10 Best Women’s Winter Boots 2021 (Reviews)

Best women’s winter boots. Winter boots are an ageless and attractive piece of gear for the cold weather. From easy to airy, and contemporary designs, they intend to maintain your feet protected, and cozy from wet snow or freezing temperatures.

The best women’s winter boots can be utilized every day for trekking, walking, and intense cold. Many of the footwear is used in both guys’ and females’ designs.

Getting a winter boot that you like and fits comfortable can be challenging if you never have one. There are many trendy, elegant looking winter boots. However, they typically have a slim fit to ensure that the purchasing process can be easy.

These winter boots are designed to suit feet and thick socks to keep your toes easily in a set of boots to wear.

For background info, please take a look at the comparison table. Women’s winter boots resemble the acoustic version of snow boots.

If they are not water-resistant, they have possibly been treated for water-resistance, but waterproof as well as water-resistant mean two different contrasting things.

What are women’s winter boots?

Purpose-wise and looks-wise, women’s winter boots are more of daily use footwear. While the footwear does have noteworthy insulation to keep your foot warm throughout the winter, they do not limit snow to enter into your boots.

Winter boots for women are water-repelling or water-resistant, with some versions being 100% waterproof. You can develop a fashion statement with stylish to hike or to shop or even to walk.

However, it would certainly help if you bear in mind that some of the models are not developed to keep snow from penetrating your shoes or on the front of the boots. You might experience cold or moisture when walking.

Types of winter boots

Pac boots

Pac boots are typically defined as winter season boots with a thick, rubber lower shell. The upper part of the majority of pac boots is constructed from leather, heavy-duty nylon, or another enduring product.

Although the rubber covering is always water-resistant, the top may be waterproof or water-resistant, depending upon the structure. Most pac boots have a thick, protecting lining, which may or might not be removable.

Pac boots are created to maintain feet hassle-free in the roughest winter months problems. These boots are excellent for shoveling the driveway and activities like ice fishing.

Boots with removable liners are convenient because the liners can be dried a lot quicker.

Snow boots

Snow boots are typically any shielded winter boots that supply some defense from the snow and cold. Unlike special-interest group boots, most snow boots do not come with a complete rubber reduced covering.

This style makes them a little less ponderous and crucial. Nonetheless, snow boots typically aren’t as long-lasting as pac boots and might not provide the same weather security.

Some snow boots have smart features, such as artificial hair cuffs, shearling cellular linings, and various other information.

Winter hunting boots

Naturally speaking, winter hunting boots are lighter and much less bulky than special-interest group boots and snow boots. Winter months searching boots generally include Gore-Tex ® water-resistant security or an identical kind of waterproof membrane.

The less-bulky design is perfect for hiking over the rugged surface. Nonetheless, wintertime hunting boots usually have much less insulation than special-interest group boots, as well as a result, aren’t reasonably as cozy.

If you intend to stand still for long periods in the cool (such as in a hunting blind), consider using a pair of sturdy pac boots for more heat.

Winter work boots

Winter work boots are identical to various other boots for winter yet are built up of thick, durable natural leather. All winter season work boots need to have built-in insulation for additional heat.

Likewise, some may have added insulation in the footbed to safeguard feet from chilly coming up from the terrain. Select models might consist of a composite safety and security toe or steel toe.

In the winter, pick steel-toed work boots if needed, as this function tends to welcome the cold. Extensively, composite safety and security toes are better fit for winter conditions.

Parts of winter boots

Winter boots upper

The majority of winter boot uppers are made from natural leather or sturdy nylon, both of which are untouchable to abrasion, tears, and cold wind. The upper on any winter boot need to extend above your ankle joint for optimal security in a snowy environment.

Numerous winter season boots include a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to give additional defense from snow and wetness. For even better protection in extreme weather, find boots with a water-resistant, breathable membrane layer, such as Gore-Tex.

Winter boots lower

Sturdy special-interest group boots commonly have a water-resistant, injection-molded rubber shell, which is welded to the upper to form the boot’s reduced part. This covering’s primary feature is to keep snow as well as dampness out.

