14 Best Small Chainsaws For Better Job

Small gas chainsaws are the best chainsaw for home use that requires a great amount of power but do not have to carry around a heavy chain saw around. The power of these mini chainsaws come with sufficient power to finish the job.

You have to choose the best small gas chainsaws if you are focusing more than just the power output. The best small gas-powered chainsaws provide less hassle to deal with.

These small chainsaws are lightweight, have reliability, and easy to use by the user. Even with a lack of raw power, these machines can also be used as an additional powerful tool to the primary chainsaw you own.

These small chainsaws can provide much power and provide the convenience of usage.

Here are reviews of small chainsaws or mini chainsaws that are best sellers and have the quality to handle lighter jobs.

Our list of the best small chainsaw

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Benefits of of small chainsaw

1. Chainsaws are extremely fast at cutting.

With a chainsaw, it takes less than one minute to chop through a 12-inch log.

Of course, the speed at which an object is chopped is determined by the size of the object, the size of the chainsaw, and the sharpness of the chainsaw chain.

As the chain wears down, the amount of time it takes to cut through lumber will rise, to the point where it may become impossible to cut at all. When the chain becomes too dull, a black color may form on the cut and smoke may begin to billow, emitting a smell that is similar to burning wood. This demonstrates that the chain is largely merely grinding on the wood, rather than cutting through it.

2. Chainsaws Have a Wide Range of Applications

Chainsaws can be used to cut a variety of materials other than wood, such as metal and concrete, according to the manufacturer. Chainsaws, both large and tiny, can be used to cut a wide range of materials, depending on the type of chain they are equipped with.

A well-chosen chain and appropriate safety equipment give the operator the freedom to cut what is required when the situation calls for it. They can also be handled well by both genders and people of all ages and backgrounds. A chainsaw is a versatile and strong cutting tool because of its ease of transportation, carrying, and refueling.

3. Chainsaws Are Easy to Operate and Maintain.

Using a chainsaw safely and correctly is a simple process that requires little training and experience. What the operator must keep in mind is safety, as well as the wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves protected from debris and any kickback.

The maintenance and replacement of the chain, rather than the actual cutting, may be the most challenging aspects of owning and running a chainsaw.

4. Chainsaws are extremely compact and take up very little space.

Chainsaws are also available in a variety of sizes and bar lengths, including 100 cc gas engines and 30 inch bar lengths. Small chainsaws are typically less than 24 inches in length and may be readily stored inside the cab or bed of a pickup truck. They may be readily transported from one location to another with one hand. Even a large chainsaw may be readily stored in a tiny storage place without interfering with the access to your other belongings.

5. Refueling and recharging chainsaws are simple tasks.

Filling a chainsaw with the gas mixture is as simple as filling the gas tank on a gas-powered lawnmower, and it takes no more time than that.

Using the proper gas and oil mixture, as well as maintaining the bar oil tank fully stocked, is essential. Chainsaws are two-cycle engines, which means they do not have separate oil and gas reservoirs. Make sure you consult the owner’s manual to see what the particular gas-to-oil ratio is that is specified. Gasoline is commonly 50:1 or 40:1 in most chainsaws, with the greater figure denoting gasoline.

With electric chainsaws, there is no need to refuel them. Simply swap out a depleted battery for a fully charged one and continue working on your cutting project. Recharging an electric chainsaw battery can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, and you can have numerous fully charged batteries on hand and ready to go whenever you need them.

6 Chainsaws are simple to operate.

Gas-powered chainsaws are simple to start, as long as you follow the proper instructions. To start, give the gasoline bulb a few pumps before flipping on the switch and pulling the rope. This should be plenty to get things started. Squeezing the trigger will assist in getting fuel into the engine and getting it up and running once the motor has turned on and been primed. Gas-powered chainsaw carburetors, on the other hand, can become flooded with fuel, which will prohibit the engine from starting. Keep this in mind when using a gas-powered chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws are operated by a switch that starts them automatically. Because they do not require any fuel other than battery or plug power to operate, they are both quick and convenient to start. To begin cutting, simply turn on the power switch and squeeze the trigger until the blade starts moving.

7. Chainsaws are capable of cutting a wide range of materials.

Chainsaws are capable of cutting through more than simply timber and tree branches. They are capable of cutting shrubs, scrap wood, plastics, concrete, and metal pipe, as well as large and small trees, among other things. When it comes to wood cutting, chainsaws can handle all types of wood, including hardwoods such as apple, almond, hard maple, hickory, birch, beech, oak, and ash. They can also handle softwoods such as pine and fir.

