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Best Hand And Wrist Massager

Best Hand And Wrist Massager. We do the research ourselves by analyzing reviews and ratings from customers, to help you purchase wiser to avoid buyer’s remorse. please choose them wisely

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Our list of the Best Hand And Wrist Massager

Cunmiso Cordless Electric Hand Massager for Arthritis Air Compression Pain Relief Gifts with 6 Levels Pressure Point Heating Shiatsu Therapy Massage Machine for Wrist Carpal Tunnel Finger Numbness

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • CARE ABOUT YOUR HANDS RELIEVE PAIN - Wireless hand massager would be a blessing to knock down all types of symptoms to Arthritis, like wrist pain, joint pain, tingles, and the carpal tunnel syndrome tendonitis, especially senior citizen. Besides, hand massager should be the perfect gift to improve blood circulation and reduce pain for a desk worker, pianist, house-worker or a person who enjoins his hands into the relentless work. Please use 5V2A ADAPTER to charge with the TYPE C cord included.
  • 6 ADJUSTABLE MODES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS - Cordless electric hand massager is designed for providing 6 different pressure point therapy with 6 levels of intensity. A blessing for the Arthritis patient for different needs. Hand massager machine offers premium shiatsu and acupoints massaging with air compression. It comes with ergonomic design by evenly pressure distribution to the acupuncture points of palm and wrist. Built-in 15min timer, it will turn off by itself. Enjoy the best relaxing time!
  • PAMPER YOUR HANDS SAFELY WITH HEATING & VIBRATING - Wrist massager is specially designed safely for applying warm compression. No electric leakage or short circuit. Heat up to around 104°F and create pressure in every corner of your wrist and palm. The heat functionalities will await you for 5min to reach the optimum temperature. It has 2 vibrational modes so you can toggle between two and stimulate more blood circulation. Perfect size to fit everyone. A family pain reliever for hands.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY ENSURES 100% COMFORT - Handheld massager has brought innovation for providing amazing comfort with better inside cushions. It is soft and comfortable massager wear and you can alleviate hand's pain remarkably. Silica gel at the bottom helps to fix therapy massager without sliding. 2500mAh rechargeable battery ensures long lasting using time. Charge it ONCE and you can use FOR HOURS WITHOUT worrying about cords or outlets. Wireless design gets rid of plugging in and out.
  • BEST GIFT & BEST SERVICE - Nearly 500 patients suffering from arthritis have TESTED the massage tool. Pain DECREASES day after day and more strength in muscles. It is recommeded to use hand massager with heat for 1-2 times daily to relieve the aches and improve sleeping quality. Great gift for families, especially for the elderly. If you have any questions, please contact us at once. We'll response quickly and meet your requirement. After you get hand massager, just enjoy the best experience!

Hand Massager with Heat, RENPHO Cordless Hand Massager Machine with 6 Levels of Massage and Intensity Compression for Palm Wrist Finger Numbness Fatigue Soreness Relief

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • Compression massage: The electric hand massager is designed with compression to rhythmically apply pressure to the entire hand. The pressure points designed inside the hand massager are precisely placed to effectively impact the acupuncture points of the wrist, palm, and fingers. The compression will tightly squeeze your hands to promote relaxation and relieve hand fatigue.
  • 6 massage modes and intensities: Programmed with six adjustable massage modes and pressure intensities to comfortably meet your unique needs. For safety considerations, the massager also automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of massaging. Note: It is recommended to start with the lowest intensity to see if your hands are suitable for the massager. After testing, increase the intensity to find the perfect massage intensity for you.
  • Heating and vibration functions: The hand palm massager provides gentle heat to the palm, which helps stimulate blood flow to reduce soreness and coldness in the hand. Using the vibration mode is helpful in relaxing and destressing tight, overused hand muscles. Note: Heating Area: Palm. The heating-up process may feel a bit slow; this is a safety measure and will require about 2-3 minutes before feeling the obvious heat change.
  • Wireless and portable: With a 2900mAh lithium-ion battery, this wireless hand massager is portable and easy to use at home, in the office, or on the go. Simply charge it in 4 hours with the included Type-C charging cable for a full charge.
  • An ideal gift : RENPHO hand compression massager is suitable for most people. It can be an ideal hand relaxation gift for your parents, partner, friends on Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Lunix LX3 Cordless Electric Hand Massager with Compression, 6 Levels Pressure Point Therapy Massager for Arthritis, Pain Relief, Carpal Tunnel and Finger Numbness, Shiatsu Massage Machine with Heat

