5 Best Foldable Mattress 2021

Best Foldable Mattress. The foldable mattress is one of the best inventions in the bed industry that we can enjoy today. It is a suitable solution for people with limited space at home or apartment or condominium.

Its superior foldable design can make you easily and quickly fold it to store it inside the closet or other storage areas when not in use. For your guests, you can fold and slide the mattress under your bed once the guests left.

With this feature, you can move it without hassle. This foldable mattress is sold with three panels that fold into two sections.

The foldable mattress has multi-purpose, including for guest beds, children for sleepovers, camping trips, and lounging in your living room. A folding mattress can be more comfortable than a cheap sofa or a firm futon.

When it comes to outdoor activities, you can also carry it for traveling and camping for a more comfortable sleep. It is not suitable for hiking because it is too bulky.

Benefits of foldable mattress

1. Space saving

For small homes, condominiums, and apartments where you need to maximize the small space, a foldable mattress is a suitable alternative for traditional mattresses. A compact mattress that you can be folded into a smaller size is very important to save space.

You can fold it into two or three to decrease its size. This is not possible to do with mattresses with bed frames.

For childer, they can enjoy more space to play or run after the mattress is folded. This mattress is a great investment to minimize too many things at home.

You can declutter your space every morning then enjoy a restful sleep every night.

2. For children and guests

Children love to roll on the floor while reading books, drawing, or playing. You can provide them with a foldable mattress.

A foldable mattress can be much more comfortable to roll on compared to roll on the floor without a carpet. Thin playing mats can not provide comfort.

A folding mattress can be used as extra protection when leaving your children on the bed, where the chance of falling is high. This will give you worry less sleep at night.

As for your guests, a foldable mattress can be the alternative bed. It does not eat up much space.

When you do not have a guest, you can maximize your space for other things.

3. Travelling and sleepover

The foldable mattress is the perfect choice for sleepovers! Especially if you have children and teenagers who love sleepovers.

You can fold it into a compact size, fit it into the car for sleepovers. Your children would be very happy every time they wish to sleep at their friends’ house.

The foldable mattress is excellent for traveling if you want to camp near your RV or SUV or minivan. It is portable and lightweight to carry in your RV or minivan so you will not sleep on the ground when outdoors.

4. Cheaper

Finding a regular foam foldable mattress under $300 is challenging. A foldable mattress is a significant investment. A folding mattress is cheaper than a hybrid mattress.

Buying a foldable mattress can help you save money for a high-quality model. Do not expect a foldable mattress to be as durable and long-lasting as a regular mattress.

The foldable mattress has limitations too, but it is more practical.

Factors to consider when purchasing a foldable mattress

1. The portability

Every foldable mattress is manufactured for portability. When you are on a camping trip, you can pack your mattress by folding it up and carrying it around as you wish.

Numerous foldable mattresses can have more portability than other models. The folding weight and technique can determine it.

Of course, When you search for a foldable mattress, it must be able to fold up. In today’s market, foldable mattresses will fold into three panels.

The tri-folding feature makes it much more compact compared to mattresses that fold in one place. The size of the foldable mattress can be quite large when it has been folded up. The queen size mattress is the largest size of a folded mattress.

A relatively thin mattress that uses a low-density foam will be highly portable and lightweight. A high-density and thick foam mattress will be much more comfortable.

2. The thickness

The thickness of a foldable mattress can determine how comfortable the foldable mattress will be. The thicker the foldable mattress, the higher comfort it can provide.

A thicker mattress can deliver more support and prevent you from sinking when you lay down on the foldable mattress. However, a thicker mattress can be heavier weight than a thinner mattress.

A thick mattress can be less portable. The price is also higher than the thin, foldable mattress. So you have to keep your budget before purchasing one. Most foldable mattresses come in 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches of thickness.

3. The cover

The purpose of the cover of a foldable mattress is to guard the inside foam against getting damaged. The cover can guard against dust mites and moisture.

There are numerous types of covers that you can select from. Foldable mattresses usually have covers that are sewed or removable.

