5 Best Futon Mattresses 2021 (Reviews)

Best futon mattresses. If you live in a big city or metropolitan area, limited space is common for homeowners. Problems come when you have guests to stay!

This is the time when you want to provide your guest with comfort while they sleep, and you can give them a fold-out bed with a futon mattress. The best futon mattresses can be as useful as regular mattresses!

The design of futon mattresses is thinner than standard mattresses. Futon mattresses can provide back support, maintaining the spine in alignment, and reduce pain and aches for many users!

You can turn your sofa into a bed for your guest using a futon bed that is convenient and comfortable. You do not need to spend much money on comfort and convenience to spend on a new mattress.

Advantages of futon mattress

1. Manage low back pain

Even though a futon mattress is designed to be firmer than latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, it may look like it will be hard to sleep on the floor. A futon mattress is comfortable.

The actual reality is that futon mattresses are crafted to deliver the needed foundation to your body when lying on a futon mattress. The foundation provides support to prevent the effect of back pain and support to your joints.

You may suffer a twisting joint when sleeping on a soft bed that can provide more relaxing sleep. The futon mattress will help avoid back pain and is recommended by experts.

2. Lower allergic reaction

If you suffer from allergies and are sensitive to dust, you can consider purchasing a futon mattress because most models are chemical-free and made out of 100% cotton. You may experience allergic reactions when you lie down on thick mattresses that have more chances of getting bacteria, mold, and dirt.

The best organic ingredients for creating organic futon mattresses are obtained including the USDA-certified organic cotton, Dunlop latex, coconut coir, or crimped virgin wool.

Standard mattresses use synthetic materials. 100% organic cotton futon mattresses are hypoallergenic and recommended by experts for you with hypersensitivity to allergy and odor.

So the best way to avoid allergic reactions is to purchase an organic futon mattress. Some of these organic futon mattresses are also available in many sizes.

3. Manage air circulation

Have you experience getting too hot while sleeping? You must struggle to get to sleep, right?

Some mattress models limit air circulation. A limited air circulation means that heat is kept inside the mattress, which causes discomfort for you.

Futon mattresses are made of breathable materials to manage air circulation. The air circulation is better that will provide freshness when you sleep at night. In the summer, where the temperature is warmer and humid, futon mattresses are preferred.

4. Easy maintenance

You can not clean your mattress in the washing machine. Homeowners use their vacuum cleaner to remove dust, hair, and dirt from their mattresses and memory foams.

According to the Japanese tradition, to clean a futon mattress, you must take the futon mattress outside and shake the dust off. You can use water, hung outside, and exposed to the sun to dry off for a thorough clean. It is an effortless way of maintenance.

5. Easy to store

Because futon mattresses are foldable, thinner than memory foams and coil mattresses, they are much easier to store in a storage room. If you have limited space in your apartment or house, futon mattresses are ideal for a compact bed.

When you have guests over to stay, it is the best selection for those houses or apartments without a much spare room. Futon mattresses can also become sofas if you buy the futon frame.

6. Child safety

Many homeowners use a futon mattress to place it on the floor instead of a bed frame. Floor mattresses type lessen the risk of you falling from the bed when you are sleeping.

The feature is suitable when you have energetic children at home. You can avoid head bumps and injuries from rolling off the kid-size futon mattress! A kid-size futon mattresses are suitable for babies who have started to explore, crawl, and move!

Top 5 futon mattresses comparison chart

Model  SizePriceRatingLink
DHP 8-Inch Futon Mattress Independently Encased Coil Best Futon Mattress8-inch$$$4.4Buy At Amazon
Maxyoyo Grey Triangle Japanese Floor Memory Foam Futon Mattress4-inch$$4.2Buy At Amazon
Classic Brands Classic 8-Inch Futon Mattress8-inch$$4.2Buy At Amazon
6-Inch Futon Mattress Tufted – Mainstay (Mattress Only)6-inch$$4.2Buy At Amazon
Leather 5000 Series Futon Mattresses Vertical 8 Inch Innerspring8-inch$$4.3Buy At Amazon

Top 5 best futon mattress reviews

1. DHP 8-Inch Futon Mattress Independently Encased Coil Best Futon Mattress

Best futon bed

DHP 8-Inch Futon Mattress Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress is made from foam and polyester layering. It is located between the coils and the cover. It is one of the most comfortable futon mattresses.

The polyester and foam layering are for comfort, and the steel coils are for support at the maximum. The 8-inch futon mattress cover is made from a lavish tufted fabric with an 8-inch futon mattress.

This 8-inch futon mattress’s outstanding feature is that the foam is made of CERTIPUR-US free of ozone depleters that meet the Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633. The foam does not include flame retardants like heavy metal, mercury, TCEP, PBDEs, and phthalates.

This 8-inch futon mattress comes with independently encased coils for equal weight distribution. The mattress will match the body’s curves.

If you have hips, back, neck, and shoulder problems, this futon mattress will help relieve pressure points and pressure at the joints. Each independent coil provides comfort, lower pressure, and lending support.

Any motion transfer will be lowered for lush comfort by the dense foam and polyester. The futon mattress is comfortable to maintain and clean.

2. Maxyoyo Grey Triangle Japanese Floor Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Memory Foam Futon mattresses

Maxyoyo Grey Triangle Japanese Floor Futon Mattress is covered by 100% cotton cover, while the filling material is a combination of memory foam and cotton.

The memory foam futon mattress is a twin-size futon mattress with bands to hold the futon mattress while in the rolled-up position. If you want to transport the futon mattress, you can roll up and place it in the storage.

