Dishwasher Buying Guide 2021

Dishwasher buying guide. One dishwasher might be similar to one another. The difference is the features. Purchasing the right product for you means saving energy and water bills, while still getting excellent cleaning results. 

In this article, you will find out everything you must know about purchasing a dishwasher.

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Types of dishwasher

  • Freestanding dishwashers: they are the most known machines in every home, so they are perfect for your home. This dishwasher type can fit into any kitchen, and the front door is designed to remain visible.
  • Integrated dishwashers:  they are designed to integrate with built-in kitchens. The front panel is not visible because it is hidden behind a kitchen cabinet door. You can not see how long is left of the operation.
  • Semi-integrated dishwashers: semi-integrated dishwashers can offer the best of freestanding and integrated dishwashers. They can be incorporated into your kitchen cabinets, but you can see the control panel. You get all the functionality of a freestanding dishwasher, but with the appearance of an integrated dishwasher.

The cost of dishwashers

If you can purchase an inexpensive dishwasher, it does not mean you get a low-quality product. You can have an affordable dishwasher that gets the cleaning and drying job at the maximum result. After extensive research, we found top-performing dishwashers for less than $400.

The downside of an inexpensive dishwasher is the features. Expensive dishwasher models will have more advanced features and program options, like the auto-open door or the anti-flood sensor. You can control the dishwasher with built-in wi-fi remotely with your smartphone.

The running cost of dishwashers

Dishwashers will have an official EnergyStar certified for energy efficiency. If they are certified, you will trim your bill, costing you about $35 per year. The dishwasher will save about 3,870 gallons of lifetime usage. Energy Star certified dishwasher will protect the climate and reduce air pollution.

How to choose a dishwasher

  • Check the yellow EnergyGuide label. The label shows the user how much energy the dishwasher takes to operate.
  • The right fit for your space. Normal capacity models hold eight place settings and six serving pieces or more. Choosing a compact dishwasher may use more energy than using a standard model.
  • Several wash cycle options. Look for dishwasher models that have multiple cycle options to fit your load. If your mugs and cups are only slightly soiled, set to a light cycle that uses less water.
  • Control panel. Most dishwasher models have a control panel on the front or top of the door. The classic model has controls on the front to allow you to start, pause, and check in on your cycle without trouble. A top-control model hides the control panel. The design is sleek and stylish. The best model for you depends on your personal preferences.
  • The noise level. As we looked closer to many brands and models, Bosch dishwashers are the quietest on the market. Bosch dishwasher models can range from 40 dBA to 52 dBA. It means that you can still have a conversation without being annoyed. Other standard dishwashers may operate at around 54 dBA.
  • The number of racks. The number of racks will determine how much the machine can hold. Most dishwashers have two racks. If you need additional racks, Bosch dishwashers have a third rack and some have utility rack.

Features to consider

  • Anti-flood protection. This feature will prevent flooding.
  • Automatic sensor washes. To measure how dirty the dishes in the dishwasher are, and it will adjust the temperature and length of the wash.
  • Built-in wi-fi or smart features. You can connect the dishwasher with wi-fi-connection with an app on your smartphone to monitor or to control remotely.
  • Child safety lock. It prevents unwanted changes while the dishwasher is in operation.
  • Fold-down prongs. You can load large items easier.
  • Large spray head. It can help cleaning extremely dirty items.
Dishwasher buying guide