10 Best High Leg Recliner

High leg recliner. Do you want to sit in a chair that is designed to tip comfortably back? By sitting this way, you can be relaxed with your feet out on an attached footrest.

This chair is called a recliner. A recliner is a comfortable chair that you could also call a lounger.

Many people today have recliners in their living room, dens, or TV rooms for comfortable viewing. A recliner means to help you lie back in a relaxed position or to bend or lean back.

Recliners were already around since the 1800s. The first patented recliner was the La-Z-Boy recliner in 1928.

What is a high leg recliner?

While a high leg recliner has an appearance like common chairs but can function as recliners. The legs are decorative, standard, and their reclining mechanisms are not exactly like those in ordinary recliners.

High leg recliners commonly placed in drawing rooms and formal living rooms. The common recliners designed for dens, family rooms, and TV rooms.

Fabric and wood construction of the high leg recliner

High leg recliners are available in many varieties of either leather upholstery, leather, Synthetic Fabrics, or certain Natural fabrics. These fabrics can be in many patterns or colors that you want.

Traditional high leg recliners have wooden legs that may be manufactured from metal with wood finish, Plywood, or solid wood. Many consumers also buy matching ottomans for the recliners.

The classic leather recliner is commonly favored by men. While women commonly like fabric recliners.

Numerous models are designed as a high-backed armchair with side pieces projecting from the back (to protect the sitter from drafts) or called wingback chairs.

The highest-quality models use hardwood or cherry for their legs.

Upholstery materials of high leg recliner

1. Leather

The premium leather upholstery of a high leg recliner is upscale and comfortable. A separate ottoman can also perfect for a high leg leather recliner to give the comfort of having your feet up.

It does not matter if you are after a contemporary leather high leg recliner style or the traditional one. The style is a timelessness to the leather high leg leather recliner chair. It never goes out of style!

Because they are made with the same framework and material as sofas, quality high leg recliners will last as long as sofas. You can have from five to fifteen years if they see daily use or as high as twenty years with genuine leather.

2. Faux leather

Faux leather or polyurethane leather or PU leather is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer. It is commonly more affordable than genuine leather.

The material is very durable, can last a long time, not prone to crack or peel, does not fade easily under ultraviolet, and can withstand scratches and scrapes. You can wide clean faux leather materials using warm water and a rag. Some faux leathers can remove food stains, liquid, and ink with a dry cloth.

Faux leather can reflect a visual look with realistic leather quality and provide a uniform look. For a variety of patterns and textures, faux leather material can also be printed.

It can be dyed a rainbow of colors that makes it easy when decorating residential interiors with a high leg recliner. In production, faux leather is easier to sew and cut than genuine leather.

3. Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fabric for furniture derived from petroleum. It is the most popular textiles for consumer and industrial applications.

The material is a polymer primarily composed of compounds in the ester functional group. Some are plant-based polyester fibers made from ethylene and some are biodegradable.

Most polyesters are blended with natural fiber or cotton. The durability, shrinkage, and wrinkling profile of polyester when blended with cotton. Polyester fabric is an excellent choice for a high leg recliner because of its high resistance to environmental conditions for long-term use.

The polyester material is one of the most widely-produced fabrics in the market today. It would be hard to find apparel without polyester fiber.

Why you should purchase a high leg recliner?

There are many benefits of having a high leg recliner:

  • You can have an easier to get in and out of the high leg recliner
  • There is enough space underneath the high leg recliner for cleaning and vacuuming the bottom of the high leg recliner
  • If you are tall, the high leg recliner can provide a comfortable recline sitting and upright position
  • If you prefer a more classic or traditional style, high leg recliner is what you are looking for
  • It is ideal for smaller areas and spaces

Health benefits of high leg recliner

1. Enhance blood circulation

Enhancing blood circulation is the major benefit of a high-leg recliner. Since the chair lifts your legs above your hips that makes it in line with the heart. This position will help with problems with blood circulation. Your heart capillaries wear out sometimes and it would be hard to pump blood. What happens next is swollen feet, ankles, and legs due to a lack of blood in the extremities.

When you relax on a high leg recliner, it can help make blood circulation easier for your body and help repair heart problems such as heart disease, chest pain, angina. Raising your ankles in line with your heart will take the tension off your heart and pump blood around your body easily.

If there is a fluid build-up in your ankles and legs you can raise them on a cushion or a footstool. However, the cushion can not support your joints and legs. This high leg recliner will reduce swelling in the legs and support your joints.

2. Help to breathe

When you sit, the lung movement may be limited or restricted making you struggle to breathe. A High-leg recliner can help you with lung diseases. You can position yourself that supports your abdomen and opens up your chest to allow you to breath freely.