This twin futon mattress is about seventeen centimeters thick with an excellent craft. The bottom and top layers are six centimeters of cotton.

A high-quality foam of five centimeters thick is in the middle of the layer to prevent the futon mattress from falling apart. When you lay down on the futon mattress, its foam provides supports.

You can use this versatile twin futon mattress in your home for guests or the student’s dormitory. The twin futon mattress can be taken for cabins, used in the RV and camps, place it on your truck.

You can turn this twin futon mattress into a sofa in the living space when you place it on a futon frame. The futon mattress can also be used as a floor pillow bed, your children’s play mat. It is a folding futon mattress.

There is the twin futon mattress, full-size futon mattress, and queen size futon mattress for this product.

3. Classic Brands Classic 8-Inch Futon Mattress

Queen-size futon mattress

This Classic Brands full-size futon mattress is a brown eight-inch futon mattress that comes with individually encased innerspring coils. The full-size futon mattress is well-ventilated, overlaid by a one-inch fiber layer that provides a neutral sleep temperature.

The 8-inch futon mattress is covered in a quilted velour and plush cover on the top of the layer. If you have a futon frame, the full-size futon mattress will and regains the standard shape on unfolding.

This 8-inch futon mattress is vacuum-packed to compress when rolled-up. It would take about forty-eight to up to seventy-two hours to finish the bed’s unpacking and decompress.

The cover is made from polyester microfiber. It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

4. 6-Inch Futon Mattress Tufted – Mainstay (Mattress Only)

full-size futon mattress

This Mainstay 6-inch Futon Mattress Tufted comes in a mattress only that can provide you good value for money. This contemporary design 6-inch futon mattress also comes with a cover.

The cover is tufted to the component or material to retain the cover in place. The material has a GreenGuard certification that is made of polyester and thermo-bonded cotton.

You can maintain and clean the cover easily. Prepare a cloth and water, make the damp cloth, and wipe the cover.

The 6-inch futon mattress with fit a full-size futon frame and will charm any room. The futon frame became a sofa and unfolded to make a bed — just the perfect bed for guests. The futon mattress dimensions is 75″L x 54″W x 6″H.

5. Leather 5000 Series Futon Mattresses Vertical 8 Inch Innerspring

8-inch futon mattress

The cover of the Jerry Sales Leather 5000 Series is made from leather and bonded fabric without a back panel. The futon mattress adapted the active support technology of 294 vertical 13.75 g.

The Jerry Sales Leather futon mattress comes with insulator pads in 1.5-inch-thick high-density foam and hand-tufted 20-pound garnetted cotton.

This futon mattress meets the CSPC flammability standards and 13-gauge Bonnell springs. The Bonnell springs will support the body and match the body movements.

Below and above the springs, a synthetic insulation layer helps prevent the material from moving into the Bonnell springs. A layer of Certipur-US can deliver support, comfort, and padding.

The futon mattress meets CSPC Flammability Standards Made in the USA.

Factors to consider when purchasing a futon mattress

1. Durability

The durability of the futon bed is, for the most part, determined by the materials. It is recommended that you purchase a futon bed made up of materials that last longer without sacrificing convenience and comfort.

You also want to consider the warranty periods. The warranty period will show how the manufacturer can predict the futon bed will last without manifesting any damages and issues.

It is also crucial to know that you should ensure that it is adequately taken care of if you like your futon bed to last longer.

2. Thickness

The overall structure designates the thickness of a futon bed. A sleek futon bed may look good compared to a thicker futon bed.

If your futon frame is made of hardwood, you might want to consider purchasing the thicker futon mattress. The thickness of the futon mattress needs to match the structure of the frame.

An eight-inch thick futon bed can be very comfortable compared to a six-inches thick futon bed. The materials used can determine the thickness of a futon bed.

If you are a heavy person, you need to consider purchasing a thicker futon bed to support comfort.

3. Comfort level

If you intend to have a restful sleep, comfort is essential when selecting your futon mattress. Comfort must be met when you are sitting comfortably as well.

A futon mattress must fulfill a dual purpose. You have to make sure you purchase a bed that will be comfortable for sleeping and sitting.

The materials used to support comfort while sitting and sleeping will determine the comfort you get from the futon mattress.

You should consider the most comfortable futon mattress.

4. Purpose

If you have guests staying over, you should consider how often you or your guests have to sleep on the futon mattress. When you want the futon mattress for a guest bed, purchasing a cheap futon mattress is the right option.

The cheap futon mattress is usually made from less expensive materials, like cotton. However, suppose you use a futon mattress every night as your regular bed for whatever reason (such as to leave your children to sleep in the bedroom), you do not select the cheap futon mattress.

In that case, you should consider purchasing a high-quality, reliable, coil futon bed that supports comfort. The price should be more expensive.

You have to remember that sleeping on a mattress must fit your posture. If the futon mattress does not fit, it can cause deformations and other issues.

Spending more money is the right thing to do when purchasing a high-quality and reliable futon mattress to avoid back misalignment.

5. Material

Some materials can make futon mattresses like wool, foam, and cotton. In today’s market, a futon mattress has an innerspring in them.

The frame is made out of steel coil covered with layers of foam. A futon mattress may be made of high-density polyfoam or latex.

A futon mattress can also be made from a layer of pocketed coils covered by memory foam and latex.

6. The size

The sizes available for futon mattresses are the same as standard mattresses with 8 available sizes.

  • Single futon mattress & single XL futon mattress
  • Twin futon mattress & Twin XL futon mattress
  • Full-size futon mattress
  • Double-size futon mattress
  • Queen futon mattress
  • King futon mattress
  • California king futon mattress