Best Clawfoot Bathtubs For Your Bathroom 2021 Reviews

Clawfoot Bathtubs. Millions of these bathtubs were manufactured in the 1890s and 1940s. This clawfoot style of tub was the most popular choice for every homeowners in America. The freestanding bathtubs are having a renaissance when manufacturers offering new styles and designs to complement bathroom decor.

Soaking in a clawfoot tub after a busy day is an elegant and luxurious dream for many homeowners. People need these tubs as they own less than relaxing tub situations. There are a wide range of options and choices to choose from and you may want to know about the newfound knowledge.

What is a clawfoot bathtub?

One clawfoot bathtub stands on the bathroom floor that has four legs and rests on them. It is simply a freestanding tub that is not just a bathtub with feet. The bathtub has classic and luxurious designs that will never go out of style. It can provide a wow factor to any bathroom decor!

Clawfoot bathtubs are very popular because of their classic, luxurious, elegant, attractive, and can complement well with a contemporary or vintage, or modern bathroom style. It is an excellent option to make one a centerpiece or integral part of your bathroom.

Benefits of Clawfoot Bathtub

  • Attractive. Clawfoot bathtubs can provide the bathroom a vintage or traditional or classic appearance. The design and look of claw-foot bathtubs do not change a lot since two centuries ago. Their appearance may not change, but the materials have changed.
  • Luxurious. If you want elegance in the bathroom style, a clawfoot tub is the best choice. They are beautiful with outstanding curve lines.
  • Easy Installation. The great thing about the tub is that you do not need to caulk edges or tear out the walls of the bathroom. What you need to do is to place the claw-foot tub at the location of your reference. The last thing to do is to install the plumbing. That is it! Very easy to transform the appearance of a bathroom.
  • Durable. After many years of service, homeowners who want to remodel their bathroom, tend to keep the original claw-foot bathtubs because they are in perfectly good condition. Claw-foot tubs were cast iron coated with porcelain that is very durable and can last for many years.
  • Comfortable. A clawfoot bathtub would be a great purchase when you want to have a good, long soak in a hot bath. Its contour will allow you to recline comfortably. They are deeper than drop-in tubs and hold heat well. You can relax and enjoy the evening bath for a long time with warm water.

Types of clawfoot bathtub

  • The pedestal. The pedestal type of tub is an honorary member of the clawfoot club without clawed feet. It is a freestanding tub with a solid base.
  • Double Slipper. The double slipper clawfoot bathtub is an excellent combination of the single slipper and double-ended tub. The showerhead and faucet are fixed along one side of the edge in the center. The raised end of the single slipper is the double end. This type of clawfoot tub is deeper at both ends and shallow in the middle.
  • Single Slipper. This tub is shaped like a slipper with a higher, raised edge at one end of the bathtub making a deep basin. The other end stands as high as a standard tub and shorter.
  • Double Ended. This type of clawfoot tub has a rounded lip and a level edge. The showerhead and the faucet are found along an edge in the middle creating double-ends.
  • Flat Rim or Classic or Roll-top. Rounded edge or flat trim clawfoot bathtubs are the most common type featuring the faucet and optional showerhead at the head of the bathtub. The rim is level and straight, with a curled lip all the way around the tub.

Materials of clawfoot bathtub


Acrylic is an excellent all-around choice for bathtubs The material will last and need only low maintenance. The price is less expensive, can be installed anywhere, does not require finishing, many styles available and easy to install.

Cast Iron

Cast iron clawfoot bathtub is long lasting and durable. Homeowner can paint or refinish as their reference. It requires low-maintenance and holds heat when bathing. If you are selling a house, the cast iron clawfoot bathtub will add the value of the house.

 AcrylicCast Iron
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive
Price Range$700 – $2,000$2,500 – $3,000
InstallationEasy installationMore difficult
RefinishingNo needCan be refinish and painted
Styles Many availableMany available
Heat retention ShortLong
Durability Not so durableLong lasting and durable
Weight LighterVery heavy

Factors to consider when purchasing a clawfoot bathtub

Best Clawfoot Bathtubs Reviews

1. Vinnova Jacqueline Soaking Clawfoot Bathtub

Vinnova Jacqueline Soaking Clawfoot Bathtub
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The Jacqueline Soaking Bathtub is a single slipper clawfoot bathtub that can become a focal point for the bathroom. Its chrome finish claw feet will add a touch of luxury to the tub.


There is an only lily-white color available for this tub. The design inspired by vintage, original, and classics of old bathtub styles.


Its sloping shape provides comfort during the luxurious soaks. After a post-workout or busy day at the office, you can relax and get rid of the tension away in the tub with warm water.