Boots created for great deals of strolling and also hiking, on the other hand, usually do not have a rubber reduced covering. This develops a much less large style with a small decrease in weather condition protection (unless the boots include a waterproof breathable membrane).

A rubber lower shell is exceptional for keeping dampness out, yet it likewise tends to catch moisture in. The far better way to achieve this is to wear moisture-wicking socks constructed from wool, merino woolen, or polyester.

You have to remember to avoid using cotton socks with winter boots.


A wintertime boot’s insulation will either be built directly into the upper or consisted of as a removable liner. Integrated insulation is typically constructed from the synthetic fill, although some high-end winter months boots might feature insulation.

The removable linings located in pac boots are generally made from felted woolen, polypropylene, acrylic, Zylex ®, or a mix of products. These liners sometimes can be found in a mentioned thickness, typically measured in millimeters.

Some winter months, boots make up a natural shearling (sheepskin) lining for insulation. Some carriers give temperature scores for their winter boots, like “Ranked to -50 °F.”

These scores can be used as a general guideline to determine just how cozy a pair of boots will be. It would be best to keep in mind that there is no sector criterion for measuring shoe temperature level scores.


Some boots come with fleece, wool, or acrylic cuff showing up above the top, attached to the boot’s lining. Some boots go even one action further and provide a pull-up gaiter with a drawstring closure to block out snow.


The outsole of winter boots must always be constructed from rubber or a similar material. Finding winter season boots with “carried” outsole treads will offer the most effective traction on slick, snowy, and icy outside. Huge, “self-cleaning” walk patterns are perfect because they are less most likely to trap snow in between the treads, which can decrease grip.

Factors to consider when purchasing women’s winter boots

The height

Some winter boot models are taller than others, which means they can better protect their wearer from high snow. At the same time, it can also provide more ankle support.

Short winter boots also have advantages, as they allow better movement and are more comfortable to wear and remove. Make sure you know the purpose of the winter boots.

The style

Winter boots do not have to have all the function and without form. There are many selections for women who like to survive the winter in style.

Winter boots can add a touch of flair and style with the svelte cuts, a slight heel, decorative linings, and faux fur trimmings. You should also be aware of their purpose, such as walking on the street, snowshoeing, or hiking.

In addition to appearance, good women’s winter boots should be durable and convenient for users to remove and put on. Some boots models have laced up, providing a tighter fit, excellent ankle support, and extra padding for comfort.

Other models have grooved treads or rubber outsoles that may help prevent users from slipping on snow and ice.

The insulation

Insulation helps the user to keep the feet warm in the peak of winter, and women’s winter boots commonly feature insulating material to retain warmth on the inside. The most common insulation available is Thinsulate.

It is a synthetic fiber with finer and better threads than duck down or traditional polyester. The threads give more volume in a similar amount of space.

Thinsulate wick away moisture and will not get compressed over time. Similar synthetic fiber insulation is the PrimaLoft. The insulation was invented for use by the US Army that helps maximize airflow and retain warmth without compression.

Natural alternatives insulation are felt liners and wool. This insulation can be removed to dry them out and air them. They are comfortable and thick but may get wet.

Shearling and fleece are natural and synthetic, which are cozy, lightweight, but may lose their warmth in extreme cold. Other known insulation developed by many brands are multi-layer foam by Baffin, Opti-Warm by Merrell, Omni-Heat by Columbia, Aerogel by NASA, and Zylex, which comes with multi-layer felt liners combined with thermal foil and polyester.

Temperature rating

A winter boot has a temperature rating, which indicates the minimum temperature it can withstand. If you see the winter boots have a -10 degree rating, the footwear can withstand temperatures as low as -10 Degrees Fahrenheit.

But the temperature rating may not be the only factor to withstand a certain temperature. The footwear’s performance may be affected by the type of activity, weather condition, socks, exposure time, and perspiration.


Snowy and cold environments in the winter tend to be wet. The pair of winter boots must have good waterproof properties. Wet footwear will add weight, uncomfortable, making it more difficult to just walk.

You have to consider a water-resistant or semi-waterproof women’s winter boot to give extra protection against water or moisture, or snow.