3. Repair your posture

Sitting in a lazy, drooping way while you sit can cause posture problems over time. You could struggle standing up, walking, and sitting if you have a poor posture. The high-leg recline chair will support you in the proper place, including your head, neck, lumbar region, hips, and ankles.

The chair can support you by putting you at a 90-degree angle. The angle is a natural way to sit and place your feet up that supports the body. This position will help pains and aches caused by poor posture. Enable you to sit down, get up, and walk easily.

4. Help you relax your muscle

Particular muscles must support the body when you sit down. When you sit at a 90-degree angle, a high-leg recliner will support all your muscles properly and can relax your muscles.

When you have backaches, the strained muscles can be relaxed.

5. Good for your joints

A high-leg recliner can give joints support to ease the pain from arthritis, back problems, a hip or knee replacement, Osteoporosis, or Sciatica. The recliner chair will help you relieve strain on your pressure points, such as the knees, hips, spine, and neck. This position will allow your joints to rest and with less pressure.

Lifting your legs can reduce pain in your joints and can help recovery after a hip or knee operation.

Factors to consider when purchasing

1. The frame material

One of the major factors to ensure the durability of the chair is the frame. The frame is what supports you and the other elements of the piece. Many manufacturers use chip wood, or solid wood, and plywood or a mixture of them as frames. Most of the manufacturers’ products use steel or metal frames. The inside of the frame is important to the life of the high-leg recliner.

2. The features

You need to consider that the cushions and the seat should have evenly distributed stuffing to make sure comfort. The chair can adjust to the body and personalize for your seating needs.

3. The size

Space is something that people never consider. Before you buy, you need to measure the recliner when it is extended and the height, width, depth of the chair.

Make sure that your recliner is going to fit into the floor space in the living space when fully reclined.

4. The durability

A standard recliner will last more than eight years with regular use. Make sure to maintain the chair with extra care and look for quality and construction when picking a chair like this for your home.

Comparison chart

Model  Upholstery MaterialPriceRating
1. Macedonia Mid Century Modern Tufted Back Fabric High Leg Reclinertextile$$$$4.5
2. Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric High Leg Recliner Chairpolyester$$$$4.5
3. ANJ High Leg Recliner Elizabeth Accent Chair for Living Room Easy to Push Mechanismcombined fabric$$$$4.4
4. GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Charcoal Fabric Recliner Arm Chairtextile$$$$4.1
5. Christopher Knight Home Wescott Traditional Fabric Polyester High Leg Reclinerpolyester$$$$4.1
6. Elizabeth Tufted Bonded High Leg Leather Recliner, Vintage Reclining Reading Armchairfaux leather$$$$4.1
7. Artechworks Tufted Fabric Push Back Arm Chair Recliner Single Reclining Fabrictextile$$$$4.1
8. Christopher Knight Home Jameson 9-Panel High Leg Leather Reclinerfaux leather$$$$3.9
9. Christopher Knight Home Izidro Traditional Fabric High Leg Reclinertextile$$$$3.9
10. Artechworks Soft Fabric Manual Pushback Recliner Chair for Living Roompolyester$$$$3.7

6 recliner reviews

1. Artechworks Tufted Fabric High Leg Recliner Push Back Arm Chair

High leg recliner

This wingback-style high leg recliner chair combines elegant style with relaxation. The high leg recliner is designed from manufactured and solid wood.

The frame is wrapped in several layers of polyester blend upholstery accented by wings with character, rolled arms, and rivet tufting. You can just push to lean back for relaxing while reading or napping or watching TV in the afternoon.

Its feet are made of wood that prop up the bottom and separate it from the floor. The retractable footrest is very easy to adjust according to your preference and requirement.

Pro :

  • An elegant and modern tailored look
  • Easy to adjust the footrest
  • Solid wood feet
  • No handle or no lever pushback mechanism
  • Wider curved comfortable armrests

Con :

  • None

2. Christopher Knight Home 301080 Westeros High Leg Recliner Chair

High leg recliner

You can now relax without yoga, bubble baths, or inspirational quotes. With this comfortable high leg recliner, you can plop down and kick back every day.

This high leg recliner or wingback chair is an ideal chair for any room in your home, especially in the TV room or family room, or dens.

The high leg recliner features decoration with a stud border on the sides. The appearance is elegant, stylish, and very comfortable to sit.

The extra padded cushion makes it possible to be comfortable and relax. You can see the smooth lines that complement any décor as well as a soft color pallet.

The frame is covered in durable fabrics for long-lasting usage. Easy to operate when you want to change your latitude immediately.

Pro :

  • An elegant and stylish look
  • Soft color pallet
  • Smooth line
  • Leg material: Birch with Dark brown finish
  • Extra padded cushion

Con :

  • None

3. ANJ Accent High Leg Recliner Chair

High leg recliner

This high leg recliner from ANJ HOME is a comfortable and high-quality chair enjoyment. The frame is made from durable steel construction that can guarantee 25,000 times use since arrival.

