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Newest High Flow Siphon Pump, Gasoline Oil Water Fuel Diesel Transfer Siphon Pump, Siphon Hand Fuel Pump Portable Manual Car Liquids Gas Transfer PumpSiphon Hose, Siphoning Kit, 2M Durable Syphon Hose

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  • DURABLE RUBBER MANUAL HAND SIPHON PUMP - This syphon pumps is super easy to use, you just put the fuel transfer hoses in where you want them and pump the hand pump and it draws out all the fluid. This gasoline siphon pump made it effortless to empty out my gas tanks. So worth the purchase and it'll pay for itself in the gas savings alone in one season!
  • QUICK FUEL TRANSFER - The siphon pumps the oil from one container to another easily, and is meant to go down into a fuel tank without an anti-siphon filter. The gas syphon is great for stealing a bit of gas for your lawn mower when you need it, you just push the tube down, start pumping the bulb and fuel starts to flow, the same as with the old way of sucking on the tube but this is much safer.
  • HEAVY DUTY HOSE - The gasoline siphon hose tube is able to get into small spaces. Siphon tube is nice and thick so no easy break/crushing. Siphon hand pump is made of a thick silicone outer frame. Make sure you put the long hose into the liquid you want to pump out and the short tube on the end of the rubber ball where you want to send the liquid. The tank height must be at least 30 inches or higher than the receptacle.
  • NO MORE MESS WHEN TRANSFERING LIQUIDS ! - This siphon gas pump transfer allows you to keep things nice and clean with no spilling. The gasoline siphon is easy to use and assembly is simply putting the bulb on the hose. The Siphon Pump works great to extract a little liquid from something, be it gas, coolant, water. Do not mix liquids.
  • PORTABLE WIDELY USE HAND FUEL PUMP - Wanted to transfer gas from you car to powerwasher, but you cannot transfer from your car tank to anything. Or "use in an emergency" if you run out of gas and a car pulls up to help you. Any problem you have, just feel free to contact us, we will replace your item or refund the full money, you have no risk.

12V Gasoline Transfer Pump/Siphon GasTapper® UTV's, Boats, Equipment, Vehicles, Gas, Diesel - USA Built - Excellent Tool for Preppers

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • Dry lift and siphon gas from most vehicles, boats & equipment - A must have prepper tool -See all products by clicking on blue lettered "GasTapper" at top of page
  • Includes weather resistant, air-tight, fume proof case with pressure release valve so that you can store it safely
  • 12V case-mounted automotive grade (7-10 PSI) high-lift pump with LED power indicator and plug for cord disconnect
  • (2) 8’ coils of 3/8” FuelFlex 65, 6' 1/4 line, fuel filter, 12V auto power plug, in-line switch 15' 12V cord
  • 2014 SEMA new products award winner! Built in the USA with US and imported parts - IMPORTANT NOTE: can not be used with 110V AC to DC convertors like automotive battery chargers. This unit has a circuit board inside and requires a computer grade 110V to 12V convertor. Motor will make noise but will not pump.

Assault Racing Products 4014000 140GPH Electric Fuel Pump Universal Fit 3/8" NPT Ports

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • 140 gallons per hour
  • 14 PSI
  • For use with carburetors only
  • Fuel regulator required in most applications

Carter In-Line Automotive Replacement Universal Electric Fuel Pump (P4594)

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • SIMPLE AND QUICK INSTALLATION: All necessary hardware is provided so you can have a hassle free automotive replacement installation. Instructions also included for a step by step wiring guide.
  • TOUGH TURBINE TECHNOLOGY: Inspired military strength and performance, this fuel pump provides improved and QUIET fuel flow for adequate pressure and lowers current strain to meet specific engine requirement.
  • FRESHER FUEL: Made with a multi-layer filtration technology, this electric pump provides 40% more dirt holding capacity, keeping your pump and engine safe from impurities and providing increased pump longevity.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED:For a proper installation, Carter electrical in tank fuel pump comes with the following components: fuel pump, strainer, wire harnesses, tank seal, and grommets.
  • VEHICLE FIT: Subaru Brat 1987-1984, DL 1987-1984, GL 1987-1984, Standard 1987-1984