A removable cover is suitable for the foldable mattress that gets dirty quite often for easy cleaning. The material can determine how the foldable mattress is durable.

Choose a foldable mattress made up of a sturdy fabric that can withstand any damage. If you expect to have a wet condition, a waterproof cover is recommended to wick away the foam’s moisture.

4. The foam

The material used to make a foldable mattress should be the most crucial consideration when purchasing a foldable mattress. The type of foam can determine the level of comfort the mattress will be.

There are two primary types of foams: polyurethane foam and memory foam. Memory foam is a dense material that can adjust to the weight that absorbs body heat to get softer and warmer. You will feel the comfort as you lay down and provide a sinking effect.

The foldable memory foam mattresses are comfortable and high durability. These types of mattresses are more expensive than other types of mattresses.

Polyurethane or latex foam is a cheaper foam that is less durable and less compared to the memory foam. Their lifespan is shorter and suitable for people who are looking for a cheap foldable mattress.

15 best foldable mattress

Model  MaterialPriceRatingLink
Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam MattressMemory foam$4.7Buy At Amazon
Best Choice Products 4 inches Thick Folding Portable Full Mattress Topperfoam$4.5Buy At Amazon
Best Price Mattress 4″ Trifold Mattress TopperMemory foam$4.5Buy At Amazon
Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam TopperMemory foam$4.4Buy At Amazon
American Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat Jr Twin TriFold Foldable Mattressdurable non slip mesh$4.4Buy At Amazon

5 Top best foldable mattresses reviews

1. Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam Topper

This foldable mattress by Olee is a definite worthy investment for you. You can move it out during your traveling, sleepover guests, out of town vacations, and outdoor activities!

The foldable mattress can be folded, and the cover can be washed with the easy zipper system. The foldable mattress is filled with durable and compact foam with four inches of thickness in length.

With four inches of thickness, this Olee foldable mattress will never be causing distress when you want a restful sleep. This tri-folding mattress can hold any user’s size to provide the most relaxing experience for all users and customers.

The Olee tri-folding mattress comes with a high-quality supportive memory foam that delivers a restful sleep. The memory foam is comfortable, soothing, and long-lasting that will not deform over a long time and use.

  • easy to fold up for extra floor seating
  • 1.5-inch dura i-gel foam
  • 2.5-inch dura had support foam
  • supportive memory foam topper for soothing sleeping or leisure.
  • ideal for sleepover guests.
  • comfortable and portable topper
  • support neck and back
  • easy storage in a closet

2. Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress

The Milliard foldable mattress delivers the flawless balance between portability and comfort with a suitable thickness of six inches. The mattress does not sink or sag from the pressure when a person lay down on the foldable mattress.

This foldable mattress is best used for children and adults. The thickness can offer the same comfort as your home bed.

Even if it is a foldable mattress, it does not sacrifice the comfort of the mattress. You can fold the tri-fold mattress quickly in two places.

It will be packed into three panels for easy transportable. When folded, the size of the mattress becomes about half in length and width.

When you fold a 78 x 58 x 6 inches twin size mattress, the size becomes 38 x 26 x 18 inches. Without having to worry about space, the foldable mattress convenient to store away for the next time you use it.

The bed weighs a manageable 27.5 pounds. It features a lightweight and ultra-soft removable jacquard bamboo cover.

The cover

The bamboo cover covers the top of the foam to protect the mattress from getting damaged. It also has an anti-slip bottom to make sure that the bed does not slide around on smooth surfaces.

You can wash the cover by taking it off and throw it in the washing machine for convenient and quick cleaning. The mattress is made from high-density foam with a 4.5-inch internal layer. It is topped with 1.5 inches of memory foam for a comfortable and restful sleep.

Because it is made from high-density foam, the mattress is stable and firm and stable while the memory foam will fit you with adjustment. The mattress can regulate the temperature with the ventilated for airflow for maximum comfort while you sleep.

