Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Action Camera Microphone Attachment. The finest action camera should have outstanding image stabilization, a waterproof casing, slow-motion capabilities, audio quality, 4K footage at numerous frame rates, and exceptional image and video quality..

Voice control, 5K, touchscreens, GPS, motion sensors, live streaming, 360-degree capture, replacement lenses, and social media integration are all features available on some models.

This article will help you find the best action camera microphone attachment for your needs, whether you’re seeking for the best model or just an inexpensive action camera microphone attachment.

So let’s get into the specifics of the recommendations.

Our list of the best action camera microphone attachment

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How to select the most appropriate and effective action camera microphone attachment for your camera system

What are action cameras attachment good for?

Action cameras are ideal for capturing immersive action photos, which is why they are so popular among those who participate in extreme activities. Aside from that, they’re excellent for vlogging, generating trip films, using as dash cams, and even mounting on pets or filming entertaining family videos with the kids.

With an action camera microphone attachment, you may record audio while capturing video footage with your action camera like GoPro and then edit the movie later. An attachment for your action camera, it is a small piece of equipment. It becomes possible to record both audio and video at the same time as a result of this.

It is possible to reap the benefits of using two devices at the same time by connecting an action camera microphone adapter to your existing action camera. For example, suppose you are photographing a scene in which much is going on around you, and someone approaches you and asks you a few questions about what is going on.

At any point during the process of answering these questions, you have the option of recording the conversation. Another advantage of using a action camera is the fact that you can attach an action cam microphone attachment to your camera and mount it on almost anything else.

Even if you’re filming something as easy as biking, underwater skiing, snowboarding, hiking, riding, or something more complicated like a marathon, you can always record audio in addition to your video footage to enhance your experience.

A direct connection is made between the action camera microphone adapter and the headphone connector on the side of your action camera, which is located on the right side of the camera. The recording of audio can begin as soon as the connection has been established.

And video can be recorded at the same time as audio. To bring the audio recording to a close on your action camera, press the shutter button on the device.

Remove the action camera microphone attachment from the camera and place it somewhere safe for the time being.

What are the advantages of using action camera microphone attachment?

Despite the fact that all action cameras are equipped with built-in microphones, their sound quality is inferior to that of audio recorded from a separate source device. That is, of course, where an action camera microphone attachment comes in handy!

They are small, portable microphones that connect directly to the cameras and, when used in conjunction with the cameras, will significantly improve the sound quality of your video footage, allowing you to capture better-sounding video.

Furthermore, there are various different types of action camera microphone attachments to choose from, so no matter what kind of videographer you are, you will be able to find one that matches your individual needs.

Adapter for attaching a microphone to an action camera.

Regular users will find that the built-in microphones in action cameras are more than adequate for capturing their every motion without a hitch. If you are a blogger, a youtuber, a professional filmmaker, or simply someone who wants to improve the quality of their work to a whole new level, you will want to invest in one of the amazing action camera microphone attachment discussed below.

Some of features you should consider

The Rotating Shock Mount

This feature avoids the need to remove the microphone mount while taking self-shot films thanks to its revolutionary design. It is possible to change the horizontal angle of the angle so that it will no longer be an issue that causes you any inconvenience.

The use of a cardioid condenser

It can be used to block out background noises that are generated by the microphone head. Designed to professionally receive the sounds in the area where the microphone head is focused, cardioid condensers are used in a variety of applications.

In the opposite direction, it indicates that it will not be receiving any noises from the microphone head itself. It also has the additional benefit of reducing the amount of peripheral outdoor wind noise that reaches your device; there is a noticeable difference between before and after you use this smartphone microphone.

Anti-Shock Mount

There are various different options for Anti-Shock Mount, including the following: Depending on your requirements, the shock mount can be attached to either the main body of the microphone or the rear of the microphone.

With the help of the Shock Mount, you may be able to make the process of shooting video or recording more pleasant. The use of this technique can help you avoid some object-hitting noises and ensure that your recording experience is as smooth as possible.

There are a variety of reasons why protecting your recordings from handling noise is vital.

Purchasing of a High-Quality Action Camera Microphone Attachment is Critical

An action camera microphone attachment is a must-have for anyone using an action camera to produce high-quality video. You’ll miss out on a lot of information if your action camera doesn’t include a built-in microphone.

According to many professional filmmakers, a good microphone is just as important as a good camera. Isn’t it obvious that a high-quality microphone is critical? A good camera microphone adapter is worth its weight in gold, as we’ll see below.

Automatic identification and zero lag are provided by two built-in microchips that intelligently recognize the recording device once it is connected. This lavalier microphone automatically adapts itself to work with the majority of 3.5mm mic inputs, avoiding the difficulty of manually switching modes in the field.

Clip-on microphone with pure and natural sound

The revolutionary noise processing circuit in this clip-on microphone promises little self-noise and actively rolls off ambient noise below 70Hz. It boosts desired speech signals while suppressing undesired background noises, ensuring that your subject is constantly visible and that sound is transmitted intact and clearly throughout the presentation.

Indicator indicating the working state of the lapel mic

The power indicator serves to remind you whether or not the lapel mic is operational. Instead of utilizing headphones to listen to the audio, you may use a light to keep track of where you are in the recording process. This implies that the lav mic is active due to the green light. People can create more quickly as a result of the intuitive design.

Stable, fast and consistent signal transmission

The 19.7-foot/6-meter long audio line is constructed of anti-static copper wire to prevent current noise, allowing for interference-free, fast, and steady signal transmission.

Microphone for action camera used as an external microphone.

Microphone for action camera used as an external microphone.