EVIL ENERGY External Fuel Pump 300LPH High Flow 12V 145psi Universal Fit for AN10 Inlet / AN6 Outlet

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • The electric fuel pump kit comes with universal hardware to fit multiple vehicles models. Item included: 1pc 300LPH high flow external fuel pump, 1pc internal fuel filter (already fitted), 2pcs rubber connection covers, 2pcs insulated terminals, 2pcs nuts, 2pcs spring washers, 1pc flat washer, 1pc 6AN male outlet adapter, 1pc 10AN male inlet adapter and 1pc instruction.
  • Compatible Fuel: gasoline, pump gas, race gas, diesel, E85 and alcohol/ethanol. The supply voltage will affect the fuel delivery of the EVIL ENERGY external inline fuel pump. Pump Flow and Test Information: Flow Rate: 200 LPH(53 GPH) under 75PSI(5.0 Bar) & 12V. Flow rate:255 LPH(68 GPH) under 43 PSI(3.0 bar) &12V. Flow rate:300 LPH(80 GPH) under 43 PSI(3.0 bar) &13.5V. Operating Voltage:12V. Operating Pressure:75PSI(5.0Bar). Operating temperature range: -68 °F-194 °F
  • Easy to install. Since it does not require dropping the fuel tank, fuel pump placement and fuel line routing is critical. Recommended to install below the tank ensures that fuel is gravity-fed from the fuel tank. If the pump is higher than your fuel tank, prohibits fuel flow to the pump and forces fuel to be drawn up to it. This causes the pump to work harder run hotter and can cause air to enter the fuel line will result in damage to the fuel system.
  • The EVIL ENERGY 300LPH High Flow Fuel Pump designed to be used externally or as an in tank installation. A pre-filter rated at 100 microns MUST be used. Failure to use a suitable pre-filter will result in premature failure of the pump.
  • Notice: EVIL ENERGY fuel pump only fit 12-volt DC batteries car. This fuel pump is intended for electronic fuel injection systems only. It is not suitable for carbureted engines. Before starting the engine, ensure there are no leaks at any point in the fuel system. Before wiring the pump to the electrical system make sure the polarity is correct.

Goplus Electric Fuel Pump 12V 10GPM Diesel Bio Kerosene Oil Transfer Extractor

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  • 【Powerful Motor】Equipped with the strong motor and adopting continuous working principle, the electric fuel pump will do a good help when you pump. The flow rate can up to 40(L/Min) / 10GPM. And No-load speed is 4500r/min. It is for fast and convenient fuel pumping.
  • 【Safety Assurance】 This oil pump is made of premium materials which can be used for a long time. Speed range is 3500 RPM for use. It has also been tested and passed through a strict performance test for temperature resistance and anti-shock with a high quality protection rating of IP55.
  • 【Portable and Lightweight Pump】The weight of this pump is only 8 lbs, and inlet/ outlet port fitting suits 3/4". Due to its compact size and the handle grip, this fuel pump is very portable to carry. You can freely use it wherever you want to use.
  • 【Suitable for Different Use】The max suction is 16.5ft. For the long lift distance 33ft, this professional diesel pump can be widely used in automobile manufacturing, power, chemical, engineering machinery, vehicle maintenance workshop, oil change center and other industries.
  • 【Something You Should Pay Attention to】The package includes 1 x diesel pump. Note: The oil pump is suitable for diesel, biodiesel, and kerosene only. Not suitable for low flammability fuel (such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, alcohol, etc.)

BLACKHORSE-RACING 12V New Portable DC Electric Fuel Transfer Pump Diesel Kerosene Oil Commercial Fuel Transfer Extractor Pump Motor Auto

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • 【Powerful Motor】It can transfer up to 45L/min with a 175W 3600rpm motor, allowing you to extract oil or diesel from your vehicle quickly.
  • 【Safety Assurance】A self-priming, rotating vane pump with an on/off switch and an inner bypass valve ensures reliable operation every time.
  • 【Convenient】The pump can pump can lift oil up to 32 feet so that you don’t need to lift the barrels and tanks making for very convenient on-site transfer of diesel from barrels and drums to diesel powered vehicles and equipment.
  • 【Suitable for Different Use】12V battery connecters let you run the pump with cars, motorcycles, vans, quads and other 12V vehicles.
  • 【Something You Should Pay Attention to】The package includes 1 x diesel pump. Note: The oil pump is suitable for diesel, biodiesel, and kerosene only. Not suitable for low flammability fuel (such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, alcohol, etc.)

