Others, just need a few seconds, save time on ignition
  • Heat dissipation faster, make the fire starter more durable. Includes a hook for hanging that doubles as a bottle opener
  • Depress the trigger, put the comburent together and put the air oulet close to the eage of comburent will help it burn faster than at its surface
  • The length of the wire is 2 meters, which is long enough for daily use

GGC Electric Charcoal Fire Starter Lighter for Big Green Egg Smokers BBQs Grills Wood Burning Fireplaces and Fire Pits(Meramic Core Material)

 in stock
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as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • Ideal lighter for ceramic grills, charcoal barbecues. Igniting fires and BBQs takes just a few seconds. Dramatically cuts the time it takes until you can start cooking. Includes a hook for hanging that doubles as a bottle opener.
  • The hot airstream process eliminates the chemical taste that infuses food on BBQs lit using lighter fluid and gas. Because it uses only air, So it can help you cook more delicious, clean and delicious food.
  • The does not throw flames, Only need overheated air to start the grill. The safety casing quickly cools after use, Trigger must be depressed to produce heat, protecting against accidents.
  • That easily ignites briquettes and hardwood charcoal, wood and kindling for BBQs, grills, smokers, wood burning fireplaces, and fire pits.
  • This charcoal starter lasts thousands of lights.

Billy Buckskin Co. 10 lb. Fatwood Fire Starter Sticks | Easy & Safe Fire Starter | Start a Fire with just 2 Sticks | Rich Lighter Pine Works in Any Weather Conditions | 10 lb. Box

$34.80  in stock
2 new from $34.80
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as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • RICH IN RESIN - Fatwood is made from some of the most resin rich pine trees in the world. This resin is what allows fatwood to burn so incredibly well! When burning, fatwood produces a black smoke, but do not be alarmed as the burning resin makes the smoke black
  • ECO FRIENDLY & ALL NATURAL - All Billy Buckskin Co. fatwood is eco-friendly. Made from dead tree stumps in the jungles of Mexico, fatwood is 100% natural and is not altered by any manmade chemicals!
  • HOW TO USE - Simply place 2-3 sticks of fatwood in the center of your kindling, light one of the sticks and watch the fire start right before your eyes! Sometimes you will need to hold a match on one spot of fatwood for a couple of seconds to get the resin to flow and then light. Each piece is different so some may take longer than others.
  • BURNS EVEN WHEN WET - Because of the incredibly high resin content in fatwood, it can burn even when it is wet! This is perfect for use in any conditions. It works just as well starting a campfire surrounded by snow or starting a BBQ in the heat of summer
  • 10 POUND BOX - When you purchase this product, you will receive a 10 lb box of fatwood. When lighting a fire, you only require 2-3 sticks at a time. Each stick is roughly 8 inches long and 0.3 - 1.25 inches thick

Electric Charcoal Starter, Electric Charcoal Lighter with 24 Fire Starter Squares, Built-in Blower Quick Ignite for BBQ Grills, Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Campfires, Heat Air Chemical Free

$29.87  in stock
2 new from $29.87
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as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • Quick Firestarter: Built in Blower, this electric fire starter would easily and faster light your barbecue charcoal wood or pellet in burning fireplace or fire pit in 1-3 minutes.
  • Easy to Use and Safe: Press the switch Level I or Level II, the product starts working. Release the switch will slide back into the starting position and switch itself off. The automatic button design can prevent accidents when people use the starter to walk away.
  • No More Chemicals: This electric starter using nothing but 1200 ℉ hot air to light the fires, alternative chemical free allow you cook a delicious food without chemical taste. Included 24 Fire starter squares which is made of sawdust and wax, non toxic, eco-friendly and weather-resistant. It can help you ignite charcoal easier and faster. Save your time to enjoy the time with your family and friends.
  • Cool Gift for BBQ: The Electro-Torch fire starter ideal for ceramic grills, charcoal barbecues, pizza oven, campfires, fireplaces, smokers or fire pit. It is a hot present for any BBQ enthusiast in birthday or holiday.
  • Satisfactory Service: Package included 1 electric fire starter with a 6.5 Feet connection cable and 24 charcoal starter cubes. We are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied. If you have any question about your charcoal starter, please contact us directly.

Electric 4-In-1 Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set by Lumiere Skyn, Genuine Rose Quartz Jade Guasha, Vibrating Micro Current Beauty Sculpting Tool Kit For Face Contouring, Neck, Eye Treatment & Massager