Numerous winter boot models are made with rubber soles that help wick away moisture. Make sure that the soles have traction. You will need a much better grip so you will not slide around on ice or wet snow. Find boots with bumps and crevices.

Grooves sole will help support you in snow. Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) soles grip well under various winter conditions.

Many people may like style over safety, but there is no reason for it. There are a wide variety of fashionable winter boots that have a good grip. You can look good, but you do not want to slip.

The material

The upper material, or the part that covers the top of your foot, needs to be water-resistant and sturdy to withstand harsh winter weather. To achieve this, find upper material made with nylon or leather, which can come with pre-treated waterproofing.

FAQ women’s winter boots

What size winter boots should you buy?

Choosing the right size of winter boots can be a tricky business. You may be confused about whether winter boots run bigger or smaller or wider or to go up one size larger or wider to accommodate thick socks. However, this matter is unnecessary.

Sticking to your regular shoe size is a good fit. Many winter boots are designed to slip on because the sole of the boot and the boot uppers are made from the same piece of hardened rubber.

This makes sure maximum waterproofing and protection against any debris or mud, or obstacles. They will likely also have a leather or neoprene or waterproof textile collar for added comfort.

Because they slip on, winter boots are generally made slightly larger than other types of footwear for your foot to be comfortable.

How do you choose winter boots for wide and narrow feet?

When purchasing winter boots for narrow feet or wider feet, try on a large range of different styles to discover your perfect fit. Walk around in every pair to give you a feel for how the footwear will fit when you are walking.

This will make sure you can comfortably rely on your winter boots when you need them. To find the most comfortable pair of winter boots, it is best to know what you are looking for and what style will suit you.

The extra insulation in winter boots means you can wear these footwear in cold temperatures. Even when it is not snowing, making them an excellent investment for chilly winter weather.

Can you put winter boots in the washing machine?

It is never a good idea to wash the winter boots with the washing machine. The excess water exposure can affect the glue in the soles. Winter boots are crafted to withstand a certain amount of water. A full submersion and washing are not recommended.

Top 10 women’s winter boots comparison chart

Model MaterialRatingPriceLinkImage
UGG Women’s Classic Tall II Boot Women’s Winter Boot100% Twinface sheepskin and suede – Synthetic sole4.6$$$Buy At Amazon
UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot III Women’s Winter BootLeather – Synthetic sole4.6$$$Buy At Amazon
Merrell Women’s Aurora 6 Ice Plus Waterproof Snow Boot UltraLeather – Rubber Sole4.5$$Buy At Amazon
Timberland Women’s 6″ Premium Fleece-Lined Waterproof Winter BootLeather – Synthetic sole4.5$$Buy At Amazon
The North Face Shellista IV Tall Winter BootWaterproof leather and wool upper – Rubber sole4.4$$Buy At Amazon
Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof BootLeather – Rubber sole4.4$$Buy At Amazon
SOREL – Women’s 1964 LTR Waterproof Women’s Winter BootLeather – Rubber sole4.1$$Buy At Amazon
Icebug Womens Boda BUGrip Winter Walking Boot with Carbide Studded Traction Sole Women’s Winter BootSuede leather – Outsole with BUGrip5.0$$$Buy At Amazon
BOGS Women’s Arcata Knit Waterproof Insulated Winter Snow BootCotton – Rubber sole4.7$$Buy At Amazon
Icebug Womens Grove Michelin WIC Woolpower Winter Walking BootSilver rated (LWG) leather & wool – Rubber sole4.0$$Buy At Amazon

Top 5 best women’s winter boots reviews

1. Merrell Women’s Aurora 6 Ice Waterproof Snow Boot

Best womne's winter boots

This footwear does not appear on the outside like females’ winter boots. The Merrell Aurora 6 Ice boots are beautiful, secure, and warm. It will keep you stable on the ice courtesy of the Vibram Arctic Grip. The footwear is comfortable to wear although they have 200 grams of “M Select WARM” insulation.

The insulation made the boot very relaxing and practical to wear throughout longer hikes. The boot makes you really felt safe without lacing via the leading clasp, though if you desire more assistance for specific activities, the upper grip will provide that.