  • Single slipper
  • Vintage design
  • Chrome-finish claw feet
  • Residential use
Dimension69-inches x 30-inches x 29.5-inches
Weight 99-pounds
Installation TypeClawfoot Bathtub; Freestanding tub;
Bath Therapy TypeSoaking Tub
Drain PlacementReversible
Warranty1-year warranty
ColorLily White

2. Cambridge Plumbing Cast Iron Swedish Tub Clawfoot Bathtub

Cambridge Plumbing Cast Iron Swedish Tub Clawfoot Bathtub
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The Cambridge Clawfoot Bathtub is a 54-inches x 30-inches slipper tub made of cast iron. Its style is the most fashionable style of clawfoot tubs.


After a workout or jogging in the park, you can immediately soak your body in the soaking tub to be into deeper waters. You will relax when getting leisure and hydrotherapy.


This tub has a 42-gallon capacity to provide a suitable soaking experience. When you are completely submerged with its extra deep soaking design and smooth porcelain interior, will allow you to find yourself feel the fun in a vast array of chin-deep eater and bubbles.

The cast iron slipper tub comes without faucet drilling to be used with a freestanding faucet or a wall-mounted faucet. It will add a luxury style to the bathroom decor. The price is rather affordable with true soaking pleasure.

  • Slipper tub
  • Luxurious design
  • 3 legs finish options
  • Extra deep soaking design
  • Overflow Drain
Dimension53.5-inches x 28-inches x 26.25-inches
Weight 320-pounds
Installation TypeClawfoot Bathtub
Bath Therapy TypeSoaking Tub
MaterialCast Iron
Drain PlacementReversible
Warranty5-year warranty
Leg FinishOil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome

3. Birch Lane Arseni Soaking Clawfoot Bathtub

Birch Lane Arseni Soaking Clawfoot Bathtub
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The Birch Lane Arseni clawfoot bathtub is chic style, comfortable, curved, and luxurious style. Its size is rather small suitable for a variety of spaces.


The soft sloping lines match the curves of the body to deliver exceptional comfort. The slipper tub is made of fiberglass with an acrylic topcoat for shine double-walled design and durability.

Warm Water

You can soak in the warm water longer due to the two layers of acrylic that bring optimum insulation and keeping warm water longer. The deep, wide tub and gentle slope can offer leisure and comfortable submerge. The tub is big enough for a gentleman or a woman. It can allow a full-body immersion.

It comes with a pre-installed brushed nickel drain and a high-quality flexible tube drain for easy installation to the existing plumbing. There are hidden adjustable legs for leveling with flexible hose drain (chrome finish).

Easy Maintenance

The tub is easy to clean, easy for maintenance, stain-resistant, the scratch-resistant surface to keep bright and clean as new.

  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Optimum insulation
  • Provide comfort
  • Allow full immersion
Dimension66.9-inches x 31.5-inches x 29.5-inches
Weight 127.6-pounds
Installation TypeFreestanding; Clawfoot Bathtub
Bath Therapy TypeSoaking Tub
Drain PlacementLeft
Warranty1-year warranty
ColorRed and White
Leg FinishPolished Chrome

4. American Bath Factory Chelsea Double Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub

American Bath Factory Chelsea Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub
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The American Bath Factory Chelsea double slipper clawfoot bathtub include a wall-mount faucet, waste and overflow. If you are the one who want a re-modelling tub that have existing plumbing coming from the wall, this is the right choice.


It is not made of acrylic or cast iron, but from the proprietary material, they call AcraStone. It is a material that has a smooth porcelain-like finish, thick, strong, and warm to the touch.


The design is beautiful and the construction is dependable for years to come. It features the hand-casted imperial claw foot.

The gentle slope of the slipper shape can be reclined comfortably. The weight is only 90 pounds which are considered lightweight but sturdy. With this wei9ght, you can install the tub in the second-story bathroom. The faucet, waste, and overflow come in the selected finish.

  • Drain Assembly
  • Waste
  • Overflow Drain
  • Tub Waste
  • Overflow
  • Waste Kit
  • Faucet
  • Tap
  • Handshower
  • Smooth porcelain-like finish
Dimension60-inches x 32.5-inches x 29.5-inches
Weight 90-pounds
Installation TypeClawfoot Bathtub
Bath Therapy TypeSoaking Tub
MaterialAcraStone (Acrylic)
Drain PlacementReversible
WarrantyLimited warranty
ColorWhite; Old World Bronze;
Leg FinishOld World Bronze

5. Ariel Acrylic Clawfoot Bathtub Whirlpool

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Again, this is a very popular clawfoot bathtub. The Ariel tub can transform your bathroom into a luxurious, elegant, and beautiful get-away that comes with whirlpool jets. You can enjoy this modern and vintage style for relaxing after a workout or a busy day at the office.