$28.95  in stock
2 new from $28.95
Free shipping
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • ✳️ GUA SHA BENEFITS: Gua Sha is a natural alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation, based on Eastern Philosophy. This ancient Chinese acupuncture healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health by flushing out toxins and releases muscular tension. Tone, lift, and sculpt your face, jawline and neck. Additional skin benefits include clearer and brighter looking skin, while promoting a lifting and contouring effect.
  • ❤️ WHY YOU’LL LOVE OUR UPGRADED 4-In-1 FACIAL ROLLER SET Latest Electric Face Roller with 6,000 to 7,000 vibrations/min, powered by one AA battery (NOT INCLUDED), features 3 interchangeable pieces and 1 premium gua sha. The high-frequency vibrations enhance your massage/acupuncture scraping tool to help alleviate tension, reduce body aches, and promote a relaxed, rejuvenated appearance.
  • ✨ 3-In-1 Multi-Function: No need for micro-needling anymore with this exfoliating extension. It’s effortless to change attachments and super easy to use. For a different experience, swap out the detachable head attachments with your choice of a smooth circular gemstone to soothe your puffy eyes, wrinkles, or dark circles. For an intense session, switch to the Ridged roller headpiece to flush lymphatic waste and puffiness.
  • GENUINE PREMIUM ROSE QUARTZ: Made from genuine Brazil rose quartz stone, carved and polished into an elegant heart-shape design. Rich in various minerals beneficial to your body combined with a raw energy that infuses your skin with incredible youth and vigor. Each gemstone is unique and may have a slight difference in color, pattern and texture.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Lumiere Skyn is dedicated to your ultimate satisfaction. We proudly stand behind our products 100% with confidence so that is why we are offering a 90-day money back guarantee and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact seller for more information.

WishDirect 600W Electric Charcoal Starter Fire Lighter for BBQ Grill Smoker Fireplace, Firepit, Stove - Quickly Ignite Coals Briquettes Without Lighter Fluid or Matches - 29 Inch Cord

$20.99  in stock
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC FIRE IGNITER - Design with 120V/600W heating element, heats up fast, gets hot coals and briquette piles within minutes. You can start cooking almost right away. Easy, quick, and effective
  • NONTOXIC & ODORLESS - Electric charcoal lighter starts the fire up without smoke, smell, toxic additives or chemicals. Keep you and family safe and free from fluid light taste
  • SAFE & REUSABLE - Longer insulated handle with 29 inch cord fits any grill depth to keep your hand safely away from heat. Metal plate grips side of grill for hands-free use. Use the electric starter again and again to save your family and the planet.
  • EASY TO USE – This fire starter will not affected by outdoor wind or temperature, keeping the same start-up all the time, which makes your cooking schedule so much easier. Just plug it in, the charcoals will be ready in minutes.
  • WIDE USAGE – Compatible with Weber, Royal Gourmet, Char-Griller and more BBQ grills and smokers. Also fits for indoor & outdoor Fireplace, Campfire, Wood Stove, Fire pit, Pizza Oven. READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE

Melt Candle Company Fire Starter - Pack of 160 Charcoal Fire Starters for Campfires, Chimney, Grill Pit, Fireplace, BBQ & Smoker - Water Resistant and Odorless

$17.95  in stock
2 new from $12.00
Free shipping
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • Quick & Easy: These fire starters will have your flame going safely, easily, and quickly. Our durable chimney starter cubes are the top choice for indoor and outdoor fires!
  • High Quality: Our Earth-kind fire cube starters are max of a wood blend and wax - without all the dangerous flare-ups and unwanted flavors to your food.
  • Water Resistant: Don't let rain put a damper on your good time. Our charcoal chimney starter squares are water resistant and designed to work even in damp conditions.
  • Durable: Small but mighty! These squares can burn for up to 10 minutes and are a year-round essential that belong on everyone's fire pit accessories list! No kindling required, making cleanup way easier!
  • Holiday Gifts: If you're looking for a thoughtful holiday gift for the outdoorsy person in your life, look no further! Our fire starters make for a great hiking and camping gift for men and women. This is the perfect fall camping essential for your next bonfire, smore's, or even to use on your pizza stones!

SUPRUS Lighter Electric Lighter Candle Lighter USB Lighter with Upgraded LED Battery Display Safety Switch Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Windproof Pocket Size for Candle Cooking BBQs Fireworks

$13.99  in stock
1 used from $13.29
Free shipping
as of May 12, 2022 9:01 pm


  • 【TREBLE SAFETY DESIGN】 - Our lighter had passed CE, RoHS, UL test. Adopt the updated version of bonnet, which gives you treble protection, you have to push the safety lock switch first, then press the ignition switch to work. For the safety of consumer, the igniting spark will auto stop beyond 7 seconds per igniting. Restart the switch, the igniting spark will be re-ignited.
  • 【PORTABLE & CONVENIENT 】Wind & Splash Proof Design prevents the electric pulse produced from being blown out by strong wind, The lightweight design makes the lighter easy to carry and ideal for camping, BBQ ,hiking ,indoor and outdoor activitiess.
  • 【BATTERY NOTIFICATION】This is the upgraded SUPRUS arc lighter which can display real time battery volume. When 4 LED lights on the barrel turn on, it is full charged.
  • 【BUTANE FREE】No more harmful butane. SUPRUS uses plasma tech to eliminate the need for this harmful chemical.During the ignition, there will be noise of “ zee,zee”, which is high-voltage power generation, please use with relax.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】SUPRUS rechargeable lighter, USB charging cable, a gift box, a user manual and 24h friendly services.

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