The Merrell Aurora 6 Ice winter boots are also water-resistant approximately the degree of the laces. Whether you utilize them in shallow snow and ice or slushy conditions, your feet will never be got wet.

The winter boots might also be used as rain boots and you can call it multi-functional footwear. They are not high puddle-stompers or powder-plowers, though.

  • Vibram® Arctic Grip™ outsole for traction on ice
  • Leather upper
  • TPU waterproof shell
  • Traditional lace closure
  • Bellows tongue for keeping debris out
  • Conductor™ Fleece lining
  • M Select™ WARM lightweight, low bulk 200 grams insulation
  • Single density removable footbed
  • Molded nylon arch shank
  • Merrell air cushion in the heel to add stability and absorbs shock

2. Timberland Women’s Winter Boots 6″ Premium Fleece-Lined Waterproof Boot

Winter boots

This original yellow boot that is made by Timberland is so popular and famous. The company was created in Boston in 1928 when it was called the Abington Boot Business. It was bought by Nathan Schwartz in 1952 and also relabelled Timberland in 1973, the same year this boot was introduced.

This boot arrived among building workers, carpenters, and farmers who invested northeastern winters working exterior on their feet.

This pair of boots is a 6-inch Premium Waterproof boot. They are available in numerous shades with standard colors like black and brownish; however, they can also be pink or neon green.

They are pretty cumbersome, so they do not look magnificent with slim pants or slim denim if that is your taste. They are flexible that they can suit a variety of numerous styles.


A pair of the boot gets two extra pounds that come from the insulation created by a US company called PrimaLoft. The top of the boot is insulated.

Other standard features of the Timberland boot are the grippy, chunky, rubber lug called Gripstick, the shoelaces (Taslan nylon), and the leather collar that cooperates with insulation.

The natural leather is nubuck which is suede as the same structure. It is made from top-grain leather. The leather had been sanded or buffed on the grain side to give it a small wink of healthy protein fibers.

One of the most vital difference is that suede, which is similarly buffed, is made from the leather is the internal component or flesh side, while nubuck is made from the little even more difficult outside. Unlike some suede or standard leather kinds, nubuck will not develop aging over time, so you’ll want to maintain if you’re most likely to hold it was looking reasonable.

  • Premium waterproof nubuck leather uppers
  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • Laces are made from 100% PET
  • Rustproof hardware
  • Padded leather collar
  • Teddy fleece lining
  • Anti-fatigue midsole
  • Removable footbed
  • Lightweight cushioning, and shock absorption
  • Rubber lug outsole
  • 15% recycled rubber

3. SOREL – Women’s 1964 LTR Waterproof Winter Boot

Snow boots

The Sorel 1964 Premium T presented the classic winter pac boot appearance. The boots are delicate, comfortable, and easy to use. This boot comprises a full-grain leather upper coupled with a molded rubber outer.

Each boot weighs about two pounds in size eleven that uses a recycled felt liner. Sorel women’s winter boots will keep feet warm down to -40 degrees F.

This boot comes with a vulcanized rubber outsole stitched to a full-grain leather upper using closed seams. The seams will block water from penetrating. When the boot submerged in water, the tongue allowed water to enter the boot, even in moderately shallow ponds.

Laces can be securely tightened for a more extended trip. It would be easy to put pant legs over the top or inside the boots.

  • Rubber sole
  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • Waterproof full-grain leather upper
  • Waterproof vulcanized rubber shell
  • Removable 6 mm washable recycled felt inner boot

4. Timberland PRO Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

Winter work boots

The Timberland PRO Titan 6-Inch Work Boot for Women is made with 100% full-grain waterproof natural leather uppers that keep out liquids and extreme moisture from the shoes. It comes with an alloy safety toe mainly created for women’s shoes to offer exceptional fit and optimum security versus effect dangers.

The steel toe security makes your feet secure without additional weight as well as bulk in steel toe boots. These boots are outfitted with an Ortholite footbed and polyurethane midsole that guarantees trusted benefits that you will delight in for the rest of the day.

The framework

They have a concrete framework that adds to a shortened break as expected and flexibility. The boots have a supported collar to help you maintain comfy and reasonably suitable for the day.

