14 Best Cyclone Dust Collector 2021 (Reviews)

Best Cyclone Dust Collector. Fine dust, debris, and other granular powder or solid filled air can cause several threats to industries. They lead to health issues such as respiratory systems and can damage properties in the workplace.

High demand for a dust collection system has the purpose of improving the air quality of work facilities. A cyclone dust collector can provide efficiency and usefulness in the facilities.

These versatile machines have been found very helpful in increasing the quality of air in the workplace. They can make a sure pollution-free and safe environment.

These cyclone dust collecting systems can tackle high-volume dust loads. By installing these systems, you can minimize the rate of pollution at the workplace.

What is a cyclone dust collector?

A cyclone dust collector is the lowest cost and most straightforward machine to separate air-material. If you live near woodworking or grain facilities, they can be found to manage dust.

A cyclone dust collector can collect dust over twenty microns in size. It can be a low-maintenance dust collecting device without needing compressed air for cleaning.

The device applies a pre-filter system to reduce the dust loading to be sent to cartridge dust collectors and baghouse. This system can reduce servicing and maintenance costs because the pre-cleaner can save tear and wear on the cleaning system and filters.

These are features of cyclone dust collector.

  • no moving parts
  • simple to maintain and operate
  • compartmentalized construction
  • fully-welded construction
  • removable cone section (for easy replacement)

The following industries use the cyclone dust collectors

  • sandblasting
  • grit & shot blasting
  • bag tube Packers
  • belt conveyors
  • shake out conveyor
  • bucket and bin elevators
  • floor gate
  • grinders
  • mixers, foundry
  • food processing industry
  • pulp and paper industry
  • bulk-powder processing industry

Parts of cyclone dust collector


Efficiency gauge

The efficiency gauge is the indicator to know when your filters need to be replaced or cleaned. It is a real-time visual performance on how much pressure is backed up behind the filters.

The gauge displays a static pressure reading. It is attached to up to eight feet away from the filter plenum.

This action can keep the dust collector unit running at peak efficiency.

HEPA Media

The HEPA media can capture as small as 0.3 microns in size and with a filtration efficiency of capturing 99.97% of particles. These filters are made from high-efficiency G.E. certified H12HEPA Media or MERV16±.

They come with non-stick PTFE coating (allow for easy and quick dust release) and wide-spaced pleating. The best thing is that an accredited 3rd party independently tests these filters.

Spunbond media

These are economic filters that capture 99% of air particles from 0.2 to 2.0 microns (µm) in size at 11 FPM. The filters are made from Izumi Axtar spun-bond polyester media or C-Rated.

They also come with wide-spaced pleating and non-stick PTFE coating. An accredited 3rd party independently tests them.

Plenum kits

Plenum kits are suitable for shops with dust collector within the shop. They are customized for each system to maximize filtration area to deliver a clean, healthy, and safe work environment.

Sound filters

This is an acoustic foam that makes the air vibration wet within the filter. The sound filter is the internal silencers that can reduce the perceived noise level by nearly 25%.


You can control a cyclone dust collector with these magnetic starters and remote start and stop stations.

Cartridges and pleated bags

It is recommended to replace cyclone dust collector cartridges to continue the efficiency and performance of the system. These cartridges and pleated bag style dust collectors are designed for vertical and horizontal mount styles that meet lengths and diameters.

Hopper level instruments and flow aids

Flow aids and hopper instrumentation are vital components that help in discharging dust from the dust collector hoppers. Several flow aids are available to solve stubborn or bridging hopper flow problems. Flow aids, similar to electric or pneumatic vibrators, fluidizing air pads, air sweeps, and sonic horns, work to resolve hopper flow issues.

What to consider when purchasing cyclone dust collector?

Drum capacity

This refers to the container’s size, which collects more massive dust and debris. Consider getting a cyclone dust collector unit with a more prominent drum to reduce the amount of time emptying it because it takes longer to fill up.

A large drum will be cumbersome and can be difficult to dispose of the waste. You can consider the 30 gallons drum capacity or for 50 or more gallons, as you wish.

Workshop size

You have to consider the size of your workshop. It is regarding the amount of space occupied by the cyclone dust collector.

The consideration also regarding the ability to tackle the volume of dust collector machine that the workshop produces. A large workshop must be served with a large dust collector to collect dust well for the entire space and be free from dust accumulation.

Motor power

The size of the motor can conclude the power and performance of a dust collector. The size is a vital factor in collecting dust with more efficiency and power.

A dust collector 1 HP motor will not be enough for large workshops. High motor power is needed. The minimum capacity is 1.5 HP motors.

Pre-filtering needs

In any room or facility, debris and dust collection efficiency are closely related to the airborne particles’ size. Consider the size of dust in the facility or plant, or factory before purchasing a dust collector.

Cyclone dust collectors are best when eliminating over ten to twenty microns in diameter. Two hundred mesh particles, a standalone cyclone dust collector, is suitable.

A cyclone dust collector can become pre-cleaner for cartridge collectors and baghouses by reducing the pre-filtering coarser material and dust load for particles smaller than ten microns in diameter.

