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10 Best Hornady Lock N Load Classic Kit Review

Hornady Lock N Load Classic Kit Review. We look at many unbiased or high-quality reviewers around ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Kohls, Kmart, Overstock, Lowes, Costco, etc. We analyze from customer experience of the product to find out if these products are worth the spend. We make comparisons, to give readers real insights into how different brands and models measure up against each other.

We do the research ourselves by analyzing reviews and ratings from customers, to help you purchase wiser to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Our list of the Best Hornady Lock N Load Classic Kit Review

Hornady HK66 Lock-N-Load Headspace Gauge Kit with Body

 in stock
10 new from $44.99
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Includes lock n load headspace gauge, product manual
  • Extends brass life
  • Improves accuracy
  • Allows for comparisons between fire-formed brass and re-sized brass
  • Sport type: Shooting

Hornady C1000 Lock-N-Load OAL Length Gauge (Straight),Metal

$41.00  in stock
21 new from $39.99
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Regulates seating depth and the resulting "jump" to the rifling
  • Increases accuracy
  • Red housing tube is made of aluminum
  • You will need a Modified Case (sold separately) to fit your firearm's chamber and thread it onto the gauge

Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator Basic Set, Includes 7 Bullet Inserts – Quickly and Precisely Measure Loaded Rounds, Measures from Bullet Ogive – Reduce Round Variations – B234

$37.88  in stock
19 new from $33.99
Free shipping
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Hornady Comparator Kit – The Hornady Lock-N-Load Bullet Comparator is perfect for the reloader looking to measure seating depth of loaded ammunition quickly and precisely. Measures from the bullet ogive to the base of the loaded round, to eliminate variation in seating depth. This basic set includes 7 bullet inserts
  • Why Do You Need a Hornady Bullet Comparator – Measuring cartridge lengths across the bullet tips is not a reliable (or repeatable) method for measuring loaded rounds. It’s common for variations of up to .025” to exist from one round to the next
  • Reliable Rounds – Our Bullet Comparator measures rounds from the ogive to provide consistent, precise measurements. You can also use it to check uniformity of bullets from base to ogive
  • Easy Measuring – Our Bullet Comparator easily attaches to the blade of your caliper and uses interchangeable inserts (available in sizes from .17 caliber to .45 caliber) to measure from the bullet ogive
  • Kit Includes – Comparator body and 7 comparator inserts for the following diameter bullets: 224, 243, 257, 264, 277, 284 and 308. Allen Wrench also included. Other inserts sold separately. To position the comparator with the Hornady Lock-N-Load Overall Length Gauge, install comparator body to the caliper with the screw through the thicker leg of the body. This allows the proper off center alignment of the Length Gauge

Hornady 050095 Cam Lock Bullet Puller, red/Black

$36.08  in stock
19 new from $34.29
Free shipping
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Great Tool for Reloaders - keep this Hornady Cam Lock Bullet Puller 050095 handy for a fast and easy way to pull bullets with your press. Mounts to any press with standard 7/8 -14-inch threads and uses Hornady Collet Only (sold separately). Not for use with cast bullets
  • Why Do I Need a Hornady Bullet Puller - because mistakes happen, so be prepared. Whether you are fixing mistakes from incorrectly handloading cartridges to taking apart factory manufactured cartridges, this tool will help you salvage the bullets, brass, and powder with no damage or spillage
  • Quick & Easy to Use - simply place the cartridge into the reloading press, raise the cartridge into the puller, clamp the puller down on the bullet, raise the press arm and presto, the bullet is out. Once you have your settings in properly, you can begin to pull dozens of bullets. Intended for rifle cartridges only
  • Caliber Size Specific Collets - keep several appropriate collets for each caliber size range of bullets you intend to pull at your reloading bench for the appropriate fitting. There are thirteen different collets that will pull most any bullet, from 17 caliber through 458 caliber, except a flush seated wad cutter
  • Four Main Components - this Hornady collet bullet puller is constructed with a cam lock die body, size specific COLLETS which are SOLD SEPARATELY, the plunger, and cam lock handle assembly lever

Hornady 390540 Shell Holder Package (1,2,5,16, 35)

$24.33  in stock
16 new from $23.09
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Hornady Universal Shell Holder – Precision machined from solid steel then heat treated to perform flawlessly for the life of the press. Kit Includes: #1,2,5,16,35- 390540
  • Smooth – The wide mouth and rounded edge at the opening of the shell holder allows for smoother case insertion
  • Universal – They fit all other Hornady accessories including the Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer and Hand-Held Priming Tool. These Shell holders will also fit the presses of most other brands in the industry
  • Which Calibers – This kit fits over 75 popular cartridges per number shell holder with a variety of ranging calibers
  • Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing has become a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacturing. At Hornady, ammunition is more than their livelihood. It's a major part of their daily life. Hornady acquired SnapSafe in 2015 to complement and expand their offerings in the security products market segment

Rid Complete Lice Elimination Kit

$23.60  in stock
10 new from $14.73
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Nothing proven more effective
  • Leaves no chemical residue behind
  • Easy-to-use RID lice shampoo and conditioner in one

Hornady 044099 Lock-N-Load Conversion Kit

$22.31  in stock
15 new from $22.16
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Included components: 3 die bushings and 1 conversion bushing
  • Sport type: Hunting

Bylot Lock-N-Load Comparador B2000 Compatible with Any Set of Calipers

$16.99  in stock
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • Plug ins are not included.
  • It can also be used to check the uniformity of the bullet from the base to the target
  • Simple and convenient operation

50pcs Ear Stretching Kit 14G-00G Acrylic Tapers and Plugs + Silicone Tunnels 9 Gauges Good for Beginners for Women Men Body Piercing Jewelry(White)

$8.99  in stock
as of June 20, 2022 6:14 pm


  • 【Material】: Made of high quality acrylic, harmless and durable. More lightweight than stainless steel, affordable for ears without hurt. Perfect choice for those who suffer from allergic reaction to metal. Smooth surface, prevents damage and irritation to your ear, super comfortable to wear.
  • 【Size】: Tapers and plugs are 14G-00G. Size available: 14G(1.6mm), 12G(2mm),10G(2.4mm), 8G(3.2mm), 6G(4mm), 4G(5mm), 2G(6mm), 0G(8mm), 00G(10mm).
  • 【Size】: Tunnels are 8G-1/2". Size available: 8G(3.2mm), 6G(4mm), 4G(5mm), 2G(6mm), 0G(8mm), 00G(10mm), 1/2"(12mm).
  • 【Feature】: Tapers and plugs come with two rubber O-rings to hold it on ear and prevent it from slipping. Silicone tunnel is double flared, incredibly soft and elastic. Alternate use of these three types piercing jewelry can meet your daily needs and bring good mood. Importantly, you can complete ear expansion easily.
  • 【Package】: Each pair is individually packaged with size label in a Gift Box. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question, our service team will respond within 24 hours, or you can post your questions in Q&A.

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