8 Best Alcove Bathtubs For Home 2021 Reviews

Alcove Bathtubs. Alcove bathtubs are a top-of-the-line product that will give you years of relaxation and pleasure for you and the whole family members. It is possible if the bathtub is installed and maintained correctly.

You need to read carefully and understand all of the safety, installation, and maintenance instructions included in the product’s manual. Even though some models are easy to install, it would be recommended that the installation of the alcove bathtub be carried out by accredited and qualified professionals in accordance with the laws.

In this article, we have carefully research information about alcove bathtubs. We have come up with this buying guide for alcove bathtubs users looking for the top alcove bathtubs. Check out our best alcove bathtubs pros, cons, our favorite picks, ratings, comparison and review, so you can make the purchasing decision with satisfaction.

Our Quick Overview

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  1. Best Overall: Kohler Bellwether Alcove Bathtub (Rating: 9.5)
  2. Best Hexagonal Alcove Bath: KOHLER 715-0 Villager Alcove Bath (Rating: 9.1)
  3. Best Design Alcove Bathtub: Kingston Brass VTDE603122L (Rating: 8.9)
  4. Best Soaking Bathtub: American Standard Cambridge Alcove (Rating: 8.9)
  5. Best for Two People Alcove Tub: Kohler K-1118-RA-0 (Rating: 8.9)
  6. Best Budget Alcove Bathtub: American Standard Princeton (Rating: 8.9)
  7. Best Minimalist Alcove Bathtub: American Standard Studio 2946102.011 (Rating 8.3)

Our Top Picks

Product MaterialWarrantyDrain Location
Kohler Bellwether Alcove BathtubPorcelain-Enameled Cast IronLifetime Limited WarrantyLeft side
KOHLER 715-0 Villager Alcove BathPorcelain-Enameled Cast IronLifetime Limited WarrantyLeft side
Kingston Brass VTDE603122L Contemporary Alcove Acrylic BathtubAcrylic and reinforced with fiberglass and resin materialLimited WarrantyLeft side
American Standard Cambridge Alcove Soaking Americast BathtubAmericast, PorcelainLifetime WarrantyLeft side or right side
Kohler K-1118-RA-0 Expanse Curved Alcove TubAcrylic1-year WarrantyLeft side
American Standard Princeton Alcove BathtubNon-porous, durable, glossy porcelain enamel finish that is easy to clean and scratch resistantLimited Lifetime for residential; 10-year warranty for commercialRight side or left side
American Standard Studio Bathtub Alcove 2946102.011Acrylic and reinforced with fiberglassLimited Lifetime for residential; 3-years warranty for commercialRight side

What is an Alcove Tub?

Alcove bathtubs are like the installation method of bathtubs. The bathtubs are installed with a pocket alcove construction or three joining walls.

Some modern alcove bathtub designs only having a large window or two walls restricted the nature of the installation method. The method does not offer privacy with an added shower curtain or sliding door that leaves an open space.

The installation is rather easy to complete and the price is lower than freestanding tubs or Jacuzzi tubs. The location might be near a toilet or anywhere you want in the bathroom.

If you need help to get out and get in the bathtub, alcove bathtubs are a better option than a drop-in tub. You can install a safety grab bar or a rail to aid in exiting and entering the alcove bathtub.

Benefits of Alcove Tubs

Benefits Description
Cost-effectivenessThe all-in-one nature, ease of installation, and popularity of the tub can mean that this is the most affordable tub around. One standard-size acrylic alcove tub has a price range between $250 and $500.
Safe to UseYou can purchase one deep alcove soaking tubs, however, the majority of alcove tubs have shallow depths and low sides. This feature means that it is safer for children, older people, and the mobility impaired. The tubs are surrounded by three walls, which can make them ADA compliant with the addition of a slip-resistant coating and handrails.
The SizeYou can design your bathroom specifically for alcove installation and build three walls with the right dimensions of an alcove tub. The dimension is 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. Manufacturers that sell standard alcove tubs are Kohler, American Standard, and Toto.
Fit with any ShowerThe tubs are ideal for tub or shower combos. It can fit any shower curtain or doors, a special shower-and-tub faucet, a shower pipe, and a showerhead.

Alcove Bathtubs Materials

The materials for alcove bathtubs are stone resin, cast iron, fiberglass, and acrylic. Each material has its disadvantages and advantages. The final choice would depend on your budget.