CarBole Universal 12 Volt Electric Fuel Pump 5-9 PSI, 35GPH, Super 12S for Gasoline Engines

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • New Super 12S Fuel Pump. Fuel Pressure: 5-9 PSI; Flow Rates: 35GPH;
  • 3/8 inch inlet outlet; 5/16" I.D. Hose; Must be Mounted Within 12 Inch Fuel Tank
  • 12V Electric Fuel Pump Universal Fits for Most 4,6 & 8 Cylinder Carburetor Applications
  • Eliminates vapor lock and flooding, works well as a fuel transfer pump or booster pump .
  • Not for Fuel Injected Engines. Perfect for use with gasoline/petrol applications, but not for Diesel, E85, Ethanol, Methanol, etc. Excellent customer service & fast shipping.

CarBole 12v Universal Electric Fuel Pump 5-9 PSI 30GPH Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump for Carburetor Engine E8012S E8016S EP12S FD0002 (Gold)

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • Operating Working:Fuel transfer pump running on 12v,pressure 5 to 9 PSI,Flow rate 30 GPH,Inlet and outlet size 5/16"(0.315 inch).
  • Need Your Attention:Fuel pump only fits for Gasoline and Diesel,Not Fit for:E85 standard or for Ethanol,Methanol and Race FuelWater and watery liquid.DO NOT USE PUMP WITHOUT A FILTER.
  • Easy to Fit and Connect:2 bolt fitting,2 wires design.Stronger suction to ensure the fuel feeding of the car more stable.
  • Enhance Performance:Electric fuel pump high quality copper-clad aluminum material and supplies fuel to car by plunger and has stronger suction to ensure fuel feeding of the car.Precisely mated commutator and brush materials provide durable,consistent performance and extended life in various fuel formulations.
  • Perfect Compatibility:Universal for all 12 Volt Cars,Trucks,Boats&Generators.Replace Part Number:E8012S,FD0002,P60430,6414671.

Megaflint Inline Fuel Pump 12V Universal Electric Fuel Pump Low Pressure 5-9 PSI For Gas Diesel E8012S HEP-02A

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  • Output Pressure : 5 - 9 PSI; Input Voltage: 12V; Output : 30 GPH. Fuse specification: 12 Amps; Crossreference : E8012S, EP12S, FD0002, P60430, 6414671
  • 100% mechanically tested prior, ensures optimal performance and enhanced durability. Highest 12 inches fuel suction
  • 100% Brand new and high quality, TS16949 quality system certified. Built-in German-made copper coil
  • Universal For All 12 Volt Cars , Trucks , Boats & Generators
  • 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE & TWO-YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY -- We are confident with the quality and we offer a TWO-YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY. If you have any problems with the product, please feel free to contact us

Carbole Universal Electric Fuel Pump Self- primming Fuel Transfer Pump 12V, 5/16 inch, 5-9 Psi E8012S, EP12S

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • Application: Universal . Works great for for Gasoline Diesel Vehicles. Carbole Micro fuel pump is manufactured in ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 / ISO 9002 certified facilitie
  • Flow Rate: 30 GPH. Output Pressure: 5-9 PSI,Input Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Cross-reference : E8012S, FD0002, P60430, EP12S, 6414671
  • Quiet Operation, Steady Fuel Flows and 24000 mile warranty
  • Designed for use with automotive and industrial application, cars, trucks, boats. IMPORTANT[Only fit for gasoline and diesel(without alcohol ) engine, and please be sure to use with filter, or it will affect the usage of fuel pump!!!]