Elegant and small in size

The diamond-shaped pattern of the lapel microphone exemplifies the high quality of the craftsmanship used. You will appear more presentable if your design is sleek and visually appealing.

This professional wind muff is fitted with a professional windshield that successfully lowers wind noise in a noisy setting or in a strong wind scenario outside. It is available in two sizes: small and large.

Convenient and popular

Because of its small and portable size, this wearable microphone is well-suited for interview recording, conference speeches, live streaming, online teaching and classes, as well as vlogging, and many other applications.

Omni-directional Condenser

Because it employs a 360-degree omnidirectional capsule that picks up sound evenly from all directions, the wearable microphone can be fitted in a variety of positions and orientations on the subject.

Some features to consider

The compatibility

The device is compatible with a variety of electronic devices, such as cellphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, and laptop computers (with 3.5mm Mic Jack)


The cardioid condenser capsule that comes with this external microphone for camera was selected for its ability to eliminate back noise while also providing exceptional audio recording quality.

Can do a variety of applications

Which include recording YouTube Vlogs and interviews, recording family trips, recording live music performances, participating in sports and other outdoor activities, teaching, and more.

Because of the employment of a shock-absorptive mount and a dead cat windscreen, it is possible to decrease unwanted vibrations and handling noise.

A battery-free design ensures that the sound recording quality is not impacted by the high amount of radiofrequency that is used in the device.

Microphones with built-in speakers are becoming increasingly popular.

Some action cameras now incorporate a built-in microphone and speaker, which is a nice feature. This eliminates the need to carry around a second piece of equipment. In comparison to traditional accessories, many producers say that these products offer higher quality than those previously available. However, even if this is true, you should exercise caution when utilizing these gadgets because they are susceptible to overheating. Before purchasing one, make sure to thoroughly review the specs provided by the manufacturer.

Attachments that are compatible with all cameras

Action cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consequently, you must check that the microphone attachment is correctly secured to your specific model before using it. The majority of action camera mics are custom-made for each unique brand of action camera. If you are interested in a product, look at the specifications to check if it has been tested with your specific model of vehicle. Check to see that the microphone attachment does not interfere with the view through the lens of your camera.

Accessory compatibility with other products

Many action camera mics are built to work solely with specific manufacturers of action cameras, which can be frustrating. If you intend to use your camera with a variety of accessories, check that the microphone attachment is compatible with each of them. Some devices, such as headphones, require the use of additional adapters in order to connect to the microphone. Others may necessitate the use of special connectors in order to connect to the microphone.

Installation is simple.

When you’re filming videos, the last thing you want to be concerned about is figuring out how to attach the microphone to the camera. Fortunately, the majority of action camera mics are straightforward to set up on most models. Simply connect the microphone to the camera’s proper connector on the rear and turn the camera on to begin recording. Upon connecting, you will be able to begin recording instantly.

Types of action camera microphone attachment

Action Cameras With Mini USB Ports

With tiny USB ports, you may use less expensive mini USB microphones that are directly from the manufacturer; SJCam is one such brand that allows you to plug your microphone directly into the camera.

This is arguably the simplest and most cost-effective method of recording with an external microphone into your action camera. If you have one of the action cameras listed below, or if your computer has a tiny USB port, you can just plug the microphone in and start recording better audio.

Action Cameras With 3.5mm Audio Mic Jack

The action cameras listed below have a built-in 3.5mm audio jack connection, which allows you to connect a microphone directly to the camera’s audio jack port.

This is undoubtedly the quickest, cheapest, and most straightforward method of connecting an external microphone to your action camera. If it has a 3.5mm audio connection, you can use any microphone that has a 3.5mm male connector to connect directly to it without any modifications.

In contrast to the adapters used with the USB-C cameras discussed below and the tiny usb microphones used by SooCoo and SJCam discussed above, they are all restricted to using their adapters and microphones, and you must use their accessories and adapters to use them.

If your computer is equipped with a 3.5mm audio connector, you may connect any microphone you currently own and get started right away.

Action Cameras with USB Type C

It is possible to connect an action camera microphone attachment to a computer through USB Type C, allowing you to capture audio externally, rather than using the built-in microphones on the action camera.

All of the cameras listed below have USB Type C ports, which means you can purchase an adapter, which will vary according on the model, and put it into your camera’s USB Type C female port, after which you can insert a microphone of your choosing into the microphone attachment.

This is not the case for all action cameras, as some manufacturers actively prohibit the use of third-party microphone adapters and force you to purchase their own proprietary models in order to remain compliant.

Listed below are companies who provide attachments that allow you to use an external microphone with your action camera. If your brand isn’t on this list, don’t worry, you still have the options listed above with 3.5mm jack and tiny USB ports if you’re looking for a new action camera.

DJI Osmo External Microphone Adapter

If you want to record external audio with your DJI OSMO Pocket, you can use the USB-C to 3.5mm mic adapter that comes with the device.

Alternatively, a third-party adapter like as the Cynova Osmo Action Dual 3.5mm adapter, which is less expensive and a wonderful option, can be used.

GoPro External Microphone Adapter

To record into previous GoPros such as the GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Hero 3+, and GoPro Hero 4 Black, you can use the 3.5mm microphone adapter available here, which will allow you to connect in any 3.5mm microphone to your GoPro and record into it.

With a newer GoPro, such as the GoPro Hero 5 Session, GoPro Hero 5 Black, GoPro Hero 6 Black, GoPro Hero 7 Black, or GoPro Hero 8 Black, you can use this mic adapter to convert from USB-C to 3.5mm audio input.

Insta360 One External Microphone Adapter

You will also need a special Insta360 mic adapter if you want to use external microphone on your action camera, you can buy that the Insta360 from its store.