  • can easily accommodate all sleeping needs
  • provide therapeutic qualities
  • delivers comfortable support
  • ventilated bed for airflow to help regulate sleep temperature
  • ideal for sleepover guests, dorm rooms, camping, and traveling.
  • 1.5-inch of (3 lbs) luxurious memory foam
  • 4.5-inch supportive foam base
  • CertiPUR certified premium memory foam
  • superior high-density construction
  • does not lose its shape
  • it comes with a removable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover with anti-slip bottom

3. Best Price Mattress 4″ Trifold Mattress Topper

Foldable Mattresses

The Best Price Mattress is a foldable mattress with a dual-layered foam, a 2.5-inch high-density base foam, and a 1.5-inch memory foam on top. You will get enough comfort and support from the memory foam when you lay down on the mattress.

No need to worry about the sleeping surface to sink as you lay down because of the firm and sturdy thick layer of memory foam. You can have a comfortable and pleasant sleep away from home!

The design is minimalistic, suitable for picnic, guests sleepover, camping, and car trips. This tri-folding mattress makes it convenient to carry and pack with you.

The cover is made from pure poly-Jacquard material with an anti-slip bottom, so it will not slide. You can wash the zippered cover into the washing machine and can be removed for cleaning purposes.

It is suitable for children or adults and can withstand heavy weights without losing its sturdiness and firmness.

  • Poly Jacquard cover
  • 3-year warranty
  • 1.5-inch memory foam top layer
  • 2.5-inch high-density base foam layer
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

4. American Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat Jr Twin TriFold Foldable Mattress

Foldable Mattresses

This American Furniture foldable bed is easy to carry and a reliable bed to bring comfort to you. This tri-folding and light mattress can be a perfect gift for a particular occasion.

The appearance is smart with various color selections of mesh & poly navy and mesh & poly black. It comes with the sling handle and Velcro secure feature, so you can move into areas and sprawl the mattress anywhere you want.

The mattress is made from compact and soft foam. The high quality of construction of the foaming feature a comfy mattress that brings excellent and comfortable sleeping experience.

The foam provides the proper ventilation as the foam helps in regulating temperature while you sleep. It can achieve the best comfort and support after a long and busy day at work.

With its lightweight and foldable features, this mattress is a suitable bed for travelers and active people of all sizes and ages. There is an easy-care instruction to get rid of the worries of staining the mattress and wash it with care!

  • ultra-soft poly sleep surface
  • Pro Fiber, comfortable soft, and breathable filling
  • ideal for camping, sports, reading, sleepovers, dorm rooms, and Yoga
  • folds easily for travel or storage
  • it comes with a convenient carry strap.
  • made of durable non-slip mesh sides and bottom with a soft top
  • the Pro Fibfilling meets all National Flammability Standards

5. Best Choice Products 4 inches Thick Folding Portable Full Mattress Topper

Foldable Mattresses

This Best Choice Products 4″ Folding Portable Mattress Full has a high-density and compact foam that delivers an excellent sleeping experience for you. The foldable mattress is a reliable product that assures that the foam will not fall in the future after years of use.

The foldable mattress is equipped with components inside the mattress, which is superior and high quality, holding the foam from bulging or disintegrating on portions over the use and time. The foam is a foam-filled built to ensure the expected comfort during your restful sleep without disturbing with discomfort.

This high-quality foldable mattress can be selected in different sizes of queen, full, and twin. The folding mattress features a four-inch foam with the certified seal, proving that it renders premium quality and excellent performance.

The trifold mattress feature can allow you to carry the mattress to car trips, guests sleepover, camping, outdoor activities that you want to spend the night with. The protective cover is removable and washable for freshness and sanitation maintenance.

  • soft and firm high-density foam for maximum comfort and padding
  • protect from pollutants, dust, pollen, pet dander, and moisture
  • ideal for camping bed, or as a floor sofa
  • it comes with a carrying case over the portable
  • the removable cover is machine-washable
  • easy care and maintenance
  • can release a harmless odor that dissipate within several hours