Inline Fuel Pump 12v Electric Transfer Universal Low Pressure Gas Diesel Fuel Pump 2.5-4psi HEP-02A

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • Inline Fuel Pump Output Pressure: 2.5-4PSI; Input Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Inline Fuel Pump Inlet & Outlet: 8mm, Internal Valving to Prevent Back Flow
  • Strong Suction to Ensure the Fuel Feeding of the Car More Stable
  • Compatible Electronic Devices All 12 Volt Cars, Trucks , Boats, Carburetor, Lawnmower and Generators
  • Official Warranty: 2-Year of Guarantee

Enjoydeal DC 12V Submersible Water Pump Aluminum Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump 38mm Diameter Water Oil Diesel Fuel Transfer Refueling

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • 100% Brand New and High Quality, Robust and compact design. 2mm thick aluminum alloy shell, durable. Stainless steel filters and thread interface, clean and easier to remove/replace.
  • Our submersible pump is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion and enduring. It can transfer water, oil or other liquids quickly and safely.
  • Voltage: DC 12V; Current: 1.5A ; Flow rate:12 L/Min. It is the major and practical spare parts to your car while driving on the road.
  • The pump adopts DC 12V motor, put 12v plug in a car battery or a cigarette lighter rather. The red click is to connect positive pole, the black click is to connect negative pole.
  • We provide 60 days money back and 3 months exchange if there is any quality problem of enjoydeal products. We will be delighted to solve your problem.

JDMSPEED Universal 12V Heavy Duty Electric Fuel Pump Metal Solid Petrol 12 Volts

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • JDMSPEED Universal for gasoline or diesel engine
  • Voltage : 12V Current : andlt;1.8A
  • Output Pressure : 3-6 PSI
  • Installation hole distance : 2.638 inch (6.7cm); Tubing Interface: 0.315inch (0.8cm)
  • Flows : andgt; 70 L/H Pressure : 0.032-0 .045 MPA

Electric Fuel Pump Inline Fuel Transfer Pump 12v Universal Low Pressure Gas Diesel Fuel Pump for Carburetor 2.5-4psi HEP-02A

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • [ Inline Fuel Pump Specification ] Output Pressure: 2.5-4 PSI; Flow Rate 30 GPH; Installation hole distance: 2.638 inch (6.7cm).
  • [ Fuel Pump Details ] Voltage: 12V; Current: 1.2A; Flows: 70L/H; Pressure: 0.032-0.045 MPA. Plunger oil supply method, stronger suction, more stable oil supply.
  • [ 12 Volt Fuel Pump Compatibility ] Electric fuel pump fits all 12 volt cars (such as Toyota, Ford, Honda, Mazda, and any other suitable car),trucks , boats & generators,lawnmower.
  • [ Lawnmower Fuel Pump Performance ] The check valve can be upgraded to provide optimal flow and reduce pump noise.Commutator that is precisely mated and brush materials provide durable, consistent performance and extended life in various fuel formulations.
  • [ NOTE ] ①Please Pay attention to the positive pole and negative pole before installation.②This is a gasoline pump, a diesel pump, and cannot be used for non-oil substances such as pumping water. Otherwise, the internal components are easily broken and the product will not be used for a long time.

Electric Fuel Pump 12V Universal Low Pressure 12 Volt Transfer Inline Fuel Pump for Lawn Mower Carburetor Gas Diesel Engine 2.5-4psi HEP-02A

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as of July 2, 2022 7:08 am


  • 【Specification】Inline Fuel Pump, Output Pressure : 2.5-4 psi, Voltage : 12 Volt, Flow Rate : 30 GPH, Hose Size : 8 mm ( 5/16 inch ).
  • 【Compatibilty with】Electric Fuel Pump 12v Universal, fits for Trucks, Carburetor, ATV, Marine, Motor, UTV, All 12 Volt Cars, Boats, Generators, Lawn Mower
  • 【Performance】Low Pressure Fuel Pump, build-in check valve design to prevent back flow, light-weight and small size, plunger-type fuel supply, suction stronger, more stable oil supply, 12 Volt Fuel Pump, two-wire design, can be used as booster, standby unit or as a completely independent fuel pump installation and mounted anywhere.
  • 【Easy to install】Light weight, quite operation, easy to fit and connect: 2 bolt fixing, 2 wires design.
  • 【Note】If you have any questions about our fuel pump, please contact us for a satisfactory solutions.

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