  • Fiberglass. This material comes from forming layers of fiber-reinforced plastic. After that, it is layered with plastic into sheets to form a mold coated with gel-coat resin. It is the cheapest material, porous which can warp and become unstable over time. This material has a low lifespan. Fiberglass material usually can not withstand heavy impacts and may chip easily.
  • Acrylic. This material is a step up from fiberglass. The construction is similar to fiberglass bathtubs, however, it is stronger because of the vacuum sheets reinforcement. The reinforcement also lessens the water absorption rate or will not absorb water and more stable material. Acrylic bathtubs tend to discolor after longtime use, and cannot withstand heavy impacts.
  • Cast Iron. This material better than fiberglass and acrylic. It is made from pouring molten iron into a mold making it durable, easy to clean and withstand heat well. The weight is heavier than an acrylic bathtub or fiberglass bathtub. The heavyweight feature force you to reinforce the bathroom floor before the installation. The price is higher than acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs.
  • Stone Resin or Solid Stone. This is a natural stone with a special resin. The material is very durable, can withstand heat well, very little maintenance, and can withstand heavy impacts without damages or cracks. Unfortunately, it is a very heavy material. Bathroom reinforcement is a must before the installation. The price is almost similar to cast iron bathtubs

Types and Sizes of Alcove Bathtubs

Alcove bathtubs come in different styles for a more therapeutic role. Some models come with powered jets for a more relaxing bathing experience. Few models have a deeper water height, for a deeper soak which is useful for muscle relaxation or bathing with oils.

The average size is 48-inches long, 25-inches wide with 16-inches of water depth. Larger sizes are 72-inches long, 42 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. These bathtubs are limited in terms of designs and sizes. This is the cause of the manufacturing, which is to fit the size of any bathroom. A large bathroom may be bigger than these bathtubs.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Alcove Bathtubs

1. Features and Shape

You can choose rectangular tub or internally rounded tub. You will have the option of a unit with additional handles and supportive armrests. Some tubs will not need bath mats, because some models come with textured or non-slip floors.

2. The Drain Placement

Before purchasing the tub, you need to know the placement of the drain. Whether the drain is to the center, right, or left. This is very essential.

3. The Color

Colors of the tub range from muted cream shades to bright white. You can match and fit the color in reference to the bathroom decor.

4. The Height

If you have children or older people living in your house, they can struggle climb out and in the bath. Choose shorter step-over heights for safety.

5. The Price

If you have a budget for a bathtub, you can limit your choice by the material. The cheapest option is the fiberglass and acrylic bathtub. The more expensive choice is the stone resin bathtub.

6. The Weight

You need to reinforce the bathroom floor before installing stone resin bathtub since it is very heavy. If you choose other option, they are lighter and you probably do not need to do so.

Material Weight RangePrice RangeLifespan
Fiberglass70-pounds on average$300-$50010-15 years
Acrylic100-pounds on average$500-$1,20030+ years
Cast Iron240-500 pounds on average$500-$2,00015-20 years
Stone Resin350-1,000 pounds on average$1,000-$5,00030+ years

Best Minimalist Alcove Bathtub

American Standard Studio Bathtub Alcove 2946102.011

American Standard Alcove Bathtub
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Overall Amazon Customer Rating: 8.3 (Based on 95 reviews)

  • Light weight: 9.6
  • Thickness: 8.4
  • Value for money: 8.2
  • Easy to install: 8.0
  • Comfort: 7.6


  • Minimalist and modern design
  • Clean and sleek line
  • Lumbar support
  • Right or left drain
  • A textured floor for safety


  • Must add tub drains or soak drain

Our tips

This America Standard alcove bathtub has a minimalist design that can fit with any bathroom decor. We think that you will not struggle selecting accessories or additional features for this bathtub. It has 14-inches depth with the overall dimension 60-inches x 32-inches x 18-inches that has the capacity of 99.1-gallons.

No need to buy a bath mat, because the floor of the tub is textured with an anti-slip grip. You do not have to worry about your children being slipped in the tub. The tub can support your lumbar due to its built-in lumbar support. You can rest and lie back while taking a bath. Even if you decide to call professional bathtub installation service, they will not have trouble doing so, due to the weight at 60 pounds. It would be very easy to handle, that you can also install it yourself.