Why buy a high quality small chainsaw

A top-quality small chainsaw can provide power and flexibility used to prune and cut wood for firewood, property maintenance and woodworking projects

What are safety features of small chainsaw

Kickback Guard and Chain Brake

The chain brake is designed to be operated in two ways. If you move your left wrist forward, the kickback guard will be forced forward, triggering the chain brake. After the kickback, the chain brake will be activated by the inertial forces that have been generated. If you lift the guard on the rear handle with your right wrist, the chain brake will engage automatically.

Throttle Lock

The throttle lock is intended to keep the throttle from being accidentally advanced. The throttle will only function if the lock is pressed in, which means that you must maintain a tight grasp on the saw’s rear handle while accelerating.

Chain Catcher

The chain catcher is intended to catch the chain in the event that the chain breaks or derailes while in use.

Right-Hand Guard

The right-hand guard is intended to protect the user’s hand in the event that the chain breaks or derail.

Stop control that is easily accessible

The stop control on the saw should be located in an easily accessible location so that it can be immediately activated in an emergency case.

Main components of small chainsaw

  • Bar studs — Hold the bar and chain sprocket cover in place.
  • Front and side-chain tensioner — Moves the guide bar to maintain proper tension on the saw chain.
  • Chain sprocket — The toothed wheel that drives the saw chain.
  • Chain brake — Stops the saw chain if it is activated by the sawyer’s hand or by inertia (during kickback).
  • Clutch — Couples the engine to the chain sprocket when the engine is accelerated above idle speed.
  • Chain catcher — Helps lower the risk of the saw chain get in touch with the sawyer if the chain is thrown off the bar.
  • Starter grip — A rubber or plastic handle attached to the starter pull rope.
  • Bumper spikes (dogs) — Hold the saw steady against the wood.
  • Handlebar — Used to hold the front of the saw.
  • Handguard — Activates the chain brake and prevents the sawyer’s hand from contacting the chain.
  • Gunning marks — Used to determine the planned direction of the tree’s fall based on the undercut.
  • Throttle handle — Used to hold the rear of the saw.

Chainsaw bar length sizes

  • 12 inch – 12 inch cut
  • 14 inch – 24 inch cut
  • 16 inch – 28 inch cut
  • 18 inch – 32 inch cut
  • 20 inch – 36 inch cut
  • 30 inch – 40 inch cut

Top 14 small chainsaws comparison chart

You can choose one from the small chainsaws comparison chart below according to your preference.

Model  TypePriceRatingLink
1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch Chainsaw (LCS1020) Handheld ChainsawElectric chainsaw$$4.5Buy At Amazon
2. KGK 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw 20 Inch Chainsaw Handheld ChainsawGas powered chainsaw$$5.0Buy At Amazon
3. Husqvarna Electric Chainsaw 967256101 16 Inch Corded Electric ChainsawElectric chainsaw$$$4.8Buy At Amazon
4. ECHO CS-271T 12 Inches Gas Powered ChainsawGas powered chainsaw$$4.7Buy At Amazon
5. Makita Gas Chainsaw EA6100PREL 18″ 61 cc Chain SawGas powered chainsaw$$$$4.6Buy At Amazon
6. Makita XCU02PTX1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Chain Saw Kit and Angle GrinderElectric chainsaw$$$4.6Buy At Amazon
7. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Mini Chainsaw, Hand Chain Saw 12-Inch (LCS1240)Electric chainsaw$$4.5Buy At Amazon
8. Husqvarna Gas Powered Chainsaw 20 Inch Chainsaw 450 Rancher II Handheld ChainsawGas powered chainsaw$$$4.4Buy At Amazon
9. Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc 2-Cycle 14-Inch Gas Powered ChainsawGas powered chainsaw$$4.3Buy At Amazon
10. Poulan Pro PR4016, 16 Inch Chainsaw 40cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered ChainsawGas powered chainsaw$$4.3Buy At Amazon
11. Craftsman CMXGSAMA421S 42cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Chainsaw Gas Powered ChainsawGas powered chainsaw$$4.1Buy At Amazon
12. Makita Gas Chainsaw EA6100PRGG 20 Inch Chainsaw 61 cc Chain SawGas powered chainsaw$$$$3.8Buy At Amazon
13. X-BULL 20 Inch Chainsaw Gas Powered Chainsaw 58ccGas powered chainsaw$$3.6Buy At Amazon
14. Husqvarna Electric Chainsaw 120i Cordless Electric ChainsawElectric chainsaw$$$2.6Buy At Amazon

Top 3 best small chainsaws reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Mini Chainsaws

The Black & Decker 20v Max electric chain saw has a 10-inch bar that makes it a small chainsaw. Unfortunately, it can not be used on wood larger than a few inches thick.