Health benefits

The health benefits you will get from a dust collector is removing dust or debris in the workshop or workplace. Debris and dust in the air can cause many health hazards to the people exposed to them.

The content of dust could be minerals, metals, wood, and silica, that can lead to cancers, allergic reaction, respiratory issues, and poisoning. If you have the budget to purchase a cyclone dust collector, you are improving the conditions for people.

Suction capacity

The suction capacity of a cyclone dust collector depends on its pipe’s diameter and power rating. The suction capacity is given in Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM. The higher the value meaning more airflow per minute.

You require a dust collector that can match that device’s dust production.
You can choose between 350 to 500 CFM. A cyclone dust collector with 1,000 or less CFM can serve small shops. For a large shop, choose the 1,500 to 2,000 CFM.

Top 14 cyclone dust collector comparison chart

Model  Suction Capacity Price Rating Price
1. Baileigh DC-2100C Cyclone Style Dust Collector 2,111 CFM $$$$ 5.0 Buy At Amazon
2. Grizzly Industrial G0637-7-1/2 HP 3-Phase Cyclone Dust Collector 3,468 CFM $$$$ 5.0 Buy At Amazon
3. Baileigh DC-1450C Cyclone Style Dust Collector 1,450 CFM $$$$ 5.0 Buy At Amazon
4. Shop Fox W1868 2 Hp Portable Cyclone Dust Collector 3,450 CFM $$$$ 5.0 Buy At Amazon
5. Clear Vue Cyclones CV1800LH Dust Collecttor Cyclone 1,442 CFM $$$$ 5.0 Buy At Amazon
6. Jet JCDC-2 2 hp Cyclone Dust Collector 1,538 CFM $$$$ 4.5 Buy At Amazon
7. Jet JCDC-3 3 hp Cyclone Dust Collector Kit 2,102 CFM $$$$ 4.3 Buy At Amazon
8. Baileigh DC-600C Cyclone Style Dust Collector 604 CFM $$$$ 4.3 Buy At Amazon
9. Jet JCDC-1.5 1.5 Hp Cyclone Dust Collector 1,293 CFM $$$$ 4.2 Buy At Amazon
10. Grizzly Industrial G0860-1-1/2 HP Portable Cyclone Dust Collector 3,450 CFM $$$$ 4.2 Buy At Amazon
11. Grizzly Industrial G0862-3 HP Portable Cyclone Dust Collector 3,450 CFM $$$$ 4.2 Buy At Amazon
12. Laguna Tools MDC0680 3 HP Cyclone Auto Clean 2,200 CFM $$$$ 3.7 Buy At Amazon
13. Oneida Mini Gorilla Cyclone Dust Collector 600 CFM $$$$ 3.6 Buy At Amazon
14. Shop Fox W1823 Portable Cyclone Dust Collector 806 CFM $$$$ 3.6 Buy At Amazon

5 best cyclone dust collector

1. Jet JCDC-1.5 1.5 Hp Cyclone Dust Collector

Best cyclone duct collector

This Jet JCDC-1.5 1.5 Hp Cyclone Dust Collector is an effective duct collector unit with a directly-mounted filter. With a directly-mounted filter, it will remove the deficiencies in the flex hosing and bends.

The two-stage mechanism can capture most of the debris and dust particles. It can catch particles of 1 μm or less.

It is equipped with a twenty-gallon drum that can collect the larger debris. You can empty them with the independent caster, and the levers are easy to use.

  • Power: 1.5 HP, 115 volt
  • 6 inches, 2x 4 inches of inlet
  • 1,259 CFM pf suction capacity
  • drum capacity: 20 gallons
  • two stage separation that provide more working CFM
  • providing constant suction
  • direct-mounted filter to remove inefficiencies from bends and ridged flex hosing
  • the smallest particles down to 1 micron and below can be collected
  • remote control that work from up to 50-feet away
  • Double paddle manual cleaning system
  • Swivel casters to move the unit

2. Grizzly Industrial G0637-7-1/2 HP 3-Phase Cyclone Dust Collector

Best cyclone duct collector

If you have shapers, router tables, and sanders in the workshop, this machine is suitable for collecting dust.

This Grizzly cyclone dust collector is suitable for medium to large shops that have numerous machines running simultaneously. It is equipped with a 10-inch intake hole and can make 3,468 CFM of suction.

The machine features 220 volts or 440 Volt 3-phase system 7.5 HP. There are an 18-inch impeller and 261 square feet of filter surface area.

The body features 26 gauge steel, and the stand features 13 gauge steel. There are two 55-gallons drums for a total capacity of 110 gallons.

  • 99.97% @ 0.2 to 2 micron filtration
  • magnetic switch with remote control
  • noise reducing mufflers
  • powder coated paint
  • 10-inch intake
  • two 55-gallon collection drums
  • 18-inch steel radial impeller
  • 3,468 CFM
  • ramped inlet
  • casters for easy dust disposal
  • class “F” motor
  • dual-pleated filters to maximize air flow
  • Standard equipment mufflers to reduce noise level
  • 14.73-inch static pressure

3. Baileigh DC-1450C Cyclone Dust Collector

Best cyclone duct collector

The Baileigh DC-1450C is an efficient cyclone dust collection machine designed for a quiet and hassle-free operation. The power of this machine can serve as much as five machines in a workshop.