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • While other hand massagers hurt your sore fingers due to strong pressure or just break after a few weeks, the Lunix LX3 pressure point therapy massager provides an intense massage and is 100% adjustable to your own needs. The LX3 hand massager offers 6 levels of massage and intensity, combines compression, heat (it provides a gentle warmth, around 104°F - enough to relax and enhance the benefits of the massage), and vibration to offer you the closest feeling to a real hand massage.
  • You deserve pain-free and relaxed days! You want to get rid of finger numbness, joint pain, relieve arthritis or carpal tunnel pain, and relax your hand after a long day at work. We have designed the most efficient finger and palm massager with heat for your needs. No matter you do manual labor, play an instrument, type at work, or play sports, you will feel its wonders on your tired hands and enjoy a relaxing mood with this hand massager.
  • Our mission is to improve your health! Our premium hand massager uses acupressure therapy by compressing the hand, stimulating acupuncture points, and improving blood circulation. Over 300 hand physical therapy patients have successfully tried the massage tool and experienced decreased arthritis pain and faster recovery after carpal tunnel surgery.
  • The perfect gift for a loved one! If you're looking for a great gift that has an innovative, life-enhancing factor, then you'll love our cordless heat massager. The unique and sleek design with shiatsu technology can fit into vibrant home decor or professional office desks. The soft inner cushion ensures 100% comfort, and the tingling sensation is normal during any kind of massage. Charge it once and you can use it for hours without worrying about cords or plugs.
  • You deserve only the best quality! We are a family-owned and operated company based in California and we pride ourselves on offering only proven, top-quality products and incredible customer service in the USA to our community of hardworking Americans. If the product stops working, we recommend checking the connection between the USB port and the USB charging cable or using another charging plug.

Carepeutic Hand-to-Wrist Warming Acupressure Massage with Kneading and Vibration

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • Acupressure massage. Warm Massage. Vibration Massage. Stretching hand palm and fingers to ease tension and improve flexibility and mobility in hands and wrists.
  • Natural, effective massage techniques to keep your hands and wrists supple and relieve hand pain and wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, and overuse injuries.
  • Loosen up hands and wrists and fully extend fingers to promote relaxation and ease pain of repetitive stress disorders from long period of computer work
  • Air pressure massage with ergonomic design and enlarged compartment suitable for hand to wrist stretching and massaging.
  • Vibration massage with heat treatment warms up hands and helps penetrating thermal energy deep into tissues and speeds up blood circulation.

Purology LXB Hand Massager Pressure Point Acupressure Compression Therapy Reflexology w/ Heat for Arthritis Wrist Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tendonitis Trigger Finger Pain Cordless | 3 Hand Therapy Balls

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • HAND PAIN : The Purology LXB hand massager, in elegant black, works by applying compression to multiple pressure points throughout your wrist, hand, fingers and palm to improve circulation and reduce pain. Ideal for individuals suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome , rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain. Continue to improve circulation and hand flexibility with the included hand therapy ball. Choose the density best for you and carry your preferred ball to exercise at your desk or on the road.
  • VERSATILE : With the broadest range of hand pressures available with an emphasis on expanded low pressure settings, the Purology LXB hand massager features 6 different modes to match your specific needs. Start at the lowest pressure and work your way up. Tingling during a hand pressure massage is normal. The soft cloth liner keeps your hand comfortable during your massage. Rechargeable and portable ; enjoy a long-lasting charge. Charger cable and USB wall plug are included.
  • HEATED: The heat function is a gradual warming process designed to increase circulation during your massage. It is formatted in such a way that your hand becomes acclimated to the process as the machine slowly warms. You may even feel there is no warming. To test this, feel free to turn on the hand massager for 5-10 minutes without your hand inside. Then turn it off, and feel inside. You will feel a noticeable difference.
  • WARNING : Everyone's hand size is different. There is no hand massager on the market that feels like a human massage. The Purology LXB hand massager relieves hand pain over time by applying compression to various pressure points on your hand while simultaneously warming and swaying across those pressure points. Just see the dots on your hands which indicate contact with your pressure points.
  • GUARANTEE : The Purology LXB hand massager comes with a 1 year warranty. If you are not completely satisfied, return it anytime for a full refund, even used. There is no risk, add one to your cart now.

