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Beautiful Girl With Brown Hair

After black hair, brown hair is the second most popular hue for human hair. Brown hair is often referred to as brunet (for men) or brunette (for women). It ranges from medium dark hair to light brown hair. Higher amounts of the dark pigment eumelanin and lower levels of the light pigment pheomelanin are its defining characteristics.

Brown hair were perceived as brave, passionate, and fierce, whereas those with brown hair were considered as refined, mature, and intelligent. Even in popular media, we may still witness these preconceptions today.

1. Innocent Looking Beauty

2. Beautiful Girl With Brown Hair

3. Long Straight Brown Hair

4. Stunning Beauty

5. Amazing Brown Haired Beauty

6. Brown Haired Girl With Freckles

7. Beautiful Young Girl

8. Pretty Girl With Brown Hair

9. Beautiful Brown Haired Girl

10. Brown Hair With Grey Eyes