You will feel the comfort because it is wrapped with durable and soft fabric upholstery with a thick cushion for extra comfort. The leg design is elegant and sturdy.

The overall framework is Invisible LVL(Veneer Lumber). It is more sturdy and eco-friendly compared to other recliners made of natural wood.

The high leg recliner is suitable to be placed in your TV room, sitting room, office, living room, or bedroom. The blue or khaki color will fit the most home decor or furniture sets.

Pro :

  • 3 years warranty for reclining mechanism and frame
  • Durable steel construction
  • Thick cushion for extra comfort

Con :

  • Have to assemble

4. Christopher Knight Home 302094 Ingrid High Leg Recliner Chair

The high leg recliner has a stylish tufted coffee accent that can add style to your decor and function to your living spaces. The frame is wrapped with 100% polyester.

While the appearance of the leg is elegant and made from birch with a dark brown finish. The reclining function of this recliner chair makes it the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Pro :

  • An elegant and stylish look
  • Soft color pallet
  • Smooth line
  • Leg material: Birch with Dark brown finish
  • Extra padded cushion

Con :

  • None

5. Elizabeth Tufted Brown Bonded Leather High Leg Recliner Arm Chair

The Elizabeth Tufted high leg recliner will boost the appearance of your dens, TV room, family room, or living room with an elegant and luxurious design. Not only that, but the cushion will also provide the expected comfort.

From the armrest to the back will give enough entertainment and relaxation. The maximum weight would be 250 pounds but lightweight for a recliner.

Pro :

  • A luxurious and elegant look
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds
  • Lightweight

Con :

  • No other color available

6. Artechworks Velvet Manual Pushback Recliner Chair

You can sit back, relax, and unwind in the plush comfort of this recliner product. It has a contemporary appearance, elegant look, and modern accent.

With a comfortable feel, the recliner offers a wonderful choice for any dens, TV room, living room, bedroom, or any other room. You will feel the comfort with its foam filling and Polyester fiber with sinuous springs.

All you have to do is to push back to recline without touching any levers or buttons. It can hold for up to 300 lbs. You can extend the footrest by pushing back easily.

Pro :

  • Easy push back system
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • A modern accent with an elegant look

Con :

  • None

How to maintain your high leg recliner?

Your high leg recliner will need routine maintenance checks. You can perform some of these checks yourself. By following the maintenance checks, you can help make sure your recliner gives you years of trouble-free use.

Check the fabric on a regular basis for any gaps, tears, and pulls. A routine light brushing and vacuuming to remove dust and grime is recommended.

If spot cleaning is needed, you should use the foam from a mild detergent or non-solvent upholstery shampoo. Begin applying the foam using a soft brush in a circular motion.

When it is dry, start to vacuum the fabric. Remember to pretest a small area of the fabric with the mild detergent before using this method. If you are sure, call a professional furniture cleaning service.

Frequently ask question

How long do leather high leg recliners last?

A high-leg recliner can last about ten years with regular use on average. But if you use the recliner infrequently, it may last longer. If you have kids and pets, the exposed recliner may not live quite as long.

Are high leg reclining sofas worth it?

High-leg recliner chairs or sofas are good for relaxing and resting your back completely while sitting. These chairs and sofas have different reclining positions so you can rest your back much more comfortably. The recliner is ideal for sitting for entertainment like while watching a football game or a horror movie on your home TV.

How do I choose a good recliner?

Pick a recliner based on how long you want to keep it. Remember that the decor of your living space will change in the lifespan of the recliner. You might want to consider the fit and the size shape of the chair. Find a recliner that offers guarantees maximum comfort.

Why is a recliner bad for your back?

Sitting in a recliner is good for your back. This is true as long as the recliner chair fits your body correctly, elevated above heart level, and provides lumbar support. If your recliner does not support your lower back, it may cause a lower back strain.

The joint construction

Reinforcing the joints of the high-leg recliner chair frame is vital to withstand the wear and tear of the chair. Sturdy and firm joint construction can come in many different forms.

1. Glue

The glue is not enough to support the joints. It has to be combined with other support methods will add valuable strength though.

2. The staples

The same as the glue, the staples provide strength to deliver durability with other method.

3. The dowels

Dowels can indicate that the frame has been constructed to last a lifetime. They can add durability in conjunction with other joint construction methods.

4. Screws

The screws with other combines method can provide ample support. They can be a signal of quality construction.

5. Corner block

Materials constructed with corner blocks are properly supported at their joints.

6. Joinery

Whether its mortise or tenon joints or dovetail joinery, a recliner joint will be built to last with them.