Heated Wristband, Multi-Function Hand Joint Vibration Massage Wristband Wrist Heating Massager, Both Right and Left Hands Can be Used

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • LOW NOISE: We all know that the massage instrument will make a vibrating sound when it is used. This Wrist Massager uses a smart noise reduction design, which greatly reduces the noise during massage and allows you to have a quiet massage environment. It will not affect other people when using it.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: no wiring required, yes! The Heating Wrist Brace does not need to be connected to the power cord when you use it. You only need to charge it before using it, and then you can use it on anywhere, as long as its power is not exhausted; With a magic pad, you can adjust the size with a magic pad to make it fit your wrist perfectly.
  • INTELLIGENT THERMOSTAT: This versatile ankle massager features an intelligent thermostat. When you turn on the heating mode and then adjust it to a temperature that you think is comfortable, it will enter the thermostat mode and keep on this temperature. It won't make you feel sometimes hot or sometimes cold, its perfect for watching TV reading a book or taking a nap to using
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: This is a Wrist Support that combines heating and massage. Very suitable for office workers, often working on the computer plus the hand posture is not right, it is easy to cause the hand to feel sore, this time massage will be very comfortable. It is also suitable for the elderly. It can be used to warm the hands in winter.You can buy it as a gift to your parents!
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: If you have any questions about us wrist massager, please feel free to contact us and we can help you with your problem or a full refund.

Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine with Heat - Compression Air Pressure Point Therapy Massager for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Pain Relief & Hand, Wrist, Palm and Finger Massager (Black)

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • 【Effectively Relieve Hand Pain】The hand massager works by applying compression to multiple pressure points throughout your fingers, hand, palm and wrist to relieve tension and reduce pain. If you are an office worker, housewife, an athlete with mouse hands, swollen hands, or overused hands, it is exactly made for you. In the long run, the regular and proper stimulus to the palm can also benefit internal organs.
  • ✊【4 Modes And 3 Intensity Levels】The massager provides up to 4 modes to specifically stimulate different hand areas in order. There is Male/Female option to help you select the intensity range quickly. And the combination of different modes and 3 intensity levels can 100% meet your own demand. The lowest strength can be great for sensitive hands. Heating function is also available to help you improve blood circulation and repair damaged cells. For safety, it can let you feel warm, not very hot.
  • 【More Convenient With Cordless】A lithium-Ion battery includes in the unit and a USB cord comes with the package, so you can charge in any USB port like a computer. The large capacity battery allows you to massage more times. Cordless design can let you get rid of the troublesome cord and enjoy your massage anytime and anywhere. You don't need to worry about interrupting family rest because it is really quiet when working. Time setting also allows you to freely decide the time of massage.
  • 【Upscale And Textured Appearance】The white body with a large LCD dashboard forms an amazing combination. The shell made by high-quality material looks very upscale and textured, can be a good decoration even if put it on the table of home or office randomly. The LCD touch screen makes operation more convenient and smart, can let you know the current situation more easily. Above all, the massager is perfect as a gift for your friends, family and your loved ones.
  • 【Strong After-sale Service And Warranty】As a reliable company, we always committed to providing the best massage experience and strive to improve your health. To ensure you 100% satisfied, any questions please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

LifePro Hand Massager Machine with Heat, Cordless Electric Hand Massager for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, 5 Levels of Compression Massage and Intensity for Wrist, Palm, Numbness, Finger Pain (Black)

$79.99  in stock
as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • HAND PAIN RELIEF - enjoy the therapeutic relief that Lifepros hand massager offers - with the pressure point release, compression and heat features, our massager can help you relax, relieve pain, and improve circulation
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR MASSAGE - use the LED display to choose from 5 different massage modes, 2 vibration options and 5 different intensity levels to target your pain the exact way you want it.
  • MULTIPLE BENEFITS - use our hand massager to relieve pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, to soothe aching joints or use it to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and promote faster healing!
  • PERFECT GIFT - This handy device is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to feel the soothing effects of massage without having to go to a spa. Plus, it comes with a bonus carry bag and is packaged in a beautiful gift box.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - every Lifepro massager undergoes rigorous quality control testing, comes with lifetime support from our 'guiding angels' and has a built in lifetime warranty - so your never left hanging.