This tub has a stand-out design with the bear claw legs and the beautiful deck-mounted chrome faucet. You can shower with the handheld showerhead. The single slipper tub has an oval shape tub


For having hydrotherapy in the tub it comes with 1.2 HP Whirlpool motor, 6 Whirlpool jets to provide you with added relaxation.

  • 6 Whirlpool jets
  • Handheld shower
  • Bear claw legs
  • Chrome faucet
  • Vintage style
  • Hose
  • Drain
  • Adjustable Jet Direction
  • Adjustable Jet Flow
Dimension67-inches x 31.5-inches x 30-inches
Weight 143-pounds
Installation TypeClawfoot Bathtub
Bath Therapy TypeWhirlpool; Soaking Tub
Drain PlacementLeft
Warranty2-year warranty
Leg FinishChrome

6. Kohler Iron Works Works Historic Clawfoot Bathtub

Kohler Clawfoot Bathtub
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This Kohler Clawfoot Bathtub is made of an iron cast specially designed to offer a relaxing soak. Imagine you are in an extra spacious 36-inches width tub with lumbar support after a very busy day or after a workout.


It is the ideal bathtub for a relaxing soak after being tired and stressed. Its ornate ball-and-claw feet describe historical charm.


The straight top bathtub comes with a safeguard slip-resistant finish to add safety to the powder room or the bathroom. What is great about this bathtub is that you can customize the color of the exterior.

  • Elegant, luxurious, and classic design
  • Allows for color customization
  • Integral lumbar support
  • Slip-resistant
Dimension66-inches x 36-inches x 24.5-inches
Weight 375-pounds
Installation TypeClawfoot Bathtub
Bath Therapy TypeSoaking Tub
MaterialEnameled cast iron
Drain PlacementReversible
WarrantyLimited warranty
Leg FinishBlack

7. Cambridge Plumbing Soaking Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

Cambridge Plumbing Soaking Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

Many verified buyers love this Cambridge Plumbing clawfoot bathtub because it is gorgeous, beautiful, and of very nice quality. The cast-iron clawfoot tubs offer high-quality tubs at a greatly reduced price to customers.


Its beautiful exterior is hand-painted and would be wonderful for the bathroom decor. The drain placement is located in the center.

Double Slipper

This double slipper tub is the perfect selection for those looking for affordability, comfort, and fashion. You can combine this tub with a freestanding faucet. You can choose between brushed nickel or polished chrome feet that is included with the purchase of the bathtub.

  • Double slipper tub
  • Very nice quality
  • Hand-painted exterior
  • Oval tub shape
Dimension71-inches x 31-inches x 31-inches
Weight 487-pounds
Installation TypeClawfoot Bathtub
Bath Therapy TypeSoaking Tub
MaterialCast iron
Drain PlacementCenter
WarrantyLimited warranty
Leg FinishBrushed nickel or polished chrome

8. Vanity Art Pantin Acrylic Clawfoot Freestanding Bathtub

Vanity Art Pantin Acrylic Clawfoot Freestanding Bathtub
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This Vanity Fair Panton clawfoot bathtub can provide you with relaxation after a workout in the gym. The design is luxurious, contemporary, and elegant with a white finish.

It would make an excellent addition to any bathroom that comes with pop-up drain, and flexible hose. You can install the tub easily with its leveling legs.

The clawfoot bathtub is UPC certified which means it is designed to provide you with safe and sanitary plumbing systems. The single slipper bathtub comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Self Leveling Base
  • Chrome pop-up drain
  • Acrylic construction
  • UPC certified
Dimension68.9-inches x 29.5-inches x 29.9-inches
Weight 125.4-pounds
Installation TypeClawfoot Bathtub
Bath Therapy TypeSoaking Tub
Drain PlacementReversible
Warranty1-year warranty
Leg FinishPolished chrome

How to clean a clawfoot bathtub

The things you need:

  • Hot or warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Baking soda or powder cleaner
  • Thick, soft, and dry towel

Here are the steps:

  • Sprinkle or spray the tub with hot or warm water from the shower or faucet.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of dish soap to a sponge.
  • Use the sponge to wipe all of the surfaces of the clawfoot tub.
  • Let it sit for about 5 minutes.
  • If you still see tough stains, sprinkle powder cleaner or baking soda on stains.
  • Let it sit again for about 5 minutes.
  • Scrub the tough stains with the sponge, and add more baking soda to ensure the tough stains get covered.
  • After about 30 minutes, rinse the overall surfaces with clean water. Do it until all the excess residues washed away.
  • Let it with a thick and soft towel to prevent water spots from forming.