You will not encounter any trouble when the dust collector works eight hours continuously. The device can prevent any buildups with its smart filters.

It is also equipped with remote control for easy operation.

  • 220-volt single-phase power
  • 2 HP motor that can deliver 1,450 CFM
  • 1-micron filter prevents small particles
  • handle on the steel mesh container to prevent filter buildup
  • 28-gallon steel drum that has a window
  • drum on wheels to dump sawdust without spilling it
  • 2 suction ports (6-inch x 4-inch) hook up
  • grounding screw
  • remote control
  • a timer to turn off the machine automatically after hours of operation
  • low-noise levels
  • 4 swiveling casters on the base
  • easy to assemble (2 hours or less)
  • 1-year parts warranty
  • lifetime technical support

4. Oneida Mini Gorilla Cyclone Dust Collector

Best cyclone duct collector

This Oneida Mini Gorilla is a cyclone dust collector that provides a high-efficiency separation of up to 99%. The unit is equipped with a HEPA filter media that can filter up to 0.3 microns of dust and rated as 99.97% efficient.

It comes with a 600-CFM suction capacity. This product is an excellent choice for a small shop, and it can operate the top quality dust collectors you can get.

The cyclone dust collector machine combines the performance and quality of a dust collection system for individual home units or commercial use. It features materials that are industrial-grade materials to last a lifetime.


This cyclone dust collector is a portable system that is easy to empty and clean. The machine is recommended for tools with 4-inch to 6-inch dust collection ports, such as belt sanders, drum sanders, disc sanders, lathes, jointers, shapers, planers, table saws, and router tables!

Your safety, health, and quality of your work can perform well at all times when the device is working. Its waste container is a positively reinforced, lightweight, and 22-gallon drum with non-marking casters.

They are easy to empty and detach.

  • 5-inch inlet
  • neutral-vane inlet
  • integrated air ramp to reduce inbound air turbulence
  • HEPA-certified filter media (99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns)
  • verified by an accredited independent lab and 3rd party tested
  • requires zero pre-loading
  • integrated high-efficiency cyclone separator
  • steel, compact stand with non-marking casters for mobility
  • 22-gallon drop-down waste container with viewing windows and casters
  • the automatic bag holder system
  • provides up to 600 CFM
  • the low pitch noise level
  • separates up to 99% of fine dust and bulk debris from the airstream
  • tall cyclone design to maximize dust particle separation performance
  • wide-spaced pleating
  • non-stick PTFE membrane coating for easy and quick maintenance
  • durable fiber construction
  • wire cage reinforcement to maximize the longevity
  • equipped with patented Flame Guard™ arrestor
  • weighs only 85 lbs.
  • three quick-release latches for lifting the drum-off the ground
  • automatic bag holder for quick and easy waste disposal

5. Clear Vue Cyclone Dust Collector CV1800LH

Best cyclone duct collector

This Clear Vue Cyclone machine is made using a polycarbonate material. The device does not have a filter cleaner and a bin.

The machine delivers a 1,442 CFM to filter dust particles down to 0.5 microns. With the figures, this unit provides nothing but efficiency while in operation.

It stands tall at 96 inches installed and provides a 6-inch inlet. The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty from Leeson. Its motor is a 5-HP motor.

  • Leeson 5 HP, 230 Volt, single phase
  • 20.8 FLA (requires 30A breaker)
  • 15-inch blower housing (upgradeable to 16-inch)
  • 15-inch impeller (upgradeable to 16-inch)
  • 90° filter transition
  • 6-inch flex hose & clamps to easily connect to the collection drum
  • 9B300NANO Wynn Filters
  • filter clamp
  • 6-inch intake sized to receive drain and sewer PVC (ASTM D2729, ASTM D3034, and SDR 35 Pipe)
  • hanging plate
  • suction capacity: 1,442 CFM

Why do you need a cyclone dust collector?

Dust collectors are needed in woodworking or other facilities because of the machines’ operation that causes dust and other problems. Debris, fine dust, or angel hair should be removed before getting into a human lung.

Adding cyclone dust collectors supplement the performance of dust-filtering screens, and they can improve dust collection efficiency and help reduce overall maintenance requirements.

Benefits of cyclone dust collector

Cyclone dust collectors do not use expensive filters. A cyclone dust collectors use centrifugal force to remove dust and debris from the airstream.

If there are high levels of dust, contaminants, and airborne irritants, these machines are an excellent choice. Because the device uses the two-stage dust collectors system, it is considered safe to use.

Cleaning the baghouse or filters in industrial workplaces is not an easy task. Filters or baghouses are supposed to be taken to isolated areas for cleaning.

The costs of filter replacements are high, by using a cyclone dust collector is an economical option because of the low maintenance.

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