GTIN or UPC791556092693
FeaturesLumbar support
Anti-slip floor
ColorWhite Arctic
Drain PlacementRight side
Dimension60-inches x 32-inches x 18-inches
MaterialAcrylic and reinforced with Fiberglass which makes it very strong. The texture is really smooth.
WarrantyLimited Lifetime for residential; 3-years warranty for commercial

Best Hexagonal Alcove Bath

KOHLER 715-0 Villager Alcove Bath

Kohler Alcove Bathtub Villager
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Overall Kohler Customer Rating: 9.1 (Based on 90 reviews)

  • Customer Satisfaction: 9.0
  • Price: 9.0
  • Quality: 9.5
  • Appearance: 9.0


  • Safe for old people and children
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Cast iron construction


  • Non-slip coating on the bottom

Our tips

You will be amazed by the shape of this tub. The shape is not rounded or rectangular, but a hexagonal build. This unique appearance will provide a wow factor for those who want an alcove tub with character.

Any homeowners do not have top worry about falling due to the low step-over height of 14 inches. It is an advantage for having children or elderly people at home.

When one of your family members is physically limited or injured, bath mats can be helpful to eliminate the slipping while being on the tub. Fortunately, the Villager has a sturdy anti-slip grip to keep anyone stable as they climb in.

The enameled cast iron construction of this tub can make sure the tub can withstand heat, scratches, dent, and cracks.

GTIN or UPC040688102733
FeaturesBuilt-In Flange, Slip-Resistant
ColorAlmond, Biscuit, White
Drain PlacementLeft side
Dimension60-inches x 30.25-inches x 14-inches, 8 and 5/8 inches depth.
MaterialPorcelain-Enameled Cast Iron
WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty
Available colorAlmond, biscuit, white

Best Overall Alcove Bathtub

Kohler Bellwether Alcove Bathtub

Kohler Bellwether Alcove Tub
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Overall Houzz Customer Rating: 9.5 (Based on 65 reviews)

  • Value for Money: 8.6
  • True description: 10.0
  • Quality: 10.0


  • Safe for users
  • Easy entry or exit
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable and last a lifetime
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Extra storage space


  • May have a wavy, rippled, bumpy finish

Our tips

This Kohler Bellwether alcove tub has a modern, clean, and contemporary design in an industry-standard size and popular. Its size can help you remodel your bathroom without hassle.

It has a generous 14-inches step-over threshold for easy entry and exit. For any members of the household, this setting is a safety feature. The integral apron will make the installation rather easy. The tub is made of enameled cast iron that can provide reliability and long lifespan.

GTIN or UPC650531804761
FeaturesBuilt-In Flange, Slip-Resistant
ColorAlmond, Biscuit, White, Dune
Drain PlacementLeft side
Dimension60-inches x 30.25-inches x 14-inches, 8 and 5/8 inches depth.
MaterialPorcelain-Enameled Cast Iron
WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty

Best Design Alcove Bathtub

Kingston Brass VTDE603122L Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

Kingston Brass Alcove Tub
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Overall Amazon Customer Rating: 8.9 (Based on 337 reviews)

  • Value for money: 9.2
  • Comfort: 9.2
  • Packaging: 8.8
  • Easy to install: 8.6


  • Lightweight
  • Tub is deep and perfect for soaking
  • Great price
  • Very easy to handle and install.


  • May need to add overflow drain and faucet

Our tips

This Kingston Brass is a very popular alcove bathtub that is lightweight (90.41 pounds) and strong. It is made of acrylic construction with resin and fiberglass reinforcement.

The 3-mm to 5-mm sheet of acrylic is molded to stay warm longer and provide more strength. The material is highly resistant to stains and if it scratches can be more easily repaired.

After a busy day, you can relax with bubble baths with your family. The installation is easy and with the polished refinery. This Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 60-inch acrylic alcove tub with an overflow hole and left-hand drain is durable and can fit any bathroom decor.

GTIN or UPC663370320606
FeaturesTile flange and integral tub apron
ColorWhite; Off-white
Drain PlacementLeft side
Dimension60-inches x 30.69-inches x 22.06-inches
MaterialAcrylic and reinforced with fiberglass and resin material
WarrantyLimited Warranty

Best Soaking Bathtub

American Standard Cambridge Alcove Soaking Americast Bathtub

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Overall Customer Rating: 8.9 (Based on 540 reviews)

  • Amazon rating: 9.2 (Based on 28 reviews)
  • Wayfair rating: 9.0 (Based on 201 reviews)
  • Home Depot rating: 8.6 (Based on 311 reviews)


  • Beveled headrest
  • Slip-resistant floor surface
  • Lumbar support
  • Holes for a grab bar
  • Padded carrying bars
  • Leveling grid


  • May need to add a grab bar and faucet

Our tips

This product’s design may be alluring for users who want to feel embraced during bathtimes. The well (interior shape) of the bath is curved and inviting. The back of the tub is contoured so that you don’t have to sit upright. As for your head, there’s a built-in, beveled headrest.