You can use this small chainsaw for jobs around the house. If you want to cut fallen branches or cut unwanted branches off trees or prune dead branches off trees, this chainsaw model is the right tool for the job.

You can also use the cordless chainsaw to clear overgrown trees, or overgrown bushes from your backyard. This small chainsaw is suitable for in-tree work, clean up, or pruning.

Many users mentioned that this Black+Decker 20v max chainsaw can handle a 6×6-inch piece of lumber without a problem. The electric power source is cleaner than a gas chainsaw, that does not need cans or engine oil.

Easy to use

This electric chainsaw is much easier to use and much easier to maintain. The electric power makes this chainsaw safer when not in use.

You can charge the 20-volt lithium-ion battery when you need to use the electric chain saw. When you want to start all you have to do is slide the safety lock and start button.

Push the safety lock through the handle to make sure you have a steady grip on the small chainsaw before the electric chain saw starts. This electric chain saw has large hand guards.

The chain brake of this small chainsaw can help reduce kickback. If you want to adjust the chain, you can utilize the tool-less chain tensioning system for an easy adjustment.

The battery provides significant runtime and efficient maneuverability. Black and Decker is a top chainsaw brand. It is the best chainsaw for home use.

2. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw – Lightweight Chainsaw LCS1240

Best Small Chainsaws

According to many online marketplaces, this BLACK and DECKER 40v lightweight chainsaw is one of the best-selling electric chainsaws in the US. With its combination of gas-free power, portability, quality construction, and ease-of-use, it is suitable for most homeowners to handle all cutting jobs around the yard.

The cordless chainsaw uses one 40 volts lithium-ion battery pack, that let the small chainsaw to cut faster than NiCad or NiMH chainsaws. Homeowners effortlessly can chop down 4×4 fence posts or 5” thick branches using this lightweight chainsaw.

It can also make sixty cuts in pressure-treated 4×4 pine lumber, has the power to cut light firewood, and can be used as a secondary chainsaw. You can trim some dead branches in the garden or cutting through 2×4.

Easy to use

If you hate mixing fuel or dealing with the fumes of a gas chainsaw or the loud noise it produces, the lightweight cordless chainsaw has the advantage of the convenience of easy starting, no gas, and low noise. The lightweight chainsaw is easy to operate and maintain for homeowners.

Everyone can handle this 8.3-pound mini chainsaw, and recharging is easy. Swap out the battery for a new charged pack. You do not have to mix messy gasoline and engine oil in the correct ratio.

You can also forget about replacing spark plugs or changing air filters. For maintenance, you can take out the bar, the chain, and clean the saw with soap water.

Before you start the mini chainsaw, make sure that the battery has enough charge to complete your jobs and make sure the side-loading battery is attached. You can charge the 2.0Ah 40V MAX lithium-ion battery for two hours until it is fully charged.

You can see that there is a button-operated LED gauge (located at the rear end of the battery pack) that displays the amount of charge left.

There is a plastic handguard on the front to protect your other hand from debris. Black and Decker is a top chainsaw brand and one of the best chainsaws for home use.

3. Makita XCU02Z 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

Best Small Chainsaws

The Makita XCU02Z is a small chainsaw that has proven to be an excellent quality chainsaw for commercial and homeowner applications. This electric chainsaw is not just a consumer chainsaw but built for professionals.

The small chainsaw features extreme protection technology (XPT) which provides both water and dust resistance when working in extreme and harsh conditions. If you decide to buy cheap electric chainsaws, you will not have better offer features like this.

The design is good, it is compact, and it is a lightweight chainsaw weighing only 10.1 pounds. When you purchase one unit, you will get the included two 18V LXT batteries.


The total length of this cordless chainsaw is 24⅝” and the guide bar length is 12”. You can have the best 12 inch chainsaw to use and a comfortable chainsaw to work with. The grip is made from rubberized soft-grip handles that are ergonomically designed and located perfectly.

The pitch is ⅜” and the chain gauge is 0.043”. The chain speed is 1650 FPM for fast and effortless cutting but still produces low noise levels at 89 dB.

The power is 36v that comes from the included two 18V LXT batteries. The chain has adjustable self-lubrication with an oil reservoir located below the handle.

You do not have to adjust the tensioning of the chain with its very well-designed tensioning system for accurate tensioning without effort. The chain guard is located in front of the front handle to stop the chain when pushed forward. You can stop the chain immediately in front of your hand.

