10 Foldable Exercise Bike 2021 (Reviews)

Foldable exercise bike. You must already know that exercise bikes probably are the most popular fitness machines for home use. These exercise bikes are easy on the body!

These foldable exercise bikes can provide an excellent cardio workout while losing fats, burning calories, and producing sweat! If you have a very tight space, you can choose the foldable exercise bike models!

A foldable exercise bike can be stored easily after you finish your cardio workout. In this article, you will find the top and best sellers foldable exercise bike. Let us get started!

What are the benefits of a Foldable Exercise Bike

1. Easy to use

The biggest benefit of a foldable exercise bike is that it is so easy to use. You do not require to go out to the gym to exercise. You can stay at home and do it in comfort at home.

2. Require small space

When you fold your exercise after use, you do not require a big space to store the exercise bike. You do require a big space for a non-folding bike. These foldable exercise bikes can be folded in half and can be stored in little spaces at home after their every use.

You do not have to worry when you only live in a small apartment, small room, small garage, small storage because you can keep these folding bikes out of your way and out of your sight when not in use.

3. Affordable price

You can purchase a foldable exercise bike at an affordable price matching your budget. There are always foldable exercise bike models available for every budget.

4. Various types of exercise

Foldable exercise bikes allow you to do various kinds of exercise regimens depending upon your requirements. You can adjust to various different resistance levels in the bikes. You can match your fitness level using the exercise bike.

5. A suitable choice for beginners

Fortunately for beginners, these foldable exercise bike is the perfect option for losing weight or doing workouts. You do not have to spend a lot of money trying to lose weight or too expensive to exercise in gyms.

Top 3 foldable exercise bike

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

foldable exercise bikes

The Exerpeutic foldable exercise bike has a sturdy design that can hold people weighs over 300 pounds and has the durability required.

If you are going to have a cardio exercise, you can utilize the pulse of this bike. The pulse sensor is located on the handle that will track your pulse rate, distance, calories burned, and heart rate so you can have an efficient exercise!

If your goal is to lose weight, this foldable exercise bike is the perfect option and you can do it the comfortably of your home. For added resistance level, there is an adjustable resistance system to allow you select various levels of magnetic resistance for a higher or lesser intense workout.

You can adjust the height of the wide padded seat for a more comfortable exercise throughout the course. You can fold the exercise bike that takes up small space after use.

2. XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike

Xterra foldable exercise bikes

The Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike comes at an affordable price and a simple design. This Xterra Fitness foldable exercise bike can make you lose fat and sweat.

To adjust to a larger tension, all you have to do is to select the most suitable resistance setting from eight resistance settings available. Even if you are a beginner or experienced biker, you will not have any problem getting the intensity of workout you want from this foldable exercise bike.

You can see useful information you need to help monitor your burned calories, pulse, distance, cycling speed, and time. The pulse montor is in the comfortable multi-grip handlebars to supply pulse information.

You can have a comfortable seat while exercising by adjusting the large seat to suit your height. The minimalistic design can provide enough size to fit any space when folded.

3. FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike

foldable exercise bike

The FitDesk Folding Exercise Bike is one of the best foldable exercise bikes because of how convenient the bike is. You can still work on your assignment on the attachment for placing your computer or tablet while exercising.

You will feel comfortable working on the 20 inches wide with a non-slip rubber surface workstation, no matter how exhaustive your exercise. This Fitdesk foldable exercise bike has a semi-recumbent seat and exercise bands to work on your upper body as you cycle.

You can fold the bike after finish the exercise for storage. While being folded, there is a built-in wheel for easy maneuvering. The foldable exercise bike has a sturdy frame, and a high-quality gearbox makes it durable.

What to consider purchasing a foldable exercise bike?

1. Strength

A foldable exercise bike must have a very good strength enough to carry your weight without any problem. You can find some models have a maximum weight limit of between 200 pounds to up to 300 or 400 pounds.

If you decide to purchase a foldable exercise bike, you do not want a bike that will collapse when you sit on it under the pressure of your biking motion. The sturdiness is a must to hold you without having any issues.

However, a foldable exercise bike for home use is not as sturdy as a commercial exercise bike. Commercial models have to be very strong to withstand more intensive and frequent use by many people compared to a home bike.

Even so, make sure the foldable exercise bike is very strong and it can provide you with frequent and intensive biking. To know which model is sturdy enough is by its size. The heavier and bidder the exercise bike the model is more stable and sturdy.

2. Budget

The most important factor for most people is the price of the exercise bike that they want to buy. It is usually the primary determinant of their decision.

Because most foldable exercise bike models are affordable, you can purchase one model without making the mistake of purchasing one model for its cheapest price.

You can go for the selection that provides all of the features you require at an affordable price. You can achieve your fitness goals without spending too much money.

3. The resistance level

The first exercise (stationary) bike was introduced in 1986 an inventor name Johnny Goldberg. Goldberg came up with a floor-bound exercise or training bike featuring a weighted flywheel that could mimic outdoor cycling conditions, from flat surfaces and hill climbing.

This can be done by altering the resistance level. That became a stationary exercise bike as we know today.

If you set the resistance level is too low, you will not get the results you want. The exercise bike that provides multiple resistance levels is the best option for your fitness level and can help you adjust as your endurance getting better.

The more resistance the cycling is, the more effort you will require to put into cycling, and the more calories you will torch per session.

a. Low resistance level

At low resistance, your bike feels like the pedals turn by themselves. You require a very low effort to turn the pedals.

This resistance level is suitable for starting the exercise or if you are having knee problems. A competitive athlete should start a bike workout by warming up at a low resistance level for eight to ten minutes.

You may also warm-up or cool down at the lowest resistance level before rising to a higher resistance level. Use the low resistance level if it suits your current fitness level.

Be careful if you have strained back or damaged knees, set the riding at a setting of 1 to 5.

b. Medium resistance level

The medium resistance level is where you set the levels to around 10. After the warm-up, you can set the amount of force you will require to move the pedals.

Setting to medium levels will make you feel similar to cycling up a medium-sized hill. You can combine interval training with moderate levels to improve your workouts.

You can do this by alternating bursts of effort with recovery periods at lower levels of resistance. Interval training can help you perform an effective cardio workout in a faster time than riding the exercise bike at a steady pace.

c. High resistance level

The highest resistance levels are near the maximum of 20. The setting is perfect for strength training for your legs and lower body.

You can imagine like riding a steep hills and thi setting is only for people who have received a high level of conditioning. For an exercise bike strength exercise, increase the resistance to the highest level.

Drive the pedals for twent to thirty strokes at a very slow pace. Do up to sets with a five-minute rest period between sets.

4. Comfortable

You can get as comfortable as you wish even if you are working out. The foldable exercise bike should have a comfortable seat and handlebars.

There should be an adjustable seat to fit your height for a comfortable ride. You can maintain your suited posture while having exercise.

The pedals should provide good grips with big size to prevent slips. Look out for extra features like a display screen to track your heart rate, your calories burned, distance, and your progress, a phone or water bottle holder, and a backrest.