The functionality of this tub is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Every homeowner can install a seat at the drain end of the tub for disabled persons.

GTIN or UPC033056713136
FeaturesADA-complaint, beveled headrest, slip-resistant floor surface, and lumbar support. Holes for a grab bar, padded carrying bars, and leveling grid.
ColorArctic White, Off-white, Linen, Bone, White
Drain PlacementLeft side or right side
Dimension60-inches x 32-inches x 17.75-inches
MaterialAmericast, Porcelain
WarrantyLifetime Warranty

Best for Two People Alcove Tub

Kohler K-1118-RA-0 Expanse Curved Alcove Tub

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Overall Customer Rating: 8.9 (Based on 126 reviews)

  • Amazon rating: 9.2 (Based on 28 reviews)
  • Wayfair rating: 9.8 (Based on 79 reviews)
  • Home Depot rating: 7.8 (Based on 19 reviews)


  • Enough space for bathing
  • Safe textured bottom
  • Beautiful design
  • Can retain hot temperature


  • Not insulated
  • Need to add the overflow drain

Our tips

This Kohler Expanse alcove bathtub has a basin that extends to 38 inches and a nifty design. If your children or other family member love to bathe, this is the right tub for them.

This is not a traditional bathtub that does not provide an elegant appearance, its softer lines along with the curves give the tub a more relaxed and luxurious look.

One great feature about this tub is that it can be used for two people. Your children can share the tub and have fun.

This tub has the extra width for extra room for people with large body size.

GTIN or UPC885612111562
FeaturesThree-wall alcove tub, tile flange, integral apron, curved basin, and textured bottom surface, slip-resistant
ColorWhite, biscuit, almond
Drain PlacementRight side
Dimension60-inches x 30-inches x 17-inches
Warranty1-year Warranty

Best Budget Alcove Bathtub

American Standard Princeton Alcove Bathtub

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Overall Customer Rating: 8.9 (Based on 235 reviews)

  • Wayfair rating: 8.6 (Based on 106 reviews)
  • Home Depot rating: 8.2 (Based on 129 reviews)


  • Price: under $400
  • The layer is insulated
  • A low raise tub for old people and kids
  • Comfortable for both showers and bath
  • Very durable
  • Easy to install


  • May be too shallow
  • May not slip proof

Cost Efficient

This American Standard Princeton alcove tub is a cost-efficient and sturdy construction made of porcelain material. The bathtub comes with built-in overflow drain that is easy to install and lightweight.

It has a glossy enamel top layer for easy cleaning, a strong steel center, and a thick, insulating layer. These features can make the water warm longer.

FeaturesSafe, slip-resistant surface, beveled headrest, lumbar support, patented bonding process, ADA compliant height, recessed bath with an apron front, and overflow drain
ColorSilver, fawn beige, black, daydream, linen, white
Drain PlacementRight side or left side
Dimension60-inches x 30-inches x 14-inches
MaterialNon-porous, durable, glossy porcelain enamel finish that is easy to clean and scratch resistant
WarrantyLimited Lifetime for residential; 10-year warranty for commercial

Maintenance Tips of Acrylic Alcove Bathtubs


If you own an acrylic alcove bathtub, you need to routinely protect the acrylic finish from the bathtub. You need to clean the surface with a mild dish soap or a specifically designed acrylic detergent. To keep the surface smooth do not use a strong solvent, abrasive powder, or petroleum distillate to clean the bathtub.

Stain Cleaning

If you are experiencing a specific resistant stain, try to use isopropyl alcohol to get rid of it. Follow the safety instructions that come with the solvent and always wear rubber gloves, goggles, or other protective gear.

Major Repair

If you find any cracks or chips on the surface of the bathtub, it is major damage. There is nothing you can do but to call a qualified technician to repair the damage.

Minor Repair

If you find very small scratches on the surface of the bathtub can be removed by using an automotive polishing compound. Just rub the compound with cloth until the scratches is not visible.