The nylon diffusion shank functions to preserve the rigidness that you will undoubtedly require to delight in foot security to secure you as well as comfy while you do. The outsoles constructed from rubber are slip-oil-, and abrasion-resistant for enhanced endurance and protection in the workplace.

These winter boots are structured with a delicate leather material that significantly decreases the break-in time, so you can instantly take pleasure in the footwear’s special functions without the need to damage it for a long time. Their cement construction likewise assists in creating the burglary duration extremely short.

The guarantee

The collar additionally prevents dust and various other particles from going into the boots to maintain cleanliness and an adequately maintained state. These work boots for ladies come with a 30-day convenience guarantee. They additionally offer a guarantee of 1 year.

They are outfitted with abrasion-resistant outsoles that provide exceptional endurance that will allow you to delight in the boots’ top-notch attributes for a very long time without worrying that heavy usage will certainly cause early damages. This is a beautiful choice if you seek boots to safeguard you from electrical threats in the worksite.

They are made to offer added safety versus real-time electric circuits just as electrically revitalized mechanical assembly, components, and networks that you may experience in your work setup. This additional security criterion can give you peace of mind that you have an extra layer of defense against the preceding electric risks.

The material

These are incredibly comfortable boots that can readjust with your stressful timetable at the office. They use the Powerfit comfort system that incorporates numerous ergonomically made features to ensure durable ease that you can depend on to avoid pain. At the same time, you end up the work that must be completed throughout a required day.

They are outfitted with a mesh comfort cellular lining that works to enhance the shoes’ breathability, avoiding sweat from boosting so your feet will undoubtedly stay completely dry and comfortable despite a long period of use. The boots have a light-weight profile that guarantees that you will value the protective highlights without the bulk. These winter boots can help your work environment efficiency.

The molded polyurethane midsole provides charitable cushioning to keep your feet in a tight and also comfortable position to enable you to stand for hours at once without being tortured by pain. A cushioned collar maintains the top piece of your feet safe in a comfy understanding to turn away trouble while you move around your work zone.

  • Waterproof full-grain leather uppers and membrane
  • Alloy-safety toe
  • Cement construction for a reduced break-in time
  • Comfortable padded top collar
  • Molded polyurethane midsole provides cushioning
  • Mesh comfort lining with integral antimicrobial treatment for dry feet and remove the odor
  • Cast metal top hooks
  • Nylon diffusion shank
  • Contoured open-cell polyurethane footbeds
  • rubber outsole that is abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant and oil-resistant

5. UGG Adirondack Boot III Wide Winter Boot for Women

Winter boots for women

The UGG Adirondack III is amongst those products that are the most gratifying and lovable winter boots for women. The winter boots are versatile, water-proof, and ready for snow-covered streets.

This boot uses sufficient heat for most days in the wintertime. The liner insulates with 200-grams of woolen.

The boot itself is made of thick leather and suede, providing good insulation along the winter season’s shaft. The outsole is thick that will help insulate from chilly temperature levels below yet is slimmer than several of the warmest boots in this review.

The rating

The boot is rated to -32 levels Celcius. In 0 degree Celcius, the winter boots will supply you with sufficient warmth for walking pets or shovel the snow off your deck.

This warm winter boot will undoubtedly keep your feet comfortable while running errands around town. Its breathable material provides airflow that helps to complete tasks around town.

The design of this boot is adorable. The boot’s pole is completely stretched. The lining bulges for the boot’s collar to protect from the snow.

While stepping on the water, the calfskin offers exceptional protection. The cowhide still being versatile when it’s cold outside.

The design

It is stunning with its design and construction. This design makes sure to treat natural leather to withstand extreme weather conditions throughout the years.

The fleece lining is breathable. The interior is lined with wool, which is super cozy but does not make your foot sweat.

If you wear this winter boot climbing up high inclines, you will not slip or slide or glide. It can manage most trails and mud quite well when entering into wet dirt.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures mid-calf from arch
  • Premium leather uppers with insoles and 17MM wool lining
  • -32-degree C weather rating
  • Spider rubber outsole.
  • Waterproof bootie construction
  • Features non-wicking nylon lace and 7-inch shaft height
  • Leather