The small chainsaw comes with a 3-year warranty. Makita is a top chainsaw brand. That is why it is one of the best chainsaws for home use.

Small chainsaw brands

  • Stihl
  • Worx
  • Black & Decker
  • Makita
  • Husqvarna
  • Greenworks
  • Craftsman

What are the types of chainsaw?

When it is time to purchase a small chainsaw, there are various kinds of small chainsaw models and many chainsaw models on the market today. You might find it a little bit confusing and difficult to decide the best chainsaw that suits your overall preferences, budget, and needs.

Before purchasing a small chainsaw, keep the following factors of the best chainsaws today. The first decision to make is the type of chainsaw that you are interested in purchasing

Every type of chainsaw has its own advantages or benefits as well as its disadvantages. Here are the major types of a chainsaw to choose from.

1. Gas-powered small chainsaw

This gas-powered chainsaw features a two-stroke engine powered by fuel. This type of chainsaw is a very powerful one. If you purchase a small gas chainsaw, you can handle heavy-duty jobs such as cutting medium to large-sized trees.

With the power and strength feature, they produce harmful emission release, produce noise, and routine maintenance. For heavy-duty tree cutting, a gas-powered small chainsaw can do the job well.

These machines are suitable for serious homeowners, lumberjacks, construction companies, and arborists.

2. Corded electric small chainsaw

You do not have to worry about the noise! These corded electric small chainsaws will produce less noise compared to gas-powered chainsaw.

The corded electric chainsaw has enough power to fulfill the needs of the homeowner in their yard work. These machines do not require much maintenance and produce no emissions.

Mobility is the biggest advantage because it tends to be easier to handle and carry due to its smaller size. They also have an affordable price.

The biggest obstacle is portability because they need to be near a stationary power source to run. However here is some of the benefits.

  • Less noise operation. Corded electric small chainsaws are powered by a motor run by batteries. The only noise you hear is when you start the chainsaw. They are better for your ears or the people around you or your neighbors.
  • No Fuel Emissions. Corded electric small chainsaws can not produce emissions because there is no gas required. They are better for the environment and your health.
  • Less Maintenance. You do not have to worry about maintenance because corded electric chainsaws do not have an engine. They are better options for busy people or users or homeowners.
  • Affordable Price. Corded electric chainsaws are cheaper to own over the long-term. Without fuel to buy, oil to buy, and less maintenance these machines are affordable.
  • No Limitation on Cutting Time. When the small chainsaw is plugged into a power outlet, you can cut dead branches for as long as you wish. No need to refuel or recharge the battery when using a cordless electric small chainsaw. You can finish your job all day long.
  • Lightweight. These corded electric small chainsaws do not have batteries attached or a gas tank, or heavy engine, making them a lightweight type of chainsaw.

3. Battery-powered small chainsaw or cordless chainsaw

The battery-powered small chainsaws come with many benefits. When running, these machines are emission-free, noise-free, emission-free, and very pleasant to work with.

You do not have to worry about maintenance and they are portable. All you have to do is to keep an eye on their power because the batteries will need to be charged after a particular time.

The battery eliminates any potential cord tripping hazards that may be dangerous with corded models. This model is the best homeowner chainsaw.

What to consider when purchasing a small chainsaw?

1. The price

If you have a budget plan, what amount can you spend on a small chainsaw? Whatever the best homeowner chainsaw model you choose, you have to fit within your budget.

There are numerous models on the market that you can find the one that is suitable for you. The price should depend on the intended use of the small chainsaw.

Let’s say you want to use the small chainsaw machine more than 6 times per year a year, it is recommended that you purchase a cheaper model. The cheaper model is the best homeowner chainsaw.

For a longer use and more frequent cutting, you should consider the more reputable brands with higher-quality materials that perform excellently for years to come. Reliability and durability are very important.

2. The safety

The safety in the operation of the small chainsaw should be the primary concern when you are using a chainsaw. Safety features of a chainsaw will help to protect you from injury while you are using the machine. One most frequent is known as kickback injury.

If you are a beginner, your primary focus should be to select a model that rates very highly in the safety department. This way you will lower the risk of harmful accidents.

3. The maintenance

A gas-powered chainsaw will last for years to come and always perform greatly during that time. Because of this, the chainsaw need routine maintenance.

You need to clean the machines, clean the parts, change the oil, and overall routine checkups on it. If you do not want any hassle of maintenance, purchase an electric or battery-powered small chainsaw.