iVOLCONN Hand Massager with Heat for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine with 3 Levels Compression Intensity Massage for Wrist,Plam,Fingers Pain Relief

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • 【ACUPRESSURE AND PRESSURE MASSAGE WITH HEAT】: This IN-006H hand massager with compression and heat all around your hands, rhythmically pressurize the whole hand from finger to wrist, It squeezes your hand firmly and stretches the nerves and fingers straight out and provides powerful heat therapy, which could effectively improve blood circulation and relieve hand fatigue to help you restore finger flexibility.
  • 【TOTAL HAND RELAXATION】: The electric hand massager helps soothe hands pain and effectively relieve carpal tunnel, trigger finger and finger numbness,achy hands,stiff finger,soothe sore hands/wrists, fingers coldness strain and improve wrist and hand blood circulation. NOTE: This hand massager with NEW MASSAGE METHOD WITH AIR COMPRESSION MASSAGE from wrist to fingers and POWERFUL HEATING Therapy for cold hands and fingers, but NO ROLLING massage.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE 3 LEVELS INTENSITY】: Total 3 levels intensity of air compression point therapy, we suggest to try the first level compression intensity, or you may feel a litte stronger,and then to check whether need more stronger intensity to find your resonable intensity to enjoy massage. which can be applied to different people requirement.and with graphene heating technology quickly heating therapy for cold hands and fingers relaxation.
  • 【3 MASSAGE MODES】: 3 automatic massage modes named "Refresh,Recover and Relax" modes to massage different hands area, REFRESH MODE to massage the TOP of the HAND and the WRIST area equally,RECOVER MODE to focus on the TOP of the HAND,RELAX MODE to focus on the BOTTOM of the HAND and WRIST.Each mode will alternately compress and release pressure on the hand in various ways in order to massage muscles and relieve stress.
  • 【IDEAL GIFTS】: Daily use hand massager helps to relieve hand pain and relieve tension, it is a perfect gift with well packaged for Valentines day, Birthday, Mother's day, Father's day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to your family, friends,lover and co-worker, if you aren’t 110% satisfied with this hand warmer, Return it and with FULL Refund. HURRY AND BUY NOW! To give your hands a amazing relaxation.

Comfier Hand Massager with Heat, Cordless Hand Massage Tool with Compression & Heating,3 Modes & 3 Levels Pressure Point Hand Massager for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel from Finger to Wrist

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • Ultimate Hand Relaxation - Comfier Electric Hand massager adopts compression massage and compresses hot to pamper every part of your hand and work on the fingers and knuckles to ensure deep relaxation. Hand massager with heat helps soothe any knots and effectively relieve carpal tunnel and ease finger pains.
  • Air Pressure Massage - The Hand Palm Massager provides pressure on all sides of your hands and applies 3 Modes,Refresh,Health care, Relax & 3 intensity levels for each mode. The massager for hand helps rhythmically pressurize your whole hand starting from the wrist to the palms and fingers.
  • Wireless & Touch-screen Control - Comfier cordless massager machine with a charging cord soothes hands and fingers from the top to bottom to achieve deep relaxation. Rechargeable hand massager is portable to use at home,office or on the go. Simply control with 5,10,15 mins Timer settings by touch Screen control panel is convenient.
  • Optional Heating - Comfier hand warmer massager with heat compression can warm up your hands quickly and moist prevent dryness. It provides gentle heat therapy that promotes blood circulation and ease hands soreness muscles, numbness, cold fingers and palm. Personalize your massage mode by setting 3 pressure programs with optional heating.
  • Gift for Women Men - An ideal healthy gift for women men, get hands massaged and feeling refreshed by using hand massage machine. Gift for wife, mom, dad, or any loved ones to relieve any pains in hands. For any reason, if this hand massager tool does not meet your expectations, free return within 30 days.

PERLEVI Electric Hand Massager Machine for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, Cordless Hand Massager with Heat and Air Compression Kneading, for Wrist, Plam, Fingers Pain Relief

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • 【All-round Air Compression】:Perlevi hand massager machine has fully wrapped pneumatic massage air bag to massage hand back, finger, wrist and palm respectively. Provide deep massage from wrist to finger.Heat compression hand massage offers comfortable relaxation and alleviate rheumatoid pains on your hands. It works as a hand warmer and rheumatoid arthritis products as well in winter.
  • 【Soothing Heat Treatment】:The shiatsu hand massager with heat compression is also beneficial to hand beauty treatment. Hundreds of massage bumps on the airbag simulates real artificial massage. Heat compression with air pressure therapy helps maintain the softness and dexterity of your fingers and wrists, keeps skin elasticity, prevents dryness and wrinkles.
  • 【Personalized settings】: The handology hand massager machine with heat can be personalized set to meet your unique needs.Hundreds of massage bumps on the airbag can tightly and powerfully press the finger, palm, wrists and other parts to relieve fatigue.Simply control with 5,10,15 mins Timer settings by control panel is convenient.Especially suit for the elderly, office staff, housewife, pianist, E-sports player.
  • 【Wireless and rechargeable】You can use this wireless hand therapy massger at home, in the office or on travel for timely relieve fatigue. Enjoy comfortable massage anywhere anytime.
  • 【Ideal Gift & Excellent Service】:Novel appearance designed with pearl white shell with stoving varnish. Ideal gift for parents, relatives. Especially for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Perlevi offers 1 year quality warranty and 30 days worry-free return.

Comfier Cordless Hand Massager with Heat & Compression,3 Modes/3 Levels Pressure Point Hand Massager for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel,Finger Numbness,Electric Finger Wrist Massager,Gifts for Women Man

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • Refresh Full Hands, Comfier hand massager with heat adopts powerful compression massage to every part of your hand to provide deep relaxation. Hand massager tool helps relieve Arthristis and carpal tunnel, Finger Numbness after manual work such as typing, playing instrument,etc.
  • Acupressure & Pressure Massage, Comfier hand massager tool provides rhythmic pressure and point acupressure to massage the entire hand from fingers to palms and wrists. The electric hand massager for arthritis comes with 3 massage modes & 3 intensity levels for options.
  • Soothing Heat, The hand wrist massager provides gentle heat massage to warm your hands and moist prevent dryness and ease hands soreness and numbness,cold fingers.Normally it takes 2-3 minutes before feeling the obvious heat change.
  • Wireless with USB Charger, Comfier cordless hand finger massager is built in Lithium Ion battery which is rechargeable by USB cord. Convenient and portable to enjoy hand massage at home,office or on the go. Easy to operate by button control panel to customize personal hand massage mode.
  • Ideal gifts for Women,Man, Comfier hand compression massager machine fits woman or man to get hands relaxation. An ideal healthy birthday Mother’s day Father’s day gift for Mom or Dad. Simply control by buttons and convenient to take anywhere. For any reason, if this heated hand massager does not meet your expectations, free return within 30 days.

Hand Massager Machine - Carpal Tunnel Relief - Cordless Wrist Massager with Compression, 6 Levels Pressure Point Hand Massager for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, Shiatsu Finger Numbness & Arm Massage

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • 6 MASSAGE & INTENSITY LEVELS: The Belmint deluxe hand massager features six different massage modes and 6 levels of intensity. Perfect for relieving your sore hands, releasing stress, and helping you relax.
  • HEAT & VIBRATION: Soothing heat function and vibration give you a spa-experience massage to warm your hand and muscles and increase blood circulation.
  • PORTABLE & CORDLESS: Hand held and cordless design, you can bring it to home, office and anywhere. This lightweight massager can be easily stored and transported.
  • CORDLESS & RECHARGEABLE: The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for approximately a total of 180 to 120 minutes on a full charge. For your safety, it features a 15-minute auto-shutoff to prevent overheating.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Belmint hand massager makes an excellent gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday gifts, or any unique relaxation gifts for women /men /yourself!

Prourbier Cordless Air Compression Hand Massager -Shiatsu Hand Massager Machine with Heat Compression -6 Modes 6 Levels Pressure Point Acupressure Therapy Massager for Hand and Wrist

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  • 【SECURITY UPGRADE】A USB-C port is used for battery charging. And a USB to USB-C cable is included in the package. If charging with adaptor, please make sure a 5V 2A adaptor is used. For safety reason the massager cannot be turned on while charging. Charge at least 6 hours before the first time using. Equipped with an Overheat Protection feature, the massager will shut off automatically after 15 minutes to ensure the user's safety and prevent damage.
  • 【Completely Relax Hands】The unique designed Air Compression Massage, combined with hot compress and vibration, can relieve muscle pain and fatigue of your hand and wrist. This device provides six levels of intensity and six program modes, allowing users to adjust to their own preferences.
  • 【Soothing Warmth Therapy】The heating element is small enough to avoid any potential overheating. We recommend to turn on the heating function 10 minutes before use. With heating function turns on, the massager works more effective to help promoting blood circulation, relieving muscle pain and hand numbness.
  • 【Hand Grip Strength Enhancer】Three Hand Grip Strengtheners are included in the package. Choose a suitable grip for you and use it anytime, anywhere. The hand grip strengtheners can help you balance your grip muscles and dilator muscles.
  • 【The Perfect Gift】Over 500 physical hand therapy patients have tried and recommended the massage tool. If you are looking for a great gift that has an innovative life-improving factor, this is the right one. The unique sleek design can fit a home vibrant decor or a professional office desk. The soft interior cushion ensures 100% comfort.

Navatiee Hand Massager Machine with Heat, Cordless Electric Hand Massager for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, 6 Levels of Compression Massage and Intensity for Wrist, Palm, Numbness, Finger Pain Relief

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as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • 【Deep Tissue Massage Technology】Our hand massager for arthritis and carpal tunnel combines with Shiatsu technique to apply pressure to your whole hand and wrist rhythmically to tissue massage deeply, which could effectively improve blood circulation and relieve hand fatigue to help you restore finger flexibility and wake up the body's vitality. Totally a great way to relax while watching your favorite show with the hand massager after a long day of work.
  • 【Customize Yourself Massage Mode】There are 6 massage modes and 6 intensities to meet your various requirements and provide the closest feeling to a real hand massage for you. Besides, the function of heat and vibration makes good use of gentle heat and vibration to strengthen the massage effect, which helps you relieve numb fingers, joint pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel pain, cold hands and other symptoms. (We recommend that you begin with the lowest intensity).
  • 【Open Ended & Cordless Design】We adopt the open ended design and it is easy to use for most groups. Wireless design gets rid of plugging in and out, you can enjoy the massage anywhere and anytime. Compared with other hand massager machines, we design the suspend function, which pauses the current mode and presses again to resume the massage mode. Besides, With the battery indicator, you can precisely know the remaining power and charge power.
  • 【Intelligent Timing Protection Function】Our cordless electric hand massager built in the 2500mAh high quality rechargeable lithium battery and ensures 4.5 hours working time (without heating and vibration on). Upgraded overheat protection function and automatic shut off after 15 minutes. It is equipped with a new generation quiet motor, it creates a comfortable environment while bringing powerful massage power. Please use a 5V 1A or 5V 2A adapter to charge it.
  • 【Exquisite Gift For The One You Love】If you are looking for a perfect gift and solving the problem of finger numbness, joint soreness, and relieving the pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel, our electric hand massager is your best choice. It is suitable for most people to use and must be an ideal gift for your parents and mates. Furthermore, we strictly control the quality of each product to ensure that each user can get the perfect products and enjoy the best quality service.

Arthritis Pain Relief - Finger Wrist and Hand Massager for Carpal Tunnel, Tingling, Stiffness, Fatigue

$10.95  in stock
as of June 19, 2022 8:06 am


  • GIVE YOUR FINGERS RELIEVE THEY DESERVE: the massage roller helps relieve chronic and arthritic pain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, inflammation and tension. Improve grip strength, finger flexibility and mobility, reduce finger fatigue
  • A MUST FOR: musicians, computer users, gamers, climbers, tennis players, gymnasts, artists, athletes and for other general use. Portable and great to keep in your bag, car, office or travel.
  • ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE: improve circulation, stimulate acupressure points and nerves, improves Qi (CHI) energy. Often referred to as “foam rollers” for your fingers helps restore joint function, relieve tendon pain, numbness or tingling in fingers.
  • MAGNETIC BALL: on the tip of the device rotates 360º and can be used anywhere on the body and face to relieve pain or for a rejuvenating anti-aging face massage. Both double wheels and the magnet ball may be used on wrists to relieve arthritis and Carpal Tunnel.
  • BECAUSE YOU DESERVE BETTER! Make a thoughtful gift to yourself and your loved ones. Purchase with complete confidence. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will